Summer Bohemian Style: 20 100% Original Boho Chic Pieces

A timeless trend for sunny days, the bohemian summer style changes slightly from year to year while keeping its general guiding line. Developed by artists, authors, intellectuals and more broadly free spirits, outside the framework, with a protest logic, the bohemian look is defined by a fresh and nonchalant look in airy and fluid materials, loose comfortable cuts and natural tones. Between elegance and relaxation, this fashionable style is skilfully crafted. So how do you create a bohemian summer look this season? Take inspiration from this selection of long bohemian dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and even accessories to achieve the perfect look.

Bohemian summer jumpsuit

For once, we wanted to show you the bohemian jumpsuit before the bohemian dress! The ideal alternative, the bohemian jumpsuit is loose and comfortable, designed in a light and breathable fabric to remain elegant even in hot weather.

The vegetal or floral print, inseparable from the bohemian trend, brings freshness and naturalness to your outfit, lightening your silhouette. Especially since some details are not lacking in originality, like this beautiful mustard bow highlighting the nudity of the back (think aux invisible underwear).

Lullaby floral jumpsuit bow in the back - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic floral jumpsuit women

Lullaby Bow Back Floral Jumpsuit - les petits imprimés

Or these little ruffled straps on this magnificent printed jumpsuit, incredibly fresh:

summer bohemian style - Maya floral jumpsuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop floral bohemian jumpsuit for women

Mayan floral jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprints

Another possibility: the matching top and pants set in a floral print, imitating the jumpsuit to perfection (but between us, much more practical in the little corner)

 Sun pleated top and pants set - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic women's outfit

Pleated Soleil top and pants set - Les Petits Imprimés

A bohemian summer look par excellence, the sleeveless white crop top set with lace, matching the equally refined flared midi-length petticoat perfectly embodies natural elegance. Simple and yet so chic, this 100% cotton bohemian outfit is a delight to wear in summer by its breadth, finesse and originality.

Eva chic skirt and top set - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's original boho chic look

Eva chic lace skirt and top set 100% cotton - Les Petits Imprimés

Not to mention the little detail that makes all the difference: two bows to tie in the back to close the crop top. The top of the chic!

summer bohemian style - 100% cotton chic lace skirt and top set - les petits imprimés  - eshop boho chic lace women's look

Chic 100% cotton lace skirt and top set - Les Petits Imprimés

2. The bohemian summer dress

The white bohemian dress

You've been waiting for it, here it is! The bohemian summer dress, in its plain virginal whiteness please! Minimalist, refined, the bohemian white summer dress with short sleeves, loose and airy, perfectly embodies the bohemian spirit. Both relaxed and elegant, you look like a fairy out of the woods in this timeless dress with soft lines. And yet, the current trends are there: the square neckline and the slightly puffed sleeves place this bohemian dress well and truly in 2021.

Short flared white dress Charlotte - les petits imprimés  - eshop white bohemian dress for women chic

White dress short flared Charlotte - Les Petits Imprimés

The rustic bohemian dress

Let's stay in the country spirit, but this time with more vitamins, with a long and flowing midi dress, simple and yet worked, to wear belted or not. This orange spaghetti strap dress with yellow details comes alive with your movements. Its ample torque makes it pleasant to wear even in very hot weather. Between relaxation, elegance and originality, this colorful and flared bohemian mid-length summer dress will surely earn you nice compliments. A ideal outfit if you are invited to a wedding for example.

summer bohemian look - Fluid midi dress Juliette - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian fluid midi dress

Juliette flowing midi dress - Les Petits Imprimés

Bohemian laced dress

It's true, black is rare in the bohemian trend. But we can't resist the pleasure of presenting this original dress to you. A magnificent neckline in front, but another even more dizzying in the back, underlined by an absolutely exquisite lacing game. Bare shoulders for maximum sensuality. We're melting!

Its colorful vegetal print contrasts against the black background in the purest kimono spirit of the land of the rising sun. Poetic and artistic, this atypical bohemian dress will win all the compliments hands down as an evening dress, cocktail dress or wedding guest dress!

The flowing floral dress

A must-have for summer, the floral pattern invites itself again and again in the summer bohemian style. You had already seen it on the floral jumpsuit, here it is again on the floral print dresses. Synonymous with freshness and lightness, sun and holidays, the floral dress is a must have for women's summer dressing.

If in addition the flower pattern is printed on a vaporous fabric cut loose and feminine with some little girly details like the ruffles of this knee-length floral wrap dress, you are a confirmed fashionista!

Anemone floral red dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian floral dress

Anemone red floral wrap dress - Les Petits Imprimés

Crochet in the bohemian summer outfit

Essential in bohemian summer looks, crochet, knitting and macramé are reinvented in tops, kimonos, negligees, dresses and even shorts and knit dresses! Playing the card of semi-transparency with knitted or embroidered patterns in natural thread (wool, cotton, etc. ), crochet and company are modernizing a very appreciable vintage trend in summer. Take this crocheted top for example: light and airy, worn loose and fluid, it mixes the heritage of weaving, the originality of the patterns, the modernity of the cut and the elegance of the whole.

White or black V-neck crochet top - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic embroidery crochet t-shirt

White or black V-neck crochet top - les petits imprimés

Take this crocheted top for example: light and airy, worn loose and fluid, it mixes heritage weaving, originality of the patterns, modernity of the cut and elegance of the whole.

