How to Dress for a Wedding According to Your Morphology?

With the arrival of the beautiful month of May, the wedding season is officially launched! Neither one nor two, here you areinvited to the union of a loving couple. Yes, but how to dress for a wedding ? Whether your guest, witness, or bridesmaid outfit is free or subject to a dress code or even ceremony style, this special occasion is well worth a chic and sophisticated look, made up of pieces that you can easily show off on a daily basis. Can you wear white or black to a wedding? How to be chic and comfortable until the end of the night? You will know everything you need to put together your ideal wedding outfit, spend a wonderful day and melt with happiness for the newlyweds.

tenue mariage femme - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's wedding guest outfit

Let's break 5 misconceptions about the wedding guest outfit

Before starting our selection of formal wedding outfits adapted to your morphology, let's go back to a few preconceptions that die hard:

Preconceived idea n°1: no white as a guest at a wedding

Yes and no. No white in total look: it is the absolute privilege of the bride, the queen, the star of the day. On the other hand, you can decline white and its tones (ecru, nude, beige, pale pink) on a top or a jacket, in shoes or even in accessories (bag, jewelry).

Myth #2: No black outfit to attend a wedding

Of course, there is black outfit and black outfit. For this happy and joyful event that is marriage, austere, funereal and depressing outfits are avoided. Black knows how to be sophisticated, elegant and chic, provided you awaken its cheerful and playful nature with colorful accessories or a floral print, for example.

Margin floral mid-length dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop floral dress for wedding guest woman

Daisy floral mid-length dress - les petits imprimés

Preconceived idea n°3: no extravagant color

The general rule is that guests, witnesses and bridesmaids step aside for the bride to brighten the day. If pastel or neutral outfits (white, black, beige) are mostly adopted by the guests, you can still play the color card, if it's part of your personality, like the red dress for a wedding .

how to dress for a wedding according to your morphology - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's wedding guest dress

But be careful: to stay chic and elegant, we temper the strong piece with sober accessories. Also find out about the bride's tastes (does she hate a particular color), the dress code and the theme of the wedding to avoid swearing among the crowd of guests.

Myth #4: No dress or short skirt at a wedding

Good taste dictates that guests avoid wearing a mini skirt or mini dress at a wedding, especially during a religious ceremony. There's no shortage of options when it comes to length: above the knee, knee length, below the knee length, midi (mid-calf length), ankle length or straight to the feet.

Long two-tone tweed print dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's wedding guest dress

Long printed dress two-tone tweed - les petits imprimés

The exception to the rule: you can afford a short dress or skirt (but not mini, rather mid-thigh) if you're petite. Indeed, the other lengths risk packing your silhouette, which would be a real shame.

Preconceived idea n°5: having to wear a skirt or a dress at a wedding

Don't like dresses, skirts, don't like showing off your legs or just don't feel like wearing a dress that day? No problem: the pants and the jumpsuit are two very elegant pieces perfect for going to a wedding.

Maya floral jumpsuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's wedding outfit jumpsuit

Mayan floral jumpsuit - les petits imprimés

Dress pants can be flared at the bottom, high waisted, darted, with bridges, etc. Make sure the pleats are flawless or you risk looking sloppy. Similarly, the trouser jumpsuit or the top + trouser set lengthens and structures the silhouette and exudes crazy chic. Another possibility: the very trendy trouser suit this season.

Now, let's start the selection of formal outfits to dress for a wedding according to your morphology.

To identify your body type, read this article on female silhouettes full of tips to show you off.

Morphology A: how to dress for a wedding?

You are thin with an A morphology

The ideal outfit is a floral wrap dress, midi length, slightly flared at the bottom. Indeed, the wrap cut highlights your neckline with the V-neck and slightly marks the waist.

Anemone floral red dress - les petits imprimés  - how to dress for a wedding - wedding outfit idea with floral dress

Anemone Floral Red Dress - les petits imprimés

Short ruffled sleeves balance the volume of the hips, which retain their freedom of movement. As for the floral pattern, iconic in the spring/summer season, emphasizing the budding union. If the bride and groom have also chosen a bohemian, country or natural theme for their wedding, you're in luck!

