Body Jewelry

body jewelry are elegant and daring fashion accessories that allow you to embellish and highlight the different parts of your body. Whether you want to shine with originality every day, add a touch of glamor to your beach outfit or enhance your wedding look, the fashion jewelry body offers a variety of styles and materials to satisfy all your tastes for all occasions.

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Stainless steel body jewelry: chic and practical

Stainless Steel Body Jewelry are both durable and hypoallergenic, resist corrosion and oxidation and are perfect for everyday use. You will find waist chains, thigh chains, ankle bracelets and fancy necklaces in stainless steel, from chokers to long necklaces to bibs, adorned with rhinestones, pearls, crystals or pendants....

Back jewelry: full of sensuality

The back is an often neglected area, but back jewelry can transform your sublime back neckline into a highly sensual area. Delicate chains connecting the shoulder blades to the hips, sparkling charms or lace designs add a touch of sensuality to your bare back.

Body chain jewelry: the bohemian touch

The body chains, adjustable and versatile, can be worn in different ways. Wrap them around your waist to emphasize their slimness and show off your flat stomach, wear them as a necklace or let them hang along your hips. Body chains in brass, gold plated, silver or rose gold with rhinestones, pearls, pearly tassels or geometric patterns are very trendy.

Body Jewelry: Sensuality and Refinement

Discover our collection of body jewelry gold, silver and rose gold to express your unique style. Whether for a wedding, a day at the beach or an intimate evening, these very chic costume jewelry add a touch of femininity and glamor to your look.