Black Lace Bodysuit: 10 Irresistible Models

The black lace bodysuit< is an incredibly glamorous piece of feminine lingerie. Synonymous with sensuality and eroticism, the black bodysuit makes you irresistible, chic< and sexy. From the black lace body to the model to be revealed in privacy, boudoir spirit, the black body is available in a range of shades of femininity. Enter the alcove of the cozy world of fine lingerie for a show all in black, lace and seduction.

1. Black bodysuit with transparent floral lace

Our parade of black lace bodysuits begins with a model endowed with charm, sensuality and elegance, which plays on transparency. His particuliarity ? Two necklines lined with floral lace: a deep one at the front, ending with crossed laces reminiscent of a corset and a back with a butterfly closure. Without forgetting its laces at the top of the thighs, a (not so) discreet nod to the suspender belt.

Body noir dentelle fleurie Opéra - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body dentelle noir

Opéra black transparent floral lace bodysuit- Les Petits Imprimés

2. Invisible black bodysuit with deep neckline and backless

More refined and minimalist, this black underwired thong bodysuit is an invisible underwear ideal to wear under a dress with a deep neckline and/or a dizzying backless. Its adjustable, transparent and removable straps adjust to your curves and the cut of your clothes. Its sheathing mesh refines and sculpts your silhouette (especially the flat stomach) while the second skin effect erases all traces of this sexy and practical underwear. Ideal under a sexy evening dress!

Body dos nu invisible gainant noir Lilian - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body noir gainant dentelle femme

Black invisible backless body shaper Lilian - Les Petits Imprimés

3. Black lace push up body

Let's continue with this black lace push up bodysuit which highlights your chest like never before, in two padded cases for maximum sensuality and enchantment. Its floral patterned lace plays transparency on your pin-up belly deliciously highlighted with a ribbon while the cutout lengthens your goddess legs and highlights your plump buttocks. It will be really very, very hard to resist you.

Black push up bodysuit with floral pattern lace Mermaid - Les Petits Imprimés

4. Invisible black lace bodysuit with plunging neckline

Sculpting, sheathing, lengthening, this second invisible thong body is feminized with a tone-on-tone lace pattern playing lightly on your entire body. Its dizzying open back allows you to wear a strapless dress or an incredible top that will turn heads. Not to mention the deep neckline down to the navel at the front. A delight for the eyes (but not only!). 

Body gainant dentelle noir spécial dos-nu Cathy - Les Petits Imprimés - body invisible gainant noir femme linegrie

Special backless black lace shaping bodysuit Cathy - Les Petits Imprimés

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5. Sexy transparent black lace bodysuit

Refined, seductive, sexy and elegant, this transparent black lace body fascinates with its geometric floral pattern of rare finesse, contrasting with its opaque demi-cup cups lined and richly decorated with lace. Who would be crazy enough not to succumb to your charm at first sight?!

 Body transparent noir à armature en dentelle Caroline - Les Petits Imprimés - body noir graphique femme chic

Caroline black transparent underwired lace bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés

6. Sheer black lace bodysuit with plunging neckline

Turn things up a notch with this black lace bodysuit with a fascinating plunging neckline. What am I saying, captivating! Its slimming material smoothes your curves into a divine shape. Its exquisite floral pattern caresses your body with a transparency that reveals without showing, evokes pleasure and whispers eroticism. A sweet curse worthy of the most attractive of seductresses!

 Body dentelle noir décolleté plongeant Scarlett - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body noir gainant lingerie fine sexy

Black lace bodysuit with plunging neckline Scarlett - Les Petits Imprimés

7. Black lace evening bodysuit

The black lace bodysuit is often a piece of lingerie to be worn in private, but which likes to go out into the open - or into the open - from time to time. Worn under a blazer jacket, a shirt, a blouse, or a little dress, this sleeveless lace bodysuit with a round neckline reveals its charming lace lingerie details in your day outfit with jeans and a perfecto for a modern look and affirmed. 

Body dentelle noir en mousseline de soie Nina - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body dentelle noir

Nina black underwired silk chiffon lace bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés

The black lace tank top body also has a little effect in the evening dressed with a black leather skirt and seamed stockings for a total sexy look or with high-waisted straight flared pants cut in a fluid and contrasting colored material .

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8. Glamorous black lace body

The atmosphere becomes muy caliente with this sexy black lace bodysuit whose thin straps hug your chest perfectly, bringing a touch of Moulin Rouge to your sexy outfit. The black lace once again enhances your attractive shape in a clever play of inserts alternating transparency and opacity in a succession of rather evocative Vs from the chest to the hips, which should leave no one indifferent to your sensual look.

Body dentelle noir avec armature et dentelle florale Mermaid - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body noir push up femme

Black lace push up bodysuit with underwire Mermaid- Les Petits Imprimés

9. Very sensual sexy black lace body

Employing the codes of high-end fine lingerie, this black lace body surpasses itself in terms of seduction. The straps are divided into three strands held by a small bow to enhance the volume of your chest. Black and colored floral lace runs across your entire bust and alternates with a hollow between the breasts allowing your delicate skin to be seen (and touched). But also completely transparent inserts such as the crotch, hips and buttocks. Finally, its soft and stretchy material hugs your curves wonderfully, shapely and sculpted by its mesh of tulle and lace. A delight to wear. and to caress!

Body dentelle noir avec dentelle florale colorée et armature Thylane - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop

Black lace bodysuit with colored floral lace and Thylane underwire - Les Petits Imprimés

10. Black lace bodysuit with erotic underwire

Our parade of sexy black lace bodysuits ends with this highly refined piece, absolutely sublime in its sensuality, seduction and eroticism. This time, transparency is everywhere, suggestion omnipresent. The very sexy ultra-fine double lacing crosses at the base of the curve and melts into the hollow of your breasts where the two balconettes in fine foam and underwires meet which outline the roundness of your chest. 

Body dentelle noir avec armature raffiné en dentelle fine Alice - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop body noir décolleté plongeant femme
Black lace bodysuit with refined underwire in fine Alice lace< - Les Petits Imprimés

Then, a few centimeters of skin appear, lined with flowered lace pointing in an ambiguous triangle towards the equally transparent crotch. Meanwhile, the waist is defined by a ribbon tied in the front or back (or no ribbon at all). An implicit naughty invitation to caress (or rather explicit) which cannot be long in coming.

Black lace bodysuit: how not to melt with desire?

The black lace bodysuit is an essential piece of beautiful lingerie in a woman's wardrobe imbued with the mystery of feminine seduction. Transparency, refinement, embroidery and floral pattern play with the lacing, curved cups and small bows to better highlight your body and your femininity with fantasy, whatever your body shape. 

Romantic charmer or true man-eater, each woman has a range of personalities when it comes to desire and pleasure. Starting with wearing a wonderful black lace bodysuit for yourself. What if it all started with feeling like a woman, confident and in control? We'll let you meditate. ;)