Thigh Anti Chafing: 2 Discreet, Sexy & Practical Solutions

The problem of thighs rubbing against each other affects many women, regardless of their morphology, with or without overweight. In addition to being unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful, this sensation of sticky thighs causes irritation and pimples due to the friction, heat and perspiration. How to avoid chafing of the thighs? The sheath or the anti chafing shorts keep warm and cut the belly, the gel or the t1>anti-friction cream disappears with sweat. On the other hand, a anti-friction band is as elegant as a suspender, while the self-adhesive patch is the most discreet solution.

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1. Lace anti-chafing band

Chic and elegant, this non-slip lace anti-chafing band prevents thigh chafing, chafing and pimples. The two silicone bands ensure an excellent support of the anti-chafing band on your thigh without tightening, while the floral lace lets your skin breathe.

 Bande cuisse anti frottement - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's anti chafing thigh

Black anti chafing thigh band with integrated pocket - Les Petits Imprimés

Its sexy lace garter look hides a very practical trick. A small pocket allows you to carry small objects neither seen nor known without cluttering up with a handbag. Key, cell phone or lipstick slip incognito under your dress or loose skirt.

women's anti chafing thigh - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop anti chafing thigh

White anti-friction thigh band with integrated pocket - Les Petits Imprimés

Available in white and black to easily blend under your clothing, the Anti-Chafing Thigh Protector Band comes in different sizes to suit your thigh shape. Easy care, this adhesive suspender will quickly become the must have of your summer outfits to allow you to wear all the skirts and dresses of your dreams!

2. Transparent anti-chafing patch

The most invisible anti-thigh chafing solution is undoubtedly the transparent adhesive patch. For men and women, this invisible patch sticks to the inside of one of your thighs after removing the protective film.

Invisible anti-thigh chafing patch - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop anti-thigh chafing

Invisible anti-chafing thigh patch - Les Petits Imprimés

Positioned horizontally or vertically according to your tastes, this self-adhesive patch adapts to the morphology of your thighs without any problem. Stick on this disposable anti-friction patch in the morning and forget it the rest of the day enjoying the summer, your travels, long walks and even a game of beach volleyball, even in the heat. In short, live your life to the fullest and have fun choosing your summer clothes.

Thigh Anti-Chafing: solution found!

The discomfort or even the pain caused by the friction of the thighs is not inevitable. It will even be a distant memory as soon as you wear the anti-friction lace band or the anti-friction adhesive patch. Find the pleasure of walking for a long time without any unpleasant feeling between the thighs, of running, practicing the physical activity you like, traveling, etc.

No longer limit yourself to shorts and pants, no longer impose cycling shorts or girdles under your dresses that make you die of heat. Finally, wear the skirts and dresses you like, even short ones, by adjusting the lace suspender or sticking the patch very high on the thigh.

Have a great summer!

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