Master Layering for a Stylish Look even in Winter!

Combining comfort and style is a difficult exercise when the temperatures are at their lowest. We tend to sacrifice our style to face the rigors of winter. But all that is over! With our layering advice you will become a master in the art of layering your clothes with taste and subtlety.
Let's get straight to the point: the problem with layering is often to find a way to refine your silhouette despite the layers of clothing.
The question that arises is:

How to master layering and not look like Bibendum Michelin?

1) The "underside" rules of layering

Wearing your layers from the thinnest to the thickest is important to remember because part of the art of layering is to reduce the thickening of the silhouette . Therefore, don't wear thick or loose materials underneath, at the risk of creating big unsightly folds that will give the impression that you have a good twenty bulges wandering around freely. Add to this the fact that close-fitting cuts retain heat better than loose cuts thanks to the effect of micro-friction with the skin. Opt for under-sweaters, bodysuits or small form-fitting polyester tank tops for example (warm, form-fitting and thin).
Just pay attention to the neckline, it has to stay smooth or invisible!

2) Play horizontal and vertical layers of clothing

Good news: Vertical layering will allow you to lengthen your figure.

Picture of Shiny Squirrel

However, since it involves leaving the clothes open, it is important to pair it with a horizontal layering, which certainly can widen the silhouette but will protect you from the cold.

chemise et pull layering horizontal

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So below: horizontal layering of clothing (for warmth)
Above: vertical layering of clothing (for silhouette)

An example of layering with an original look :

Start with a shirt with printed patternss (see collection). Add a solid color knit sweater. This is a horizontal layering as the shirt will stick out at the bottom and at the collar.

Enhance the outfit with a stiffer jacket that falls straight or fitted to refine the silhouette like a blazer, a small denim jacket or even a perfecto for a casual style . Accompany everything with slim pants and finish with a long coat (preferably open for verticality) and an XXL scarf for its vertical fall.

Layering de manteaux et écharpe XXL
Photo of Mwangi Gatheca

Remember that your legs are a great asset to verticality! So also bet on shorts and skirts to lengthen your figure. If you think it's too cold to wear a skirt... Read on!

3) Double your tights, wear wool stockings and socks

Yes, it is possible to be warmer in a skirt than in pants! The micro-friction of the tights on your skin creates warmth, so we don't hesitate to show off our legs in winter to afiner sa silhouettee and doubler her pantyhose girls! You can also choose:

Chunky woolen socks to leave slightly protruding from your boots.

Photo by Nevina Allee
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Or for mid-thigh stockings for a more cute and sexy look.

Photo by Nanoud

4) Mmix light materials gand heavy

Have to allow differentiation of overlays so it doesn't look like a "block of material." without pace.

For example, wearing a wool sweater over a lace top, a wool coat over a denim jacket, a cardigan over a leather jacket (so hot!).

5) The prints, the colors: yes, but!

When you layer, you inevitably weigh down the silhouette, so avoid wearing a vprinted garment as the main piece of your outfit.
However, small printss underneath can add a very nice little touch.

You can also wear the floral print. A floral print skirt/dress, a chunky knitted sweater over it, stockings, ankle boots...all topped off with a felt hat and you're done!

6) The hooded sweatshirt is no longer only servedfor complexed teenagers !

For a slightly more streetwear touch that keeps you warm, the hoodie!
Worn with slim jeans and boots for a rock style like a true Anglo-Saxon or even a sweater with long hood accompanied by woolen stockings for a cute style, it's up to you ☺.

An idea for the perfect layering: T-shirt + hoodie + leather jacket
So we're not hot like that?

7) Layer two coats or two scarvesscarves

Yes, yes it's allowed!
For example: Wool coat + parka, leather jacket + wool coat, denim jacket + leather jacket, blazer + wool coat, 2 different colored wool coats… promise, this is not a Chinese puzzle !

There isn't just one perfect answer, but rather a multitude of creative ideas for looking stylish while staying warm.

double-coat layering alex closet les petits imprimés
Photo by Alex Closet

End your outfit with one (or two, for the more chilly) long scarvesscarves!

If you go for two, choose two different textures or wear two scarves layered on top of each other. And we don't forget the verticality!

8) And finally, 2 essential tips :

Désheathing the belt
To avoid a tight, cramped look under a multitude of layers of clothing, we adopt the reflex of the belt to emphasize its size and thus structure its silhouette with légèreté. (over a sweater dress or a coat for example)

Wearing a long necklace
It will bring verticality to your outfit and slim your silhouette by optical illusion. A must-have!

Here you go girls, you know all about layering! It's up to you ;)

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