Plaid Sweatshirt: Wrap yourself in Softness and Warmth

Have you ever tried the fleece plaid sweatshirt? This wrap of softness ideal for winter accompanies you everywhere with unparalleled warmth and comfort. Once you've worn it, you won't be able to do without it! For a day cocooning or an evening with friends, warm in your sofa or during an outdoor activity, the loose plaid sweater in wool and flannel velvet and fur effect is a must have with a casual style to be comfortable and warm from head to toe when the temperature drops. Meet your future best friend: our plain or checked fleece-lined plaid sweatshirt.

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Warm and cozy plaid sweatshirt

Designed in thick colored flannel with a white sherpa wool lining, the long-sleeved hooded plaid sweater offers comfort, warmth and protection against the cold. Its large dimensions of 144 cm wide and 88 cm high allow you to snuggle up completely in this very warm blanket.

The tight elastic cuffs maintain your body heat while the large central pocket accommodates your cold hands and any useful object to keep close (phone, keys, snack) while having your hands free. Its large hood protects you from drafts indoors and outdoors. The amplitude of this fleece plaid sweatshirt allows you to wear a sweater or hoodie underneath without feeling cramped.

Whether it's plaid or plain, this warm plaid sweater is available in six colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your winter wardrobe, your home decor, your preferences, etc. Finally, its durability is ensured by the good resistance of its natural textiles to the washing machine.

To you have the perfect cocooning session while staying warm from head to toe!

Red and white warm and cozy blanket plaid sweatshirt - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop plaid sweater woman man

Warm and cozy red and white plaid blanket sweatshirt - Les Petits Imprimés (available in 6 colors)

Ultra soft plaid sweatshirt: better than a plaid!

The plaid sweater in flannel and sherpa wool offers many advantages over a classic plaid. First of all, you stay warm even when you get up from the sofa to get the popcorn that accompanies your movie, the rest of the meal or another book. No need to hold it or tie it like a beach towel which is very likely to fall off and cause you to fall.

The plaid sweatshirt is also ideal if you telecommute or study, read or cook. It is also the perfect garment to tidy up the house thanks to the very thick fabric and the hands-free, to play the console, have fun with your children or simply wrap up in its warm and cozy knit for a moment of relaxation well deserved with a hot drink in hand.

Let's not forget outdoor activities. Take your blanket plaid sweater in natural materials everywhere with you, camping, stargazing or even for an evening with friends: you won't regret it!

Plaid hooded sweater: a mixed model to share (or not!)

Another advantage of this plaid jumper is its unisex cut: it can be worn by both women and men thanks to its very large size, but beware: children may also steal it!

Your aperitif on the terrace drags on and one of your guests is shivering even though it's summer? Offer him this blanket sweatshirt. You will receive nice compliments. Ditto for a game night in the living room in winter: take full advantage of this moment without worrying about winter temperatures thanks to the ultra cozy plaid sweatshirt.

To everyone has their own navy blue flannel and sherpa wool plaid sweater! - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in red, beige, grey, black, blue and red and black)

Fleece plaid sweatshirt for women and men: a winter must-have

When it's chilly outside, pull on this plush faux fur and velor fleece lined maxi hoodie to stay warm from head to toe in fall-winter, but also all year round for any occasion. Its oversized and relaxed fit, for men and women, allows you to move without compromising comfort or warmth.

Particularly recommended if you are sensitive to the cold, it will delight your shivering guests during games evenings or late-night aperitifs on the terrace. An ideal gift idea for everyone to face the cold winter days. Not even scared!

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