Colorimetry: Which Colors Suit Me Best?

What color suits my skin tone best ? Knowing your colorimetry is not so easy. Which colors on the color wheel should you wear and which colors should you avoid to shine? colorimetry is the art of choosing colors that match your skin tone, hair color and shades of the iris of your eyes. Your ideal colors will illuminate your face, erase small imperfections and rejuvenate you. Result: good-looking effect, boosted morale and assured self-confidence! Are you ready for your color test?

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Colorimetry: how do we know which color suits us?

What is colorimetry?

Does your face light up near warm hues or cool (blue-based) hues? Are intense and contrasting colors better than pastel color tones? Are you more of a spring woman or an autumn woman?

The colorimetry test consists of determining the colors that suit you best to improve your non-verbal communication and your self-confidence.

The result of this test will help you in your future shopping sprees to create the ideal wardrobe that matches your personality. But also on the makeup side with more suitable eye shadow, blush and lipstick colors. Not to mention the color of your hair (if dyed). And even the colors of your earrings, necklaces and hair accessories (scarves, barrettes, etc. )

Because the power of colors on our self-confidence and the effect we have on others is far from negligible. Science says so! From the discovery of the three primary and complementary colors to current marketing, we have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn about the role of colors on ourselves.


Save time and learn all about colorimetry with our complete guide including the advanced version test, look suggestions and all your questions answered.

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2-step online colorimetry test

Before the test: get ready

In front of a mirror, bathed in natural light, the colorimetric test consists of placing pairs of fabrics of the same shades of color just under your face to fully cover your shoulders.

Which fabrics? Everything you can find: your clothes, those of your spouse, your children, sheets, costumes. Even furnishing fabrics can be used (plaids, cushion covers, curtains).

But beware: the colored fabric duos must be meticulously worked for your test to be conclusive. We detail immediately.

1. Measure your temperature

Don't worry, we're still talking about colorimetry! This first phase of the colorimetric test determines the visual effect of warm colors and cool colors near your face. Start with two shiny fabrics, one gold and one silver. If you are not very bling-bling, prefer a bright orange and an intense fushia.

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New Year's balloons work too! (photo: Julia Larson)

In perfect light, position a cool shade of fabric on your neck and observe your face. Then remove it and place the fabric in the warm shade.

First, focus on your complexion without taking into account the color of your eyes, your hair and your eyebrows. Is your face lighter or grayer? Brighter or duller? Does this shade age you? Are your dark circles darker or lighter? Do your little imperfections stand out more?

Lower and raise the second fabric several times, observing different areas of your face. Take your time. Ask for another person's opinion if the result is not obvious.

To confirm this first result, also test these tone pairs:

  • two strong and intense colours: brick red (warm) and burgundy (cold).
  • two light, pale colors: salmon (warm) and pink (cool).

How do you know which color looks best on you?

A "good color" highlights YOU, without overpowering your face. Your outfit is important to embody your personality but it should not define you. On the contrary, it must be at the service of your face and your silhouette.

2. Colors and season: which woman are you?

Each warm and cold color comes in an infinite number of shades, from the softest to the most intense. Rest assured, you will not test them all. Some colors suit you better than others. Your color "season" is one of four color charts.

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Find out which colors look best on you with these color palettes (Source)

Overall, the intense colors are more contrasted between them while the soft and pale colors are more harmonious and form shades. The cold colors contain a base of blue while the warm colors rest on a base of yellow (if one were to recreate them in paint).

For example, burgundy is a cool color. Who would've believed that ?! Because burgundy approaches purple, with a hint of blue.

Test two shades of the same color, warm or cool depending on the result of the first step of the colorimetry test. For example, test color duos like:

  • light pink and fushia pink;
  • pastel mauve and bright purple;
  • sky blue and navy blue.

Both colors will suit you both, but one of them will illuminate your face better, make it more harmonious, younger, softer. Observe the result with your hair down to be 100% sure.

