Zero Waste Dressing: 5 Tips + 1 Fashion Challenge

Monday morning. It's the rush. Coffee, shower and. "Pfffff! I have nothing to wear!". In front of your dressing room overflowing with clothes, fashion accessories and pairs of shoes, you curse with rage and mentally plan your next shopping trip. Heh heh hep! What if your wardrobe hid forgotten treasures? Never before tried combinations? New trends to explore? What if you could upgrade your wardrobe with your current clothes or change it up with cheap designer pieces? After these 5 Zero Waste Dressing Tips, you won't be able to say that you have nothing to wear in the morning! ;)

plus rien à se mettre

1. Hijack your clothes

What if this tight strappy dress wasn't just a dress? What if she could turn into two separate clothes? A tank top and a tight skirt. Tadaaaaam! You have just won two clothes without having spent a euro.

The bottom of your dresses (tight, straight, trapeze, etc. ) can be worn as a skirt if you layer a sweater over the top. Ditto with a jumpsuit or a jumpsuit.

Another idea: the men's shirt which, in addition to an oversized shirt with a masculine/feminine effect on you, can also be used as a bustier dress with the sleeves tied in a belt.

chemise d'homme transformée en robe bustier femme - les petits imprimés  - rediscovering your women's fashion wardrobe

And presto! A man's shirt turned into a sexy strapless dress (Pinterest)

Do you love your summer dress and you refuse to put it away in the back of the closet for the winter? Wear it over a long-sleeved top (or a turtleneck).

Also read: How do I wear my dresses and skirts in winter?

2. Opt for original accessories

Want to feel like you're changing your wardrobe on the cheap? So you should invest in assumed accessories.

As a fashionista, you've already been caught in the act of admiring original, colorful or shiny accessories. But you didn't dare. You thought "no, I would never dare!" and "I wouldn't wear it often enough".

And if it was precisely THE essential strong piece to wake up your dressing room too wise? The one that would give you that rare and indescribable feeling of REALLY changing your look? To be someone else for a day.

A strong piece is the assurance of receiving compliments and questions like "is it new?" every time you wear it.

Sakura cherry earrings containing real flower petals - les petits imprimés  - eshop original chic earrings for women
Sakura Cherry earrings containing real flower petals - les petits imprimés
A piece of character in a bling bling jacket, pink shoes or a big turquoise necklace brings a basic outfit to life. Not to mention the splendid floral kimono, real trend of the moment not to be missed.
Nothing could be easier: combine a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and a strong piece.

Also think of hats, jewellery, ankle socks, high socks, etc.

You will be impressed with the change.

3. Zero Waste Dressing Room: Rediscover Your Buried Treasures

Do you always shoot the same 4-5 outfits when your wardrobe is overflowing with choices? Among the 80% of seldom-worn clothes are probably hidden treasures. With a little imagination and a good dose of daring, you could give them a second chance. Try new combinations: cuts, materials, colors.

Take everything out and rediscover these somewhat forgotten pieces.

pile of clothes - renew your wardrobe - les petits imprimés  - chic women's fashion blog

Change the order of your stacks for new looks (Photo: Freepik)

Another tip if you catch the first garment on the top of the pile without thinking in the morning: establish a rotation when putting away your laundry.

Instead of putting clean laundry at the top of the pile, put it at the bottom. In this way, you will wear all your clothes without exception.

And if you don't like one of them anymore, go to the next tip.

4. Sell ​​and buy in empty-dressing

Vinted, Ebay, Le Bon Coin, LookBook App. Dressing room platforms are multiplying to the delight of fashionistas and fashion lovers who don't necessarily have the wallet to buy designer pieces at full price.

The empty-dressing room is for you if:

  • you like to change your wardrobe often
  • you can no longer stand certain pieces of your dressing room

Instead of keeping the pariahs for 20 years in the depths of the closet, resell them, make a small pot and reinvest in the new collection of Small Prints for example ;)

Give a second life to your clothes, fashion accessories and shoes. Make another girl happy to find a cool piece at a low price!

5. Get inspired by the best

Struggling to find your style of dress?Never know what to buy and what to avoid when shopping?

First, learn how to decode your morphology and your colorimetry to find the pieces that will best enhance you. But since fashion is also about having fun, learn to recognize what appeals to you.

To rediscover the pleasure of choosing your clothes in the morning and wearing them all day since they represent your personality, go in search of inspiration.

The internet is full of ideas for current looks, trends to follow and avant-garde clothing combinations. If you're looking for inspiration from the stars, fashionistas or fashion influencers, Pinterestand Instagram will quickly become your best friends.

women's fashion inspiration instagram pinterest youtube social networks - les petits imprimés  - women's fashion blog styling tips

Follow, pin and easily find new look ideas every day, from all over the world. Observe the associations of colours, materials and the cuts of the clothes according to the morphologies and skin tones of your favorite fashionistas.

Youtube is also full of hundreds of videos with different purposes:

  • GRWM: Get Ready With Me
  • Haul Tour: Loot after shopping
  • Seasonal Lookbook
  • Morning Routine
  • Night Routine
  • Tower room dressing room
  • Daily vlogs

Zero Waste Dressing Room Bonus Tip: The Fashion Challenge

How do you create new outfits with what you already have in your closet?

Your mission, if you accept it, is to complete this challenge tomorrow morning without changing the current order of your clothes in your closet. >

  1. Take a random piece (t-shirt, skirt, sweater. )
  2. Complete your outfit by matching the colors of the chosen piece with the rest. Or contrast outright.
  3. In short, have fun rediscovering your wardrobe with the smile!

Have fun rediscovering your wardrobe or waking it up on the cheap!

100% Zero Waste Dressing:D