3. Bohemian chic shorts and skirts

To complete your crocheted top, shorts are an interesting choice. Not the skintight, ripped, ultra-mini shorts. Not really the bohemian spirit. We opt instead for shorts disguised as a skirt: a mid-thigh length and a natural material (or imitating it to perfection) fluid, airy and vaporous, pleasant to wear when the thermometer climbs.

For example, you'd swear to wear linen with these fluid skirt shorts. But it's less rough and therefore softer for the thin and fragile skin on the inside of the thighs. The must of skirt shorts: prevent the thighs from rubbing and sticking.

summer bohemian style - Green or black knotted fluid mid-length short skirt - les petits imprimés  - eshop summer bohemian look for chic women

Flowing green or black knotted mid-length short skirt - les petits imprimés

But the skirt remains an essential part of the bohemian chic style, especially when it turns into a real work of art like this embroidered floral skirt with invisible lining. Yes, yes, you read that right: embroidered. Every flower, leaf and even the colored background is a beautiful embroidery, more realistic than life. Speaking of nature, it's a real garden that flatters your figure with its trapeze cut and high waist. A 100% original summer must-have!

Short floral skirt Mia - les petits imprimés  - eshop floral trapeze skirt for chic women

Short floral skirt Mia - les petits imprimés

4. The trendy boho cardigan

For a cool evening at the beach, a barbecue with friends, a romantic night out or simply for a day of cocooning, the chunky knit cardigan is an essential part of the bohemian summer look. The knit is soft, fluffy and thick to contrast with the fluid and vaporous materials of your bohemian outfit (voile, linen, cotton, muslin, silk, crepe, poplin, satin, etc. ).

You will have understood that the cable knit cardigan (for the retro side) can be worn loose or even downright oversized, with puffy sleeves tightened at the wrists and equipped with large imitation mother-of-pearl buttons.

summer bohemian style - short mathilde knit cardigan - women's summer bohemian look - les petits imprimés  - boho chic women's fashion eshop

Short knit cardigan Mathilde - les petits imprimés

5. Bohemian chic swimsuit

The bohemian spirit also invests beachwear in the form of one-piece swimsuits with a refined cut and, in detail, a chic lacing game, on the sides, back or on the shoulders.

Lyana yellow laced swimsuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic one-piece swimsuit

Yellow lace-up swimsuit Lyana - les petits imprimés

summer bohemian look - Columbia flat stomach white one-piece bohemian swimsuit - les petits imprimés

Columbia white bohemian swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimés

To complete your boho outfit, accessorize your swimsuit with an accumulation of ultra fine gold or silver jewellery, a crochet or fringed beach dress or beach kimono, hat, wavy hairstyle, basket or a cotton bag or a straw bag braided and a fouta in the same tones as your outfit

6. Original bohemian accessories

Bohemian earrings

Accessories are essential in the bohemian style: they give the boho tone to your outfit. A little rarer this season, the ethnic motif is nevertheless a fan of the bohemian look. In clothing or jewelry - like these Soleil dangling earrings - it's an absolute must-have!

Bohemian chic Sun earrings - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian ethnic earrings

Bohemian chic earrings Sun - les petits imprimés

A more vegetal and up-to-date motif, the Monstera leaf (a must-have Instagram trend) is featured in earrings in a chic golden version. This delicate dangling earring, designed to shimmer in the sun and illuminate your face, attests to your taste for nature. By the way, maybe you have a Monstera at home? A good gift idea for a friend who has one at home (or who would dream of one but doesn't have the space).

Gold Monstera leaf earrings - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian hippie chic earrings

Golden Monstera leaf earrings - les petits imprimés

The bohemian style is also about minerals and stones, of course! Here, auburn faux stone beads dangle from the end of these asymmetrical drop earrings, complete with gold leaf. Light and elegant, they illuminate your face, your neck and your hair with their golden finesse.

Asymmetric golden dangling earrings - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic earrings

Asymmetrical golden dangling earrings - les petits imprimés

The boho bag in natural materials

What would a bohemian summer look be without a boho bag in natural materials?! Of course, the bag adopts the same codes: a simple and minimalist cut, natural materials such as straw, raffia, cotton yarn, wool, wicker and is available in braiding, knitting, lacing, fringes, macramé , hook etc. Here are our two models of handcrafted bags in natural materials:

summer bohemian style - Hand-stitched 100% cotton lace tote bag - les petits imprimés  - eshop bohemian chic handbag

Bag Hand-stitched 100% cotton lace tote bag - les petits imprimés

Handcrafted braided raffia tote bag Sola - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's natural bohemian raffia bag

Sola handmade woven raffia tote bag - les petits imprimés

Summer Bohemian Style: Do you love these amazing looks?

Incredible for their originality, their freshness and their style combining bohemian tradition and modernity!

Jumpsuit, dress, skirt, shorts, jewelry and bohemian handbag: we've rounded up the essential pieces and codes of summer 2021 bohemian style. You now know everything, everything, everything about the bohemian trend to create your own style this summer. Your wardrobe will have to grow!

We still have to talk about your hair: how to style it so that it adds boho to the bohemian look without overdoing it. The trend is for wavy hairstyles, styled/disheveled effect. You can add a scarf in your loose hair, or tie it up in a false hairstyle, with locks escaping, au naturel. Ideas are not lacking.

We hope this summer bohemian style article has provided you with answers, ideas, tips and inspiration. Feel free to share your own boho look ideas with us in the comments.

Have a great summer!