Women's Gloves, Mittens and Mittens

Discover our collection of mittens women, gloves for women and men and mittens for women, combining style and feature. Discover our cozy models of black mittens and colored and tactile gloves. These fashion accessories warm you up with elegance in fall and winter. Modern designs, models lined with soft materials of quality such as wool, cashmere and fleece soft. Find the pair of mittens for women that will perfectly complete your winter look. Assert your style with our women's mittens, the winter accessory ideal for protecting yourself from the cold with sophistication in all circumstances.

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Mitten mittens: the versatile winter accessory

Explore our innovative collection of mittens that convert into mittens that quickly transform from warm mittens to mittens, allowing you to free your fingertips and then warm them with just one touch. With style and functionality, our pairs of mittens convertible into fancy mesh mittens allow you to practice your usual sport thanks to the mobility of your fingers while keeping your palms warm, to take small objects out of your pockets like your keys or even work outdoors if you are a photographer or gardener for example.

Discover ultimate comfort with our bi-material mittens featuring a fleece lining soft and as fluffy as faux fur. Designed for optimal protection against the cold, these neutral or multi-colored mitten mittens offer windproof and waterproof insulation. Face all weather conditions while keeping your hands comfortable. Opt for warmth, softness and resistance with our mittens, the thermal accessory perfect for total protection on all occasions in cold weather in autumn-winter.

You might also consider wearing a women's hat to protect yourself from the cold. For a more fashionable look this winter, we recommend an ear muff.

Gloves for men and women: very practical tactile accessories

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, an outdoor enthusiast or simply a city dweller faced with the winter cold, discover the perfect combination of functionality and style with our

t1>tactile wool gloves for women and men. Equipped with a fleece lining soft, waterproof and windproof to ward off the extreme cold, these practical gloves offer optimal protection against the cold while you use your smartphone. Knitted patterns add a touch of charm to these innovative accessories. Stay warm while staying connected with our tactile gloves, the ideal accessory to face winter with elegance and comfort. Complete your look with an XXL wool scarf in the same color for optimal thermal protection and an impeccable look.

Warmth, versatility and style: a winter without compromise

Tactile mittens, mittens and gloves are much more than just winter accessories; they embody the perfect fusion between traditional comfort and modern connectivity. With these handy companions, you no longer have to choose between staying warm and staying connected. So, equip yourself with these smart fashion accessories and be ready to face winter while staying in touch with the world around you. Choose the best of both worlds with our winter and mid-season accessories for men and women, where functionality rhymes with aesthetics.