Cottagecore Trend: The 7 Keys to Country Chic Style

Alongside the lifestyle and interior decoration trends of the same name, the Cottagecore fashion trend is coming straight from across the Atlantic. On the program: a bohemian chic look, comfortable and feminine, ideal for a trip to the countryside, a romantic bike ride or a picnic rural. In a spirit of cocooning and back to basics, the patterns are airy, the volumes light and the style carefree. A real breath of fresh air takes us away from the constraints of the health environment. In an idyllic place where the little girl in us runs carefree, in a skirt, barefoot through the fields, in the end-of-day breeze, before lying down in the tender grass to admire the twilight. To embody this free-as-air state of mind, here are the 7 keys to country chic style through our favorite selection.

style cottagecore mode femme - les petits imprimés  - chic women's fashion eshop

A chic and country look? Let's go for the cottagecore trend (Photo credit: prostooleh)

1. Country dress

The floaty white dress

A fan of cottagecore style, the clean, minimalist white dress evokes purity, freshness and innocence. Like a fairy out of the woods, you seem almost unreal wearing this vaporous white dress, with a simple and effective cut.

Short dress flared Charlotte - les petits imprimés

Alternative to the white dress: the white Eva lace ensemble

Wildflower dress

What would a country look be without a gorgeous floral print dress? Pink, red, blue or pale green, your summer dress is worn lightly to wave in the wind, a few ruffles bringing volume to your charismatic silhouette.

Flowing dress with long sleeves and pleated skirt - les petits imprimés

See all the printed dresses

The floral print playsuit

A more practical and comfortable version to wear than a dress, the pastel bohemian playsuit is a key piece of the cottagecore trend that doesn't fear the wind or prying eyes when crossing its legs.

Light, wrinkle-resistant and resolutely cottagecore with its wide ruffled sleeves, this jumpsuit has it all.

Pastel floral print ruffle bohemian playsuit - les petits imprimés

Pastel floral print ruffle bohemian playsuit - les petits imprimés

Good to know: this playsuit also fits in the Modern Craft trend for a back to basics in fashion, your wardrobe and your mind.

Little floral shirt

Another 100% cottagecore-style floral piece: the floral shirt. To choose in a light and fluid material, to wear tucked in with a blouse effect in shorts, jeans or a skirt for a fuzzy and relaxed effect. Our favorite displays a stylized floral print for more innocence. An apparent naivety that contrasts with the feminine forms that it suggests.

Elegant floral shirt - les petits imprimés  - cottagecore women's fashion eshop

Josephine white floral shirt with peter pan collar - les petits imprimés

2. Bohemian chic blouse

At home, as in the countryside, you can be relaxed and stylish at the same time. In the cottagecore style, the bohemian chic blouse is a must have! Ample and fluid, light and pleasant, its drape and wide sleeves barely let your silhouette be seen. for total relaxation.

cottagecore trend - Apolline lightweight ruffled and plumetis blouse - les petits imprimés

Apolline lightweight ruffled plumetis blouse - les petits imprimés

3. Ruffles

Always eager for fluidity, lightness and in the spirit of the twisty skirts of our childhood, ruffles are a strong asset of the cottagecore style. In an empire cut on a top with thin straps or on the petticoat of a cute Lolita dress, ruffles bring volume for balance your figure or . com/blogs/news/outfits-woman-belly" target="_blank" title="blog article how to dress when you have a belly - les petits imprimés - women's fashion advice blog" rel="noopener noreferrer">hide a small belly that's a little too plump. Then cottagecore style is for you!

summer set with ruffled top and linen shorts - les petits imprimés  - women's fashion eshop

Women's summer set 100% linen Coral - les petits imprimés

Lolita red dress - les petits imprimés

Lolita Red Dress - les petits imprimés

4. The light and puffy short skirt

How to wear the cottagecore trend on the lower body? With this light and puffy skort, whose fabric imitates linen to perfection. Vegetable color, chic artisanal texture, this short skirt has everything to please to stay indoors, go out in town, at the beach or in the countryside. With sandals, wedges and even camel pumps, it structures your silhouette by marking your waist with its carelessly tied belt. A must!

fluid women's short skirt with ribbon belt - les petits imprimés  - women's fashion eshop

Short skirt with ribbon 100% comfort - les petits imprimés

5. Knitting, embroidery and crochet

In the countryside, the humidity drops quickly on cool summer evenings. So to stay chic and warm, the cottagecore trend relies on thin knit, knit, crochet and even embroidered sweaters.

The light and delicate patterns bring sophistication to the knitwear. The games of transparency on the bare skin bring a sensual graphic design to your outfit.

Embroidered white wool vest - les petits imprimés

Embroidered white wool vest - les petits imprimés

cottagecore trend - Aurore embroidered transparent neckline sweater - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's embroidered wool sweater

Aurore embroidered sheer neckline sweater - les petits imprimés

cottagecore trend - Owen knitted chunky wool cardigan - les petits imprimés  - eshop chunky fluffy chunky wool knitted cardigan women chic

Owen Knitted Chunky Wool Cardigan - les petits imprimés

6. Chic and rustic underwear

Fortunately, cottagecore doesn't stop with outdoor gear. You can also have fun with a flowery look full of lightness with airy underwear and even a vegetal nightwear.

Ombeline pastel floral nightie - les petits imprimés

Ombeline pastel floral nightie - les petits imprimés

cottagecore trend - white floral lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop linegrie chic femme

Slimming flowered lace bodysuit and butterfly open back Opéra- les petits imprimés

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White lace corset with flower embroidery and garter belt - les petits imprimés  - women's fine lingerie eshop

Lace corset with embroidery and garter belt Lilia - les petits imprimés

7. Cottagecore trend: accessories

As for accessories, the cottagecore style is once again adorned with floral, vegetal, natural and spring motifs to emphasize the finesse of your wrist, the haughty bearing of your neck, the curve of your neck. Without forgetting the wicker or knit bags. In short, natural again and again.

A wreath of flowers on the ankle

In earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even anklets, flowers are the leading trend in cottagecore style. So why deprive yourself of it?

flowery women's ankle bracelet - les petits imprimés  - women's fashion eshop

Floral anklet color gold and rose gold - les petits imprimés

women's flower earrings - les petits imprimés  - eshop costume jewelery for women

Flower earrings - pink gold, blue and silver - les petits imprimés

And cherries too!

Here is an original trend inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun: Sakura cherry blossoms immortalized in their movement as one. cherry !

women's sakura flower petal earrings - les petits imprimés  - chic women's costume jewelery eshop

Sakura Flower Petals Earrings - les petits imprimés

A natural handbag

Braided raffia or embroidered cotton? Immaculate whiteness or shades of natural tones? The cottagecore trend joins Modern Craft with a return to plant materials, the technique of weaving, basketry and crochet. A 100% handmade natural bag please! Ideal for a summer tote bag that's easy to take everywhere.

women's hand-woven raffia tote bag - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's handbag

Sola handmade woven raffia bag - les petits imprimés

Did you like the Cottagecore trend?

The cottagecore style embodies fashion as we like it: light, easy to wear, in fluid and pleasant materials. In summary, the 7 keys to country chic style are:

  1. Floral print;
  2. Bohemian chic blouse;
  3. Ruffles;
  4. The puffy and light short skirt;
  5. Knitting, embroidery and crochet;
  6. Chic and rustic underwear;
  7. Floral and natural accessories.

Something to enjoy during the cold seasons when we like to remember spring and summer even in autumn and winter thanks to the layering clothes.