Cheap Chic Style: 15 Tips for a Sophisticated Allure

How do you give the illusion of wearing a designer look with clothes at low prices? This is the challenge that you, 21st century sophisticated woman, must face every day. You can't throw away your wardrobe and replace it with designer creations, can you? So let's see together how to adopt an inexpensive chic style with your current clothes or your future purchases at affordable prices.

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1. The material: 90% of the chic style

There is no secret: a chic look begins first and foremost with noble materials: natural silk, cashmere and leather are refined materials. which are also very expensive.

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As for affordable alternatives, turn to linen, faux suede and good quality cotton (more than 57 threads per cm²). If possible, avoid synthetic textiles which age poorly, become deformed in the wash and block perspiration.

But sometimes, les petits imprimés reserve little nuggets. Like this sublime floral red summer dress in natural mulberry silk at an affordable price. Treat yourself to a sublime dress made from the strongest, thinnest and most breathable natural material in the world!

Prestigious mulberry silk dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop fashion woman dress summer

Floral dress in prestigious mulberry silk - les petits imprimés

2. Knowing how to combine colors

Once the right materials have been chosen, there remains the choice of colors. You can play on harmony through a color gradient (example: white, beige, camel) or on the contrary, play on sharp contrasts with color block. This daring fashion trend is making a comeback this winter, so enjoy!

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3. THE chic must-have: the white shirt

If there's one piece that makes your look chic on its own, it's the white shirt. Well ironed, without wrinkles and immaculate, the white shirt is a key piece of women's dressing room to choose from a quality material, cotton poplin, silk or linen.

style chic pas cher - la chemise blanche

Also think about the cut: choose a timeless cut to surf the seasonal trends. Opt for a classic white shirt, slightly fitted at the waist, with a piece of fabric covering the buttons.

On the care side, wash it exclusively with white linen to keep it immaculate and iron it with steam before storing it on a hanger, if possible in a protective cover.

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Bag handmade 100% cotton lace bag - les petits imprimés

For a sophisticated touch, we forget the fringes, the big bling bling clasps, the pleats and the embroidery because these details are often synonymous with a low-end bag.

5. Impeccable clothes

Want a sloppy look to ruin your clean, crisp, sophisticated look? This is what is likely to happen if you wear pieces that were once chic but are now washed out, lackluster and bland.

For an impeccable look, try to revive their color with a recoloring product (detergent). If nothing helps, it's time to say goodbye to it by recycling it.

Finally, iron your clothes. Adjust the temperature so as not to burn them or deform them and store them flat on a hanger to avoid creases forming.

Little tip: bring a change of clothes at the office so as not to keep clothes stained with coffee, tomato sauce or wine all day.

6. Always the right size

Be careful with the size: apart from the desire to wear a loose or downright oversized piece, your clothes must correspond to your morphology. This will probably not have escaped your attention: the sizes vary according to the fashion brands. Alterations are necessary to adjust the clothes to your measurements, in particular the length of the pants or the sleeves.

Once again, the quality of the material is essential to prevent it from stretching, deforming and no longer corresponding to your size.

7. A Subtle Scent

Perfume is the finishing touch to your outfit. Its subtle smell makes you unique. It highlights you, reveals your taste and your personality. Better: it can even mark the spirits of those who will be able to appreciate it.

subtle fragrance - inexpensive chic style - les petits imprimés

However, be careful not to overdo heady fragrances, especially if you travel by public transport, work in a closed office or in a confined space. Indeed, a refined woman always respects the private space of others.

8. Handpicked prints

Prints are the perfect option to energize your look. But not anyhow. The chic patterns are timeless classic prints such as stripes, polka dots or animal patterns such as leopard. But some more original prints also hold their own very well, in addition to bringing originality.

Fiona Satin Pajamas - les petits imprimés

Other prints can be difficult to combine and even unflattering depending on your figure. For example, you will avoid large patterns if your curves are generous (morphology A, 8 and O).