Let's now detail the four colorimetric seasons.

Colorimetry according to your season

1. Spring woman: warm, soft and luminous colors

The Spring woman tends to have light hair, a golden blond (not ash) or a strawberry blond, which can even draw on light brown. Her light skin tans a little.

colorimetry woman spring floral jumpsuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop colorimetry woman

The spring woman is luminous in a jumpsuit with small blue and yellow flowers - les petits imprimés

Colors that suit her best: Warm, light colors like beige, gold, light camel, curry, light brown, green, and pink.

2. Summer woman: cold, soft and cushioned colors

The summer woman most often sports a pale face that tans poorly, framed by light ash blond to chestnut hair.

Nessa beach shirt - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's beachwear

The summer woman lights up wearing the soft tones of an oversized white shirt and beige shorts - les petits imprimés

Colours that suit her best: Cool, light colors such as pastels and neutral hues that brighten up her very light natural colors.

3. Autumn woman: warm, flamboyant and intense colors

The Autumn Woman comes in two types:

- "red" physiognomy: her milky skin tans slightly, her face has small freckles, her hair stretches from flamboyant red to auburn copper. A word of advice: play on the contrasts like your white skin on your dazzling hair.

autumn redhead woman - les petits imprimés

Fair-skinned Autumn Woman with fiery red hair glows with deep blue (photo: Dropbotdean)

- coppery skin and dark hair: no doubt she has Mediterranean origins, mixed race or black skin which allows her to tan easily. Tip: stick to the harmony of your natural colors.

colorimetry women's autumn cotton playsuit Jeanne - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's summer shorts jumpsuit

The spring woman is luminous with a pretty cotton playsuit khaki green - les petits imprimés

The colors that suit him best: warm and intense shades such as curry, orange, camel, brown, cognac, bronze but also burgundy and khaki.

4. Winter woman: cold, intense and contrasting colors

Winter Woman has a subtly golden complexion. His dark brown to brown, mahogany and even ebony hair can lighten up in the summer with copper highlights. They make her look like Snow White.

colorimetry women's winter long navy blue satin dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's satin evening dress

The winter woman sublimates her golden skin with a midnight blue satin dress Elise - les petits imprimés

The colors that suit him best: cold and intense colors such as dark blue, fuchsia pink, purple, raw blue, coral and burgundy.

Verdict: what is your colorimetry?

This colorimetric test is not obvious: it is based on an objective judgment (yours, that of a friend, your spouse or an image consultant) and on your perception of aesthetics. Take your time well.

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Now you know your season in colorimetry and the color swatch that best flatters you. You will be able to choose your clothes, makeup, jewelry and hair accessories to enhance your natural colors to look more seductive, brighter and even more stunning than you are today!

Colorimetry FAQ

I imagine that new questions appear:

  • A color outside of my season suits me well. How come ?

This colorimetry test is absolutely not restrictive and you have every right to have fun with colors other than those of your season. Fashion is made for that! Feel free to vary the colors, patterns, cuts and textures of your clothes and accessories as you see fit.

  • I like colors out of season. Should I stop wearing them?

This test is only meant to show you which colors are BEST for you. The right compromise: 80% of your wardrobe with the colors of your season and 20% of other colors, to have fun with different looks throughout the year.

A color can very well suit you without appearing in your palette for the simple reason that it shares colorimetric bases with certain colors of your season.

  • Does my season change if I change my hair color?

Whether it's natural, vegetable or chemical hair coloring, sweeping or highlights done in a hair salon or at home, YES you will need to repeat the colorimetry test to check if the colors in your dressing room still place you under your best day.

It's up to you!

To go further

Dig deeper with additional tips on how to pass your test and get complete sample looks to show you off like never before! Colorimetry will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Guide Colorimétrie Femme
The Complete Guide to Women's Colorimetry

100-page illustrated guide