To complete your outfit, consider nude, beige or pink sandals with low heels (approximately 6.5 cm), a small bag in the same tone and a chic pink blazer jacket in the cut, but in a girly color and relaxed.

Léonie pink long boyfriend blazer - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic pink suit jacket for women

Leonie pink boyfriend blazer - les petits imprimés

Plumper A morphology

Do you have a dreamy neckline and generous hips? To show them off, opt for this flowing dress with slightly balloon sleeves that balance your curves while marking the waist without tightening.

The dark is forgotten under the cherry petals dancing in the wind. Matched with a fluid ecru trench coat belted at the front or at the back, a small bag in pink or white tones and sandals with thick heels (for comfort), you are ready to celebrate this wedding all day. day!

Mid-length wrap dress with puffed sleeves Cherry pattern Armona - les petits imprimés  - eshop printed wrap dress spring summer chic woman

Cherry pattern dress Armona - les petits imprimés

Another possibility if you prefer to camouflage your neckline: the flowing dress with a pattern and a round neckline. This flare dress above the knee length is both sober and colorful is ideal for a wedding, party, evening.

Wedding outfit for an H body type

Thin H silhouette

To highlight your slender H silhouette, think of the fluid and supple jumpsuit, whose originality lies in the absolutely superb bare back. Light and comfortable to wear even in the hottest temperatures, this jumpsuit with polka dots is very elegant.

Elevate your silhouette with a pretty pair of gold, beige or nude heels, matched with a bag in the same tone and a star covering the shoulders or arms for the cool evening.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/combination-fluid-woman_480x480. jpg?v=1618974571" alt="Navy blue polka dot jumpsuit Lola - les petits imprimés - eshop chic women's wedding trouser jumpsuit" style="margin-right: 86. 9097px; margin-left: 86. 9097px; float: none;">

Jumpsuit navy polka dot Lola - les petits imprimés

Do you prefer a dress? Opt for a shift dress or fluid and light shift dress with delicate details such as a textured fabric and a tone-on-tone pattern.

Navy blue straight dress Anna - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's fitted dress

Anne navy blue dress - les petits imprimés

Luscious H silhouette

No need to tighten your belt to create a size: it is better to widen your shoulders and hips with a dress that creates volume on your bust and your legs.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/red-floral-dress-red-summer-dress-red-floral-dress-red-floral-dress-3_480x480. jpg?v=1648920006" alt="Laurel floral red dress - les petits imprimés - eshop shirt dress chic woman wedding outfit" style="margin-right: 27px; margin-left: 27px; float: none;">

Dress flowery red Laurel - les petits imprimés

This dress with a shirt collar and ruffled sleeves widens and structures your build while keeping the lightness of the floral pattern. Near the knees, the dress flares out to balance the shoulders, give you freedom of movement to dance and magic: you have a marked waist!

To complete your look, opt for a pair of gold sandals, pumps or peep toes with comfortable thick heels, a pretty plain bag in neutral tones and a white, beige or black single-breasted blazer jacket with a nice cut and a beautiful fall.

What wedding outfit for a V silhouette?

Slim V-shaped silhouette

To visually reduce your broad shoulders, opt for a light, airy, airy outfit containing pants: matching two-piece set or jumpsuit, it's up to you. The flared cut is right on trend and that's good, since it's exactly the one that flatters you best!

Amy Sun pleated print top and pants set - les petits imprimés

With this flowing and light outfit, your build is visually reduced by the thin straps, your waist is marked and the volume provided on the lower body by the flared cut of the pants counterbalances your shoulders: perfect! In addition, your outfit exudes a charm all in elegance and discretion.

A pair of nude, beige or camel pumps or sandals, a matching bag and a short jacket in the same tone or a contrasting color, you're ready to enjoy this festive day.

Luscious V body shape and narrow pelvis

To give the illusion of a wider pelvis, opt for a straight wedding outfit: the straight dress or the straight or flared trouser suit are ideal for balancing the volumes of your silhouette.

wedding guest dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic woman wedding outfit

Dress with airy pleated chiffon texture and Oxane jeweled collar - les petits imprimés

This vaporous and flared dress, with American neckline, guarantees you great freedom of movement and lightness in case of heat stroke. Its neutral beige color blends with all skin tones and allows you to splurge on your handbag and shoes. Be careful not to multiply the jewelry, the collar is already very shiny, which illuminates your complexion.

Combined with a pair of low-heeled retro pumps for a 60s style or with silver, gold or simply snow/nude high-heeled sandals, a nude or colored bag, and a slightly fitted jacket without shoulder pads, this dress will be the highlight of your wedding outfit. In addition, you can easily wear it in the evening, at a cocktail party or at the end of the year celebrations.

Wedding look idea for your X body type

Thin and slender

Lucky you can afford anything! To enhance your slender figure with balanced proportions, there's nothing like a dress that perfectly hugs your curves. A pretty V neckline, a marked waist, a slightly flared medium length and pretty ruffles.

Matched with fine and delicate golden jewelry , a pair of golden or nude heeled sandals and a white bag with a golden chain, your whole outfit will shine with sophistication and elegance. You can dare to color on a well-cut blazer jacket, or stay in neutral tones.

Julia short ruffled polka dot wrap dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's wedding guest dress

Julia short ruffled polka dot wrap dress - les petits imprimés

Do you prefer a floral, spring-like and feminine jumpsuit that's comfortable and modern? Why not this one, very rustic, a bit bohemian and totally original with its mustard yellow straps and bow in the back. It will also be perfect for everyday wear.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/files/combinaison_fleurie_noeud_dos_Lullaby_-_Les_Petits_Imprimes_-_eshop_combinaison_pantalon_impressione_fleurs_b954fadd-1290-4bae-9aef-14eea4c383bd_480x480. png?v=1620634574" alt="Flower jumpsuit with bow on the back Lullaby - les petits imprimés - women's flower jumpsuit" style="float: none; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">

Jumpsuit floral bow back Lullaby - les petits imprimés

Luscious X-shaped silhouette

You can also afford everything, lucky girl! Your dream silhouette leaves no one indifferent and you can sublimate it with a flared wrap dress, a jumpsuit, a long dress to the feet. The choice is yours!

Black and White Blazer Dress Joy - les petits imprimés  - eshop short dress idea women's wedding outfit

Black and White Joy Blazer Dress - les petits imprimés

Think about comfort with sandals with not too high square heels or wedges, in gold, silver, beige or black tones. A small bag in the same tones and a well-cut black jacket will complete your goddess look.

Black single-breasted blazer jacket with gold buttons and small check lapels Elliott - les petits imprimés  - chic woman wedding outfit jacket

Black straight blazer jacket with gold buttons and small check lapels Elliott - les petits imprimés

How to dress for a wedding according to your body type: did you find out?

Have these pretty dresses, sets and jumpsuits inspired you to find your next wedding outfit? Without extravagance or exuberance, these looks can easily be worn at work, in the evening, on the weekend.

Last little advice and not the least if you plan to attend a wedding soon:

  • take care of your manicure and pedicure. Red is a glamorous and elegant color, lovely on the feet. For the hands, also red, nude or. Nothing at all. With short, square nails, with rounded corners, impeccably cut and filed of course!
  • fresh, lightweight makeup that's easy to touch up and won't smudge or shine in the slightest ray of sunlight;
  • of elegant, discreet and original jewellery to perfect your look;
  • an elegant, simple and chic hairstyle, possibly embellished with a pretty jewel;
  • a pretty handbag, well cut in a beautiful material . Every detail counts!

Happy wedding season to you and lots of love to the newlyweds!