Elegant Everyday with Complete Simplicity: 7 Tips

Being an elegant woman, everyday class, exuding ease and presence has nothing to do with body shape, size, budget or the fact of walk in heeled shoes. Every woman has within herself the power to be an elegant woman every day. Admired by men and women, she attracts all the looks and compliments. She is simply beautiful. If she succeeds so well, it's because she knows these 7 tips to be an elegant woman everyday with ease. 

1. Harmonize your outfit

A successful, harmonious and pleasing to the eye outfit contains no more than three colors. When it comes to elegance, black, white and beige are the three queen colors of a chic wardrobe. With these three basic colors, simple but timeless, you are sure to never make a fashion faux pas.

chemise en laine bi-colore beige et noire Séraphine - les petits imprimés - eshop chemise laine femme chic

Séraphine two-tone wool shirt - Les Petits Imprimés

To energize your look according to current trends, you can add a color while remaining in harmonious gradients. These colors are for example, gray, cognac, camel, etc. Do you like bright colors like red, yellow or green? Go slowly by limiting them to colorful details in your outfit such as nail polish, a handbag or even a piece of jewelry.

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2. Opt for timeless basics

An impeccable women's wardrobe does not need to have dozens of pieces. You just have to stick to certain colors and a simple, refined style that suits you to avoid spending on clothes that you will never wear.

Owen knitted thick wool cardigan - Les Petits Imprimés

The key to elegance is to choose well-cut, quality pieces made from elegant materials such as linen, silk, satin, real wool, etc. 

It doesn't matter whether these pieces are from designers, expensive or inexpensive brands. Your elegance depends on the care you take with your clothes, the way you fold them or store them on a hanger. 

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3. Take care of the details and its accessories

How to show your clothing style and follow trends by dressing in simple and sober outfits? The difference is in the detail. Not the simple detail, the personal detail that marks your entire attitude, the one that characterizes you.

Sac à main cuir cognac et pochette assortie Milan - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop sac femme cuir cognac chic

Cognac leather handbag and matching Milan clutch - Les Petits Imprimés

For example, you can change your handbag regularly, always looking great. Or wear different chic jewelry in current shapes and metals. Or even be passionate about pairs of shoes, vary the colors of the scarf in your hair, collect pairs of sunglasses. 

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4. Dare to wear a chic blazer

If you need to look elegant in one piece, go for the blazer. This timelessly chic jacket structures your silhouette like no other. Its vertical and oblique lines bring dynamism, graphics and modernity to all body types. In terms of color, the basic black, white and beige are essential.

Veste droite manches à carreaux Eliott - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop blazer carreaux femme chic

Eliott straight jacket with checkered sleeves - Les Petits Imprimés

The fashion is for a straight, long cut with an impeccable drape. Focus on small, chic and equally timeless details to show that you follow trends closely. Thus, the small check cuffs of the sleeves, the smooth gold buttons or even a worked collar allow you to update this iconic piece and assert your style. 

To be elegant every day with ease in spring, shorten the length, opt for a lighter linen blazer or favor the famous beige trench coat.  

5. Ease & presence

Elegance and a stuck-up look don't go together. To exude elegance, you must move with ease, ease and presence whatever your movements. Above all, your clothes should not hinder your freedom of action. This requirement also applies to shoes, whether they have heels or not. 

élégante au quotidien en toute simplicité - confort - les petits imprimés - eshop mode femme chic

Elegant for everyday life with ease: comfort above all

Above all, you must feel good to show your personality. We immediately notice a person who feels good about themselves and their clothes: their approach is assured, their gaze embraces the world and opportunities. If you are good with yourself, this will be felt externally and particularly in your relationships with others.

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6. Clean makeup

Have you ever seen an elegant woman covered in makeup so much that she looked like a can of paint? That's not what I call elegance. To be elegant is to be beautiful both when you wake up and with makeup, it is to be naturally beautiful and with as few artifices as possible.

femme élégante au quotidien en toute simplicité - les petits imprimes - eshop mode femme chic

Natural beauty (or almost - photo: marymarkevich)

This is why your makeup should essentially be based on two fundamentals: a foundation that creates an impeccable complexion and a concealer.

Without this base, the rest is just camouflage. On the other hand, a flawless complexion will gain even more luminosity with a beautiful eye shadow, a beautiful mascara, a blush and a sublime lipstick.

7. Take care of your language

Imagine: you are captivated by the confident look of a woman, elegant down to the tips of her nails, to the tips of her pumps and to the tips of her handbag. But as soon as she opens her mouth, she blurts out loud language worthy of a fish seller shouting all over the market!!! It ruins everything, doesn't it? Suddenly, you no longer want to look like her at all, you don't even find her elegant anymore.

Always elegant, even in her language, even between friends

An elegant woman knows how to express herself correctly because she understands that her language serves her aura, her personality. Her way of speaking is consistent with her exterior appearance, her taste in clothing and her winning mentality. 

Day after day, set yourself small challenges to enrich your vocabulary with new words and flawless sentence structures. Learn to raise your voice so that others want to listen to you as soon as you open your mouth. Use precise and diverse vocabulary. Your tastes and opinions will be even more impactful.

Meet cultured people, discover exhibitions, museums, accumulate cultural references to show that you are not just "pretty", but that you also know how to think. 

Elegant for everyday life with ease: was this article useful to you?

The small efforts at the beginning will quickly transform into daily habits to become an elegant woman in all circumstances, naturally beautiful with all simplicity. You will attract all eyes, as evidence of charm and pure beauty. Reveal all the power that is within you, you are worth it ;)