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9. Cinch Your Clothes

Want to look neat but also laid back like you haven't spent hours getting ready? Straight pieces can be very chic if you are very thin (assumed bias). Otherwise, loose fitted dresses, a straight t-shirt, or an H shirt tend to age you.

For a chic and sophisticated look, cinch your outfit. It's biological: the human eye needs to visualize the environment of the body to see harmony. It's up to you to choose where the "middle of your body" is: high, normal or low waist, it's up to you to highlight yourself.

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In any case, tuck your t-shirt and shirt into your pants, shorts or skirt. Cinch your dresses with a belt (and even your open waistcoats). On the coat side, bend if you are thin but prefer to keep it open if your curves are generous (and if it is not -12°C).

10. The importance of underwear

Are you proud of your carefully chosen outfit? Be careful not to ruin its chic style by the line of your panties visible through the material which cuts your buttocks in two.

invisible underwear - cheap chic style - les petits imprimés

Unflattering, underwear lines are often found in feminine outfits. and kill the whole style!

To avoid this fiasco, bet on invisible, seamless, sheathing underwear and even thongs.

11. Change buttons

Never mind, plastic buttons give away your cheap clothes even if they're quality linen or cotton. These low cost buttons are the pinnacle of cheap details.

So, to your threads and needles to change your plastic buttons and replace them with buttons made of wood, metal, glass, etc.

12. Enhance your silhouette with a pretty blazer

The blazer is a strong piece that is enough to radically change your wardrobe. It structures, refines, brings elegance and credibility (even in a casual look).

A classic cut blazer in a neutral color will give you a more relaxed look, while a bright blazer will convey more sparkle and personality. You choose !

vivid blazer - les petits imprimés

Bright green long blazer + reptile pattern trousers + lapels + classic pointed toe pumps: the ideal outfit for a chic and inexpensive style with personality.

13. Sunglasses forever

Accessories add chic in touches. But among them, sunglasses are king because they:

  • bring shine to your face (metallic frame, lens reflections);
  • add mystery with opaque or smoked lenses
  • play the glamor card

Sunglasses add class and sophistication to any outfit. Go for aviator, cat-eye and oversized styles in black for a movie star effect.

sunglasses - cheap chic style - les petits imprimés

And presto, an extra chic touch!

14. Pair of classic pointed shoes

Another essential fashion accessory: shoes. Among the 1001 possibilities, there is an essential must-have: the classic pointed pumps.

This pair of shoes has the gift of emphasizing the professional side, of bringing a touch of elegance without authority or rigidity. Choose leather for more durability and make sure they are regularly maintained for an impeccable look and optimal comfort.

14. The little details that make all the difference

Your outfit should look great on the cheap if you've followed the first 14 tips in this article. However, small details can ruin everything. So don't relax your vigilance.

zip color detail - les petits imprimés  - cheap chic style

Harmonize the color of the metallic details of your outfit: silver, gold, brass or rose gold, all the zips, necklace chains, belt buckle, bag chain, clasp, etc. must be the same color so as not to clash with your look.

Even better: avoid visible zippers. The pinnacle of chic: clothes where the zips are covered with fabric or are the same color as the garment so as not to disturb its fall, its cut and its classy effect.

Inexpensive chic style: did you like this article?

Let's summarize. An inexpensive chic style fulfills 15 criteria of good taste:

  1. An affordable luxurious material
  2. The harmony of colors
  3. The chic must-have: the white shirt
  4. The handbag: a luxury asset to your outfit
  5. Immaculate clothes
  6. Always the right size
  7. A subtle fragrance
  8. Handpicked prints
  9. Cinch your clothes
  10. The importance of underwear
  11. Change the buttons
  12. Enhance your outfit with a pretty blazer
  13. Sunglasses forever
  14. Pair of classic pointed toe shoes
  15. The little details that make all the difference

Don't forget to take this item with you on your next shopping spree!