Push-Up Bra: 10 Models for an Incredible Cleavage

Are you looking to shape your bust, increase its volume and highlight it like never before? The push-up bra gives you a plunging neckline, plump, sexy and glamorous. The different models of push-up bras adapt to all your outfits: with or without straps, backless, adhesive, self-adhesive patches, etc. Each of these undergarments produces a tightening lifting effect for a fuller bust. A brief overview of our 10 models of push-up bras.

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1. Multi-position push-up bra

This multi-way shaping bra can be worn three different ways to match your different outfits. The colored or transparent straps, all adjustable, can be worn in the classic version on the shoulders, crossed in the back or parallel to the horizontal in the back.

Its very low back tie is designed to create two dizzying necklines: front and back (top, dress, jumpsuit).

Léa multi-position backless push-up bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop push up bra

Léa multi-position open back push-up bra - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in white and beige)

2. Bandeau push-up bra

This strapless push-up bra is the perfect solution for smaller busts if you're looking for a natural push-up effect. Seamless and wrinkle-free, this bra is designed with wide elastic bands that make it comfortable to wear all day, even under tight-fitting clothes. The breathable fabric feels soft and delicate against your skin, making it the ideal choice for everyday use.

Wireless push-up bandeau bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop strapless push up bra

Tasha wireless push-up bandeau bra - Les Petits Imprimés (available in 6 colors)

3. Underwired strapless push-up bra

Looking for a push-up bra for the perfect lift? This push up bra with removable straps has padded cups that help shape and support your bust, while the underbust drop cut offers a sexy, plunging neckline.

Chloé underwired push-up bra with removable straps - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's push up bra

Chloé underwired push-up bra with removable straps - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in white and black)

4. Open back underwired bra

Looking for a supportive push up bra that flatters your cleavage? Our backless push up bra made from super soft material feels like a second skin. Its very low tie in the back makes it invisible under your clothes, even bare backs. In addition, its underwiring and push-up cups give you the curve and shape you want.

Alicia push-up backless bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop underwired push up bra

Alicia underwired push-up backless bra - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in white and beige)

5. Multi-position wireless push-up bra

What could be better than a non-wired multi-position push-up bra to combine a dreamy neckline and underwear adapted to all your outfits?

The slightly push-up cups of this shaping bra highlight your breasts in a beautiful rounded and natural shape. The absence of reinforcement ensures incredible comfort without neglecting the support (excellent). Whether you wear it in different positions, with or without straps, your silhouette and your neckline are enhanced.

Cléa multi-position shaping push-up bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop push-up bra

Support multi-position push-up bra Cléa - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in beige)

6. Underwire push-up bra

Crafted with a subtle balance of plain fabric and lace, this underwired bra offers gorgeous cleavage and optimal support for your breasts. Thin and adjustable straps, and a very low tie at the back make it perfect for all your backless outfits. Complete your lingerie set with the Candice panties or the one of our sexy panties.

Candice underwired push-up backless bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop push-up bra

Candice underwired push-up backless bra - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in white and beige)

7. Adhesive push up patches

A sexy and naturally curved neckline without a bra, it's possible! With these completely invisible adhesive patches under your clothes.

Do you want to attract all eyes by wearing only a suit jacket, revealing your cleavage up to the navel? Does your dress have a deep neckline that goes down to the belly? These adhesive silicone patches are perfect for a push up effect without a bra and therefore without any annoying straps.

Push-up adhesive bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - adhesive push up bra

Push-up adhesive bra - Les Petits Imprimés

8. Adhesive push up bra

For a sexy cleavage and luscious breasts without any straps or ties in the back, opt for the adhesive push up bra. Designed in silicone, it attaches to your chest and ties discreetly in the front, which leaves your back totally bare. This option is perfect for a wedding dress whose open back goes down to the small of the back, but also for an evening dress or a cocktail dress, also sculptural.

Mila sticker push up bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop sticker push up bra

Push up bra sticker Mila - Les Petits Imprimés

Its shapely wings wrap perfectly around your breasts, giving a natural and even curved effect. Slim edges make the bra virtually invisible under your clothes. Small pads inside the cups protect your chest from direct contact with the adhesive for maximum comfort. For a little lift or an alluring cleavage, this is the bra for you!

9. Self-adhesive shaping bra

This silicone adhesive bra is a mix between the two previous models. A model with adhesive enveloping wings that attaches in the middle which can be accompanied by the two transparent lift-up patches provided to raise your breasts a little more, neither seen nor known. You can also wear the two separate adhesive shells, linked together by a transparent strap passing through the neck, for an even more accentuated and lifted curve, while remaining natural.

Very comfortable thanks to its breathable and skin-friendly material, it supports your breasts very well, even generous ones, and knows how to be forgotten all day long, all for an affordable price. So do you like it ?

Ava adhesive bra - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop adhesive push up bra

Ava Adhesive Bra - Les Petits Imprimés

10. Adhesive Foam Padded Pads

Are you looking to create a push-up effect with the bras you already own? All you have to do is add these small nude or black foam pads to pad the inside of your cups. The adhesive outer part sticks to the inside of the bra so they stay in place all day.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/coussinets-push-up-pour-soutien-gorge-coussinet-push-up-maillot-de-bain_480x480. jpg?v=1655990211" alt="Adhesive push-up pads - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop bra padding" style="float: none;">

Pads push-up - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in black)

There are two positions depending on the desired effect: under your chest to lift it up and create a maxi push-up effect, or on the sides, almost under the armpits for a more natural shaping effect. A little soap and water is enough to clean them, then protect the sticky part with the plastic film and they will last a very long time.

Good news: they are also perfect for swimsuits! Push-up pads are a great way to instantly show off your cleavage!

Push-up bra

Each has its own push-up solution: classic push-up bra with or without straps, multi-position, adhesive padding pads, adhesive push-up bra or self-adhesive patches, the choice is vast and depends on your tastes, your needs, your chest and the desired push-up effect.

Would you like to expand your strengths even further? Wear a necklace that slips between your breasts. Chic golden multi-row necklace or elegant or body jewellery that plunges even further down. Each of these jewels sublimates your neckline with a glamorous and sexy touch. With your clothes or your lingerie set, one thing is sure: you will turn heads!

 Nora golden multi-row necklace - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop long necklace between the breasts

Golden multirang necklace Nora - Les Petits Imprimés