How to Dress in Telework? 9 Casual Pro Looks

Unannounced videoconference in 2 minutes with the full team. Panic on board: you're in pajamas, rebellious oily hair and suitcases under your eyes. It's chaos ! To avoid losing your credibility and appearing to be a negligent woman, it is better to telecommute in a chic, casual, comfortable but professional look. A priori, nobody sees your legs from your webcam, so long live the comfort with a look suitable for teleworking! Active woman or student, wondering how to dress for teleworking is perfectly legitimate. Preserve your image as a fashionable professional womanto your boss, clients and colleagues with these 9 chic and comfortable clothes to ensure your professional goals from home.

1. The white shirt, a telework must-have

The white shirt is one of 25 essential basics for women's dressing rooms , moreover, a timeless essential in the working girl's wardrobe. To vary the pleasures and get away from the classic plain version, the shirt is adorned with small pearly buttons and gathered ruffles at the neckline and sleeves. These feminine details contrast with its casual straight cut, a feminized boyish look in short. A pretty necklace with pendant and here you are, chic and professional, ready for this meeting via interposed screens.

White ruffled shirt Margot - les petits imprimés

Another version: the openwork bohemian chic white blouse. Its floral English embroidery, its Peter Pan collar, its small rose-shaped buttons and its vertical lines are all assets to show off your good sartorial taste in a professional outfit.

White shirt with Peter Pan collar Joséphine - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's vintage retro floral embroidery shirt

Joséphine white shirt with Peter Pan collar - les petits imprimés

2. The chic printed top as telework outfit

Do you like a chic, sober and original style? This original printed fluid shirt with very elegant long sleeves is made for you! A graphic pattern stands out against a white background framed by a black collar and sleeves with red edging and button: a piece that is as feminine as it is original.

Triangle graphic printed shirt - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's shirt

Graphic print shirt Triangle - les petits imprimés

Another alternative combining originality and elegance: the crop top blouse. Here, a modernized Japanese version with a crop top with a square neckline, V neckline, long and loose kimono-style sleeves and a fluid fitted cut.

This time, it's Sakura cherry blossoms that contrast against the black background of the revisited kimono. Its tone-on-tone belt can be tied as you see fit, in front or behind. For maximum elegance, complete your floral print outfit with high-waisted pants or skirts that have an elasticated waist so as not to cut the belly.

women's floral kimono blouse - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's floral blouse

Kimono blouse with Emi flowers - les petits imprimés

Do you like vintage floral prints, inspired by naive art? Or the 60s and their bright orange geometric patterns? Or even both? So fall for this retro chic vintage blouse with an iconic sixties floral pattern. Its warm and soft shades enhance your complexion for an immediate healthy glow effect. Fluid and virtually wrinkle-resistant, this lightweight graphic print shirt ensures a perfect fit for a neat look even in the event of an impromptu meeting.

Élise silk shirt - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's retro vintage floral shirt

Elise Silk Shirt - les petits imprimés

3. The knit: fine sweater or retro cardigan?

In mid-season, knits remain a pleasant and comfortable outfit for attending a class or a videoconference without shivering because of too light an outfit. More sophisticated than the simple fine knit sweater, this two-in-one striped shirt sweater will give you a very professional look with originality.

Emblematic of the studious student or the active woman who takes her work to heart, the collar of the blue and white striped shirt is reinvented here with a gathered stand-up collar, under a navy blue round-neck sweater in point knit ultra fine and discreet rice for a sober and elegant texture. Complete your look with a beautiful bright crimson lipstick and the Daisy Diamond Earrings.

Tiffany blue 2-in-1 shirt sweater - les petits imprimés  - eshop male feminine striped shirt sweater

Tiffany blue 2-in-1 shirt sweater - les petits imprimés

In the same minimalist, feminine/masculine and slightly sportswear spirit: the wavy neck sweater Lily flatters your neck and wrists with the white-lined neckline and sleeves. Simple and efficient, this boat neck sweater features feminine details and a masculine boxy fit that keeps you warm in style.

Lily wavy neck sweater - les petits imprimés (also available in navy blue)

A chic vintage version, the jumper turns into a cardigan embroidered with flowers for a soft, poetic and deliciously retro style. In beige or orange, this knitted cardigan with a round neckline, slightly loose fit and worked details (pompoms, ribbing), can be worn open or closed. This modernized sweater contrasts beautifully on a leather skirt or skinny jeans.

 Embroidered crochet and knit cardigan Flower - les petits imprimés  - eshop retro vintage chic women's cardigan

Flower crochet and knit cardigan - les petits imprimés (also available in ecru)

In the same slightly retro Cottagecore spirit, the Nathan knit t-shirt and the colorful elegant sweater Olivia.

4. 100% cashmere knit pants

One of the great advantages of working from home is that your contacts do not see what you are wearing below the waist. Priority to comfort, place in cocooning to be comfortable to telecommute seated for long hours without constraint at the waist or at the level of the hips. However, it is better to avoid the pajama bottoms or the pilou pilou because if you get up during the meeting to get a file, get yourself a coffee, etc. Your professional image may suffer!

In winter or mid-season, opt for sober, chic and neutral jogging pants with a straight cut. Made of wool, warm, breathable, these 100% cashmere knit pants keep your body heat while ensuring your freedom of movement.

Maiwenn 100% cashmere knit pants - les petits imprimés (available in 4 colors)

5. The chic and comfortable skort for working from home

In summer, skirts and shorts are the two essential bottoms of a comfortable teleworking outfit. Even better: the fluid skort that guarantees you all the freedom of movement, in a refined material, light and pleasant to wear even in high temperatures. The feminine advantage of the skirt combined with the practicality of the shorts that prevent your thighs from sticking: the top of the top!

Mid-length short skirt - les petits imprimés (also available in black)

6. The sweater dress: chic and absolute comfort for working remotely

In winter, spring and fall, the sweater dress is an ideal outfit for working from home with elegance made easy . Soft, warm and comfortable, the short wrap-over sweater dress gives you a glamorous and professional look for your videoconferences with your superior, your clients or your team. Associated with warm fleece tights containing wool and cashmere, this outfit guarantees you will stay warm and swim in comfort.

Sybille fitted sweater dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop wrap wrap sweater dress

Fitted sweater dress Sybille- les petits imprimés

This pretty knit jumper dress is sure to enhance your body:

  • The wrap top highlights your chest without harming your professional credibility
  • your waist is marked by a tone-on-tone belt thathides your little belly
  • the trapeze cut at the bottom of the dress, undulating on your thighs, shows your femininity while hiding any small bulges.

A dress with the ideal fit for H and I body types because it creates a waist. But also the V silhouettes because this dress widens the lower body from the waist, thus balancing the build of the shoulders.

Discover more looks to wear according to your morphology .

7. The lightweight dress for working from home with a professional summer look

As soon as the good weather comes around, and even more so on hot summer days, the long dress is a pleasant outfit to wear to work at home. This mid-length safari dress in cupro with short sleeves, with a peach-skin and ecological touch is the perfect example of a chic, casual and responsible outfit. Indeed, cupro is made from cotton seeds rejected by the textile industry. It is therefore a vegetable and biodegradable fabric.

Bonnie denim shirt dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's mid-length denim dress

Bonnie Denim Dress - les petits imprimés

To enhance your look, accessorize your dress with a pair of ethnic chic earrings, a pair of camel sandals and the beautiful and very practical Milan bag in cognac-coloured leather.

8. Between two meetings: the maxi-comfort hoodie

For cocooning teleworking, there's nothing like a good hooded sweatshirt, but 100% wool please. There's nothing like the softness of wool, this breathable natural material that preserves your body heat. The cozy comfort of the fleece sweatshirt and its long sleeves to keep your hands warm. It's the ideal room to go from the home fitness session to the sofa break before joining the computer for a work session.

Hortense 100% wool hoodie - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's wool sweatshirt

Hortense 100% wool hoodie - les petits imprimés (also available in ecru and blue

9. Unplanned teleworking meeting: quickly a chic jacket!

Ultimate option: a chic jacket to add at the last minute to a T-shirt, tank top, sweater or sweatshirt for a tasteful professional look. Currently, the trend is towards the long blazer jacket, straight cut, in a feminine/masculine style, embellished with chic details such as shiny buttons or printed sleeve cuffs. Classic dark color or original pep: it's up to you to choose according to your style.

Black straight jacket with gold buttons and lapels with small checks Elliot - les petits imprimés  - black straight cut suit jacket for chic women

Black straight jacket with gold buttons and small check lapels - les petits imprimés

Pink boyfriend cut blazer Léonie - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's pink long suit jacket

Leonie pink boyfriend cut blazer - les petits imprimés

How to dress for telework: casual pro with a touch of originality

Working from home allows you to adapt your look to appear like a studious student or a professional working woman on the screen while wearing a comfortable bottom, in the comfort of your home. To preserve and even gain professional credibility during this chaotic period of the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining your casual, chic and slightly original style.

Stand out by working on your style on your upper body with revisited basics or printed tops mixed with soft materials, understated and comfortable jogging bottoms, light skorts or even by adding a last-minute blazer over your casual home outfit for an impromptu videoconference meeting.