Women's tights

women's tights boost your style with an original touch on a classic look or, on the contrary, are discreet (with a few chic little details all likewise). Your legs are adorned with these real fashion accessories to assert yourself while having fun. Lace tights with a delicate pattern, fleece tights fancy tights wake up the lower body with very surprising little details.

Slim silhouette in sexy tights

The essential opaque black tights in nylon (or special winter wool) that go with all dresses, all skirts and even shorts! We choose it to be warm, comfortable and durable. Black tights are also a wonderful glamorous asset when the semi-transparent nylon flirts with the line drawing the back of the leg.

When it comes to fancy tights, we have fun almost all year round. Colorful, shiny, patterned, sequined, printed or openwork, tights are reinvented season after season. One of the most surprising: checkered tights, proof that tights are impressive! More softly, the tights play the game of transparency with chic and elegant lace while maintaining absolute comfort, from the hips to the tips of the toes.