Know Your Morphology: The Test

What clothes to wear according to your morphology as a woman and which ones to avoid? Knowing your body type is not easy. The body shape of a woman often changes throughout her life: puberty, adulthood, stress, pregnancy, fatigue. However, knowing your body shape allows you to identify the clothes that suit you best to make you stand out and shine. Find your body type among the 7 body types A, H, V, I, X, 8 and O. Discover fashion advice adapted to your figure and personalized look ideas to finally feel beautiful in your clothes.

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The body shape test is a great way to determine the best type of clothing to wear and how it can help flatter your figure. By knowing your female body shape, you will discover which clothing cuts best suit your body shape and therefore make smarter purchases so that you feel good when wearing them. Take the time to determine which category you fall into and start buying clothes that flatter your figure!

The 7 types of female body shape

There are seven main types of female body types: A, H, V, X, 8, O and I. Each has its own characteristics - from wider hips to longer legs - so it's important to understand which category suits you best in order to find clothes that flatter your figure.

Test to know your morphology in 5 questions

Question 1: How wide are your shoulders in relation to your hips?

  1. My shoulders are narrower than my hips
  2. My shoulders are about the same width as my hips
  3. My shoulders are wider than my hips

Question 2: What is the size of your chest?

  1. My chest is small to medium
  2. My chest is average to generous

Question 3: How would you describe your height?

  1. My waist is thin
  2. My waist is not very marked
  3. My size is not marked at all

Question 4: How would you describe your legs?

  1. My legs are thin and long
  2. My legs are average size
  3. My legs are small

Question 5: How would you describe your stomach?

  1. My stomach is flat
  2. My stomach is slightly rounded
  3. My stomach is round

Morphology test results

If you answered mainly with 1s, your body type is probably an H or an I. If you answered mostly 2s, your body shape is probably an 8, an hourglass X, or an O. If you answered mainly with 3s, your body shape is probably an A triangle or an inverted V pyramid.

To refine your answer, discover the main characteristics of the different body types and ultimately discover yours.

Main characteristics of the 7 body types

Morphology A or Triangle

Your morphology is characterized by a shallow waist and shoulders that are narrower than your hips. To balance your figure, you should choose clothes that visually broaden your shoulders and slim your hips while slimming your body.

Body chemise Emy - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie A femme

Emy gray shirt body - Les Petits Imprimés (available in 4 colors)

Bet on V-necklines and tops with details that draw attention to your upper body, such as a shirt with wide shoulders or loose sleeves that fit at the waist. Jackets with shoulder pads fitted at the waist are ideal for you. Down below, opt for straight-cut pants and fitted skirts to balance your natural proportions.

pull fin noir manches courtes femme - les petits imprimés - morphologie A femme

Victory thin black short-sleeved sweater in ecological fiber - Les Petits