How To Wear A Lace Bodysuit To Become Irresistible?

How to wear a lace bodysuit to captivate the eye without even bothering to seduce you? Titillating the senses by feigning indifference, disturbing with pleasure, charming with delicacy, these are arts rarely mastered. However, a single piece is enough to enhance a silhouette. And what a room! In clothing or underwear, the lace bodysuit is available to suit each of your desires. Provocative or ingenuous, wise or rebellious, sexy or charming, do you really knowhow to wear the lace bodysuit?

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Black lace bodysuit Opera - les petits imprimés

Sexy lace bodysuit: an incomparable wow effect

Whether it's assumed with a plunging neckline bordering on indecency or it confuses the issue with its deceptively wise boat neck, let's say it right away: the lace bodysuit heightens your sensuality . Instantly, this piece of lingerie enhances your look and slims your figure. An unsuspected assurance is revealed

Revealing without showing, playing with transparency, expressing your femininity without enticing, the dressed or undressed bodysuit, worn in public or in private, has an inimitable power: that of playing a double game. Even a long-sleeved lace bodysuit immediately adds a refined dimension to your outfit. Whether the lace is ubiquitous or ultra-discreet, your look is immediately more elaborate, more sophisticated and above all more graphic.

Lace bodysuit with short or long sleeves, sheathing lace bodysuit or top lace bodysuit, this flagship piece of the lingerie wardrobe is available in infinite… for every moment of the day (and night).

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When to wear a lace bodysuit?

Have you ever wore a lace bodysuit during the day? Under your clothes, the lace body is adorned with a total lace look, fine embroidery, sets of straps and yokes on an opaque, dotted or voile background. Choose a reliable bodysuit that stays in place and provides firm support.

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Clarisse Red Embroidered Lace Bodysuit (also available in black) - les petits imprimés

Overtight or in underwear, this glamorous lingerie has an inimitable effect on your self-esteem, your self-confidence and the general appearance of your figure . Shaping, structuring and above all, furiously sexy, the lace bodysuit reveals an unsuspected self-assurance. Try it if you're having a job interview or presenting a project at an important meeting.

Of course, the lace bodysuit dressy is a essential for a romantic evening. Atomic bomb effect guaranteed! Be careful, the temperature rises quickly, very quickly... This piece of ultra-sensual fine lingerie highlights each of your curves with an ultimate degree of sophistication. The must have remains of course the black lace bodysuit dressed . But there's nothing like a red lace bodysuit to fully embrace your femininity. Or a white lace bodysuit with floral embroidery for a most provocative deceptively ingenuous effect.

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Slimming white lace bodysuit Opéra with a stunning butterfly open back - les petits imprimés

How to wear a lace bodysuit?

Choose the lace bodysuit according to its morphology

Knowing your morphology is FON-DA-MEN-TAL to wear the lace bodysuit. With him, no lie. If your lace body does not match your morphology, disaster is guaranteed. The fashion misstep, the error of style, the lack of taste. Worse: vulgarity.

So be aware that a soft lace body without underwiring or cups enhances your H or X silhouette (in other words, very marked and very little marked sizes). Your chest is small? The plunging neckline is yours (or not, it's up to you!).

On the other hand, if your shoulders are wider than your hips or if your curves are generous, avoid the plunging neckline (except in lingerie of course).

During the day, adopt the lace bodysuit with cup and underwire for the best support and a smoothing sheathing effect. Above all, no tight cut but an airy bloused effect for the Vs and draped for the 0s, while remaining close to the body. No frills or gathered effect on the shoulders which accentuate the build and unbalance the silhouette.

Lingerie bodysuit or body top?

Worn underneath, suggested above, completely hidden or entirely assumed in sexy lingerie, the lace bodysuit comes in lingerie bodysuit or body top according to desires and times of day.

Women's long sleeve bodysuit - les petits imprimés

Silomene womens long-sleeved bodysuit -

Often see-through, the lingerie lace bodysuit daytime version includes a bra for perfect support on the go.

As for the lace body top, it can be worn like a real tank top, t-shirt or top with three-quarter or long sleeves. Sexy wise or downright provocative, the body top is available in close-fitting materials such as jersey or ribbed fabric, but also in veil or silk for a draped or bloused effect.

What to wear with a lace bodysuit?

Wearing a dressy or sober lace bodysuit outdoors can be both easy and delicate depending on your personality, your age and the message you want to reveal. Here are some ideas for outfits with a lace bodysuit.

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How to wear a lace bodysuit during the day? Look ideas

Similar to a t-shirt tucked into jeans, trousers or a skirt, the body lingerie is delicately suggested by the layering. For a successful look with a lace bodysuit in a top version, offset this strong piece with basics.

A lace bodysuit and an oversized openwork sweater for a subtle suggestion, a lace bodysuit and jeans for an offbeat effect or a lace bodysuit and a blouse transparent fluid for a game of seen/not seen.

Or even a shirt whose first buttons you unbutton or tie the sides (only if you are thin because the eye will be drawn to your stomach). Also consider the elegant kimono or crop top.

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Wearing a lace bodysuit during the day without missteps: tips to know

Above all, take care to balance your figure. With a tight lace bodysuit, opt for a flared piece at the bottom (skater skirt, flared jeans, wide and flowing pants like tailored pants or carrot pants).

The best look to highlight all the rooms? A perfecto or a t-shirt with a plunging neckline revealing a superb lace bodysuit, casual jeans and colorful jewelry. For shoes, it's your choice: black rock boots, sneakers or pumps.

Warning, important advice: the older you get, the more sophisticated you play with the lace bodysuit. High-waisted pencil skirt, pumps, quality jewelry, bet on a feminine and very elegant silhouette.

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How to wear a lace bodysuit? Summary

A real must-have in our feminine wardrobe, the lace bodysuit makes us more feminine than ever, more confident and above all sexier. Wearing the lace bodysuit well cannot be improvised. To avoid vulgarity, be sure to accompany this strong piece with basics that balance the silhouette such as a T-shirt, a tunic, comfortable jeans or even a cardigan with the first buttons open.

According to your desires, show, suggest or hide the black, white or red lace bodysuit for a more or less irresistible effect on those around you (to be adapted according to your personality, your activities and your age) . Daytime or evening lace bodysuit, tank top or long sleeves, seductive , sheathing, slimming or even with a plunging neckline, the lace body is constantly reinventing itself in your look with innovative cuts and materials to always better express our freedom, our desires and our desires for fulfilled women.