Style Mistakes: 8 Tragedies That Are Damaging Your Look

Choosing the right clothes, the right cuts and the right materials is not so easy. Moreover, fashion faux pas are legion in the street, at work, everywhere! How do you avoid monumental style mistakes that weigh down your silhouette when you would like to seduce this handsome young man or integrate this nice group of colleagues? Good taste in clothing can be learned and it is now: here are the 8 style mistakes to ABSOLUTELY avoid!

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1. Stack layers of clothing to hide

How do you hide a belly that's a little too plump, hips that are too wide or thighs that are too visible? Certainly not by layering upon layers of loose, thick clothing without any logic. This advice often repeated by stylists who do not know how to dress the curves unfortunately creates a lot of unnecessary additional mass (opposite effect of the expected result).

Avoid absolutely, at the risk of looking 10 years older! (Image: Pinterest)

On the contrary, learn to handle subtle art of layering to slim down, hide slightly wide hips with a straight blazer jacket falling on the top of the thighs, right on trend. Discover lots of tips in our article Comment to dress when you have a belly?

layering réussi - les petits impimés - eshop mode femme chic

A trendy and successful clothing layering (Image: Pinterest)

2. Choose clothes that are big, loose and flowing

Wearing loose, flowing clothes for convenience is false good advice, because the result is often missed. Instead, observe your morphology and adapt the cuts of clothing to your strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention your colorimetry.

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In general, avoid clothes that are too big for you, unless you fully embrace the oversize trend through a chunky sweater or denim jacket. However, be sure to balance your silhouette with pants or skinny jeans to avoid the ball effect.

oversize sweater - style errors - les petits imprimés  - chic women's fashion eshop

Only one oversized piece - and balance the rest of the outfit (Image: Pinterest)

3. Wearing clothes that are too tight

Conversely, clothes that are too tight or too small do not create a good effect either. Unless you like the sausage style, larded with fattening horizontal lines and ready-to-pop buttons. Certainly, clothing sizes change according to the brands, but they are only numbers or letters. The important thing is to feel comfortable in your outfit.

Choose your size: your navel should not appear when you raise your arms and your hips should not come out of your pants. Do not deprive yourself of beautiful jeans but choose carefully:

  • its composition: ideally 97% cotton and 3% elastane;
  • its cut: straight if you don't like your thighs, or skinny. High waist preferably to shape your buttocks and taper your legs. The low sizes are reserved for tall and thin women (otherwise, it's too much).

4. Match down to the smallest detail of the outfit

Fitting is good. But too much equipment kills the outfit. A harmonious look contains two colors, maximum three. Carefully choose the colors worn close to your face to illuminate your complexion and erase small imperfections (do your colorimetry test here).

But wearing a handbag, shoes, belt, earrings and hair jewelry all the same color, especially if it's not neutral, is a fashion faux pas that looks girly . Limit the same color to no more than two accessories.

You can also opt for a monochrome outfit, but in this case, fade the color in different tones, or in different materials (noble if possible), otherwise pajama effect guaranteed!

5. Very very long pants or dress

Extra long pants, a dress or pleated skirt that sweeps away everything in its path, it's very beautiful on the catwalks. But in real life, too much length reveals a neglected aspect of your personality, not to mention the lack of practicality to move and the friction on the floor ruining and graying your clothes forever.

style error pleated skirt too long - les petits imprimés  - chic woman fashion eshop

Find the right length of your pleated maxi skirt to show off your good sartorial taste (Image: Pinterest)

Remember to have the bottom of your clothes altered by experienced seamstresses in hemming (neither small nor too large, exactly adjusted to the length of your leg). Many big brands offer it. Otherwise, head to the seamstress or haberdashery on the corner. Unless you prefer the iron-on option to apply with a simple iron.

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6. Not tailoring clothes to your body type

We can't go enough, some clothes flatter your morphology, balance your silhouette and highlight your assets, while others only accentuate your complexes.

For example:

  • you have short legs: avoid low-waisted pants and midi skirts that flatter your figure
  • mark your waist: belt, crop top, peplum top. whatever your choice, the size is an essential mark in an outfit.
  • wide shoulders: avoid puffy sleeves with gathers that add build. Ditto, avoid American armholes, these thick straps that start from the armpits to the neck and accentuate the volume of the shoulders.
  • droopy shoulders: create your build with jackets with shoulder pads or perfecto jackets to give a magnificent head bearing.

7. Wear several flashy colors

Color blocking is a double-edged sword. Reserved for fashion goddesses or those who dare everything, rather reserve flashy colors for accessories, and even for just one of them which will bring together all the originality of your outfit.

dress style error - color block - les petits imprimés  - chic woman fashion eshop

Strong color + strong print + colorful bracelets = an inspiring fashionista who masters her style (Image: Pinterest)

Do you absolutely want to wear red, chick yellow, electric blue or emerald green? Limit the color to a strong piece and forget the rest with neutral tones (white, beige, black, jeans) to calm things down.

8. Combine different patterns and prints

Unless you are a fashion addict who dares everything, mixing different patterns and prints, in various colors and various materials is a monumental style error. Except in the case of the paired suit which is very fashionable at the moment. Grab this trend of the blazer jacket suit - 7/8th gray cigarette pants with Prince of Wales checks for a successful look at work.

style error - check suit the only exception - les petits imprimés  - chic women's fashion eshop

The checked suit, the exception of the moment to the fashion faux pas of the risky combination of prints (Image: Pinterest)

But in everyday life, it's better to avoid mixing different flashy prints, patterns and colors in one outfit. As for the strong color, bet on an original piece with a text, a print or a huge, unmistakable pattern that says a lot about your personality and temper the game in the rest of the look. This is proof of good clothing taste!

8 Style Mistakes to Avoid: Did You Enjoy This Article?

From now on, you will know how to avoid falling into coarse clothing traps that weigh down your look and make you look like you. a neophyte. No need to splurge on 50,000 different clothes, jewelry and accessories and follow all the trends. Find your style through essential pieces for a good women's dressing room, adapted to your morphology and your colorimetry, and you will be elegant in all simplicity.