Chic and Original Women's Sweater: 8 Stylish Ideas

Being elegant in a sweater is possible! The day at the office, for an evening with friends or even casual on the weekend, the sweater is reinvented to enhance your femininity. On one condition: choose a chic and original sweater for women. A sweater that combines comfortable, easy-care material, sensual details that change everything and a magnificent color. How to find the rare pearl? Here are 8 stylish ideas for finding THE chic and original sweater for women that will reconcile you with knitwear.

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1. Elegant fine-knit cotton sweater

Fine and delicate, embellished with slender embroidery and horizontal colored waves, the Olivia sweater is truly chic and original. Adorned with soft autumnal colours, this slightly retro fine-knit sweater illuminates your natural complexion with its warm hues.

Thin white cotton sweater, elegant and colorful Olivia - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's sweater

Thin white cotton sweater, elegant and colorful Olivia - Les Petits Imprimés

Its straight, slightly boat neck and mustard yellow ribbed sleeves keep you warm, while the refined embroidery brings a touch of delicacy, femininity and unparalleled originality to your look.

To be worn with the pretty, extra soft Roxane camel faux suede skirt and the magnificent Milan leather handbag for a soft fall outfit.

Thin white cotton sweater, elegant and colorful Olivia - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's sweater

Thin blue cotton sweater, elegant and colorful Olivia - Les Petits Imprimés

The Olivia jumper is also available in a more lively color: a vibrant blue that goes perfectly with the mustard yellow of the waves and sleeves. Hey, wouldn't it be the colors of the sea whose waves undulate with white foam on a fine sandy beach?! Something to bring joy in the middle of winter until sunny days.

2. Chic and original women's sweater with wavy collar

Let's stick to the gentle waves with this long-sleeved top with a wavy collar that's very comfortable to wear with a loose fit at the waist, very trendy. Its slightly fancy boat neckline highlights your neck for more sensuality. Your wrists are not left out.

As for the horizontal stripes on the forearms, they add a touch of sportsmanship for a casual and relaxed look.

In red or navy blue, the Lily long-sleeved top is a must-have if you're working from home, for a relaxing weekend or a casual outing.

Long-sleeved top and wavy collar Lily blue version - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's thin sweater

Lily Wave Neck Long Sleeve Top - Les Petits Imprimés

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3. Ultra feminine fluffy sweater

Do you like a winter sweater to be warm, soft and fluffy but also refined, feminine and original? The Aurore sweater is made for you. Infinitely soft, this chic sweater plays with trompe-l'oeil with a V-neckline embroidered with flowers integrated into this round-neck sweater. See instead.

Aurore embroidered transparent neckline sweater - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's sweater

Aurore embroidered sheer neckline sweater - Les Petits Imprimés

Warm knit, floral embroidery and openwork V-shaped lines: the Aurore sweater surprises with the sophistication of its textures, while remaining very natural in its cream shade which highlights all skin tones with its softness.

The embroidery makes this winter sweater light and feminine, as do the openwork Vs that lengthen your bust. One thing is certain: you won't be able to do without it!

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4. Chic and original women's sweater: lightweight bi-material

To brighten up this essential but rather simple piece that is the thin sweater, you have a wide choice between sequins, jewels, rhinestones or even additions of metallic elements. The ideal contrast that reveals your good sartorial taste.

light black sequined bi-material sweater - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic women's sweater

Sequined argyle sweater - Les Petits Imprimés

So what do you think of this lightweight sequined sweater created by Les Petits Imprimés ? Sophisticated in all simplicity, worn adjusted/loose, this chic and original women's sweater in wool with boat neck is very easy to accessorize. Do you like this dressy sweater?

5. Sailor sweater with gold buttons

A must-have among timeless fashions, the white sailor sweater with blue stripes or blue with white stripes is an absolute French emblem. Adorned with three small flat golden buttons on the left shoulder, the sailor sweater is a timeless unbeatable feminized fineness of the knit and a touch of shine close to your face.

White sailor sweater with blue stripes and gold buttons - Les Petits Imprimés

Casual and chic, the sailor sweater goes perfectly with boyfriend jeans for a casual look or slim navy blue jeans and ankle boots for an effortless workwear style. Or even a matching skirt or shorts from fleece tights warm to brave the winter. You will find more ideas for look with the emblematic marinière in this article dedicated to this Breton sailor's underwear that has become an icon in women's wardrobes.

Its exquisite fit thanks to its 50% cotton / 50% modal composition highlights your chest and lengthens your bust without widening your build. In short, this sailor sweater has it all!

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6. Chunky rib turtleneck sweater

Casual, chic and originality come together in this thick wool-blend turtleneck sweater. Are you looking for a good basic to keep warm in winter? This Luna jumper is a must.

Luna white striped black turtleneck sweater - Les Petits Imprimés

Luna white striped black turtleneck sweater - Les Petits Imprimés

The thick rib knit forms stripes that elongate your bust. The two contrasting lines that run from your shoulders to your wrists bring a sportswear touch that gracefully elongates your arms while bringing a relaxed, casual touch to your look.

White turtleneck sweater with black stripes Luna - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic and original women's sweater

Luna white turtleneck sweater with black stripes - Les Petits Imprimés

In black with white stripes or heather white with black stripes, this slim-fit, high-neck sweater contains 50% wool to keep your body heat. In addition, it gracefully emphasizes your morphology which it lengthens, stretches and refines for even more refinement in your outfit.

A warm sweater to add to your wardrobe!

7. Flamboyant autumn sweater in openwork wool

Adopting the colors of autumn in your outfit is the height of chic. Healthy glow effect guaranteed thanks to this vibrant gradation of orange, taupe beige and ecru tones in this wool sweater and openwork fancy knit.

Autumn colorful sweater in Sasha wool - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's chic wool sweater

Autumn colorful Sasha wool sweater - Les Petits Imprimés

Wool provides warmth but the material is lightened thanks to ultra-fine embroidery. In addition, the V pattern creates verticals that refine the bust. Its slightly loose fit and its somewhat on-trend puff sleeves give you a relaxed and elegant look.

To wear with skinny jeans or the Roxane skirt in camel faux suede.

How to accessorize your winter sweaters? Discover the jewelry Les Petits Imprimés .

8. Shiny black short-sleeved sweater

A short-sleeved sweater? It is possible and it is even very elegant for mid-season. A t-shirt cut worn by a round neck sweater is right on trend this winter, especially for a chic evening where you could be warm.

Victory short-sleeved black sweater in ecological fiber - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop chic women's short-sleeved sweater

Black sleeved sweater short Victory in ecological fiber - Les Petits Imprimés

Its white V-line, enhanced by a shiny silver V, highlights your chest without the material revealing everything with an overly tight fit. Comfortable and becoming, its minimalism gives you the presence to be elegant everyday with ease . In addition, this pretty little sweater contains 42% lyocell fiber, an ecological and sustainable fiber! In short, it is the ideal piece to play layering.

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Did you like this selection of original winter sweaters?

Embroidered sweater, wool sweater, sailor sweater, turtleneck sweater or light sweater, which sweater will you wear this winter? The cold season is much funnier when you vary the sweaters to have fun with fashion! Did you like our selection of 8 chic and original women's sweater ideas? Close-fitting or worn loose, in thick or thin noble material, short or long sleeves, the original winter sweater clearly shows your attitude this season!