Winter 2020 Sales: 3 Good Deals Without Breaking the Bank

Is your shopping selection ready for the winter 2020 sales? Attention, do not become Queen of the smart purchase who wants! In addition to good fashion tips, markdowns and other shopping tips, the rbargain leader is a shrewd strategist who anticipates her purchases of clothing and accessories based on their dressing and the fashion trend. Whether you prefer to join the rush of shops for the thrill of shopping or shopping quietly on the internet from your sofa, everyone has their strategy during the sales. So, if you're wondering "What to buy during the winter sales?", and before you rush to the stores or on the internet, take a few minutes to read this article.

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1. Winter 2020 sales: treat yourself to timeless essentials

Yippee! The four weeks of winter sales are finally here! In this month of January, you are preparing to make good deals for the next six months. But also for the next winter seasons. This is the perfect opportunity to fill the (few) gaps in your dressing room. To tackle the sales calmly, here is the question you should start with: do you really have all the fashion essentials?

Here are 15 essential fashion basics for your wardrobe:

  1. The cozy long coat;
  2. The very warm wool sweater;
  3. A sober and elegant little black dress;
  4. A white t-shirt that modernizes a classic outfit;
  5. A trench that structures the silhouette, classic (beige) or colourful;
  6. Well-cut blue jeans;
  7. High leather boots;
  8. An oversized scarf hat set in warm wool;
  9. A black blazer jacket;
  10. A pair of leather ankle boots;
  11. A white shirt;
  12. The vestvery soft and so chic;
  13. A pair of black pumps;
  14. The perfecto rock, black or colored in leather;
  15. A pair of trainers instantly gives any outfit (even skirts and dresses) a cool look.

Brown mohair vest Anatole - les petits imprimés  - eshop warm chic wool vest

Brown mohair vest Anatole - les petits imprimés

Have you checked off every timeless piece on this list? Are you missing it? So equip yourself with these must haves without delay. You will take them out every year without getting bored. To be chosen neutral, in their shape and color to adapt them to all future fashion trends. On the other hand, opt for durable materials. In this way, you can vary your purchases on sale next year.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/robe-longe-moulante-fenfe-alba-6_480x480. jpg?v=1610341121" alt="Alba slit bodycon long dress - les petits imprimés - eshop sexy chic black dress" style="margin-right: 25. 9028px; margin-left: 25. 9028px; float: none;">

Dress long bodycon slit Alba - les petits imprimés

It's true, we're not going to hide it: these are real investments over the long term. However, you won't find a better time than the sales to invest in these iconic pieces.

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2. Style your look with the fashion trend of the season

This winter, fashion is having fun with prints. This year again, the animal print persists and makes a statement with its safari motifs of leopard, zebra, crocodile and snake. Without forgetting the little new ones that add a little spice to our classic and timeless outfits. Rediscover your silhouette with the graphic effect of the houndstooth, houndstooth, check, tartan or again Prince of Wales. The choice is vast in women's fashion prints and the sales, the perfect time to juggle with this trend which is firmly established on the catwalks.

robe motif tartanRetro vintage tartan print dress (Pinterest - britishretro. co uk)

The best option for not getting tired of these trendy prints is to treat yourself not to clothes but to printed accessories. The sneakers, the handbag, the gloves, the pumps, the scarf or the printed hat are yours.

Style is expressed (also) in the chic detail of a pair of fancy socks, in the stylized geometry of houndstooth or in the almost timeless elegance of Scottish tartan.

Chic tactile felted wool gloves with Prince of Wales check pattern - les petits imprimés

Touchscreen felted wool gloves with Prince of Wales check pattern - les petits imprimés

But if you're not afraid of anything (or your wallet), let loose with a tartan print dress, a long coat with a houndstooth pattern or checked pants. Handle these strong pieces with great care to give them all the freedom to express their character.

manteau maxi motif pied de pouleLong houndstooth coat (Pinterest - Vogue Paris)

So, crack at a low price without any guilt.

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3. Adopt a "grand couturier podium" look at a bargain price

A stunning designer dress, a designer suit, luxury leather boots, a sculptural designer jumpsuit. The January sales are the ultimate opportunity to go for designer clothes, get THE limited-edition handbag of your dreams or treat yourself to haute couture accessories.

défilé Rédemption - robe noire blazer chic - Vogue ParisRedemption 2019-2020 show: the black blazer dress revisited (Pinterest - Vogue Paris)

We're not going to lie to each other: these pieces signed by big names are downright out of reach the rest of the year, at full price. Of course, we drool over the fashion shows in the magazines and the magnificent outfits worn by the stars. These are sweet dreams that fuel our daily ready-to-wear inspirations. But that is outside the sales period.

chanelChanel 2019-2020 show: total black and white look with check and houndstooth pattern (Pinterest - Vogue Paris)

Now that the winter sales have arrived, dare to enter the luxury boutiques. Go surfing the internet in the "designer brands" categories on major brand sites or fashion platforms. Because with a nice reduction of -30% or -40%, your dream is finally within reach.

Shopping review of the winter sales 2020

In summary, the 2020 winter sales are the perfect opportunity to:

  1. treat yourself with timeless pieces, essential for any good wardrobe;
  2. have fun with the fashion trend of the winter season: prints, safari or checks and other houndstooth patterns;
  3. treat yourself with a designer piece, haute couture or simply designer, thanks to a nice discount.

Finally, the January sales are also the perfect time to look ahead to the spring summer 2020 season. If this winter's pieces don't inspire you, don't hesitate to expand your summer wardrobe by looking for timeless summer pieces such as white t-shirts, sneakers or jeans.

Now you have all the cards in hand to become the Queen of Shopping, what am I saying, the Queen of sales and finally smart shopper among the huge choice of clothing and accessories for women available to you. Build your list and you're ready to make the best deals at low prices with some incredible markdowns. Have fun with your look and above all, treat yourself during this winter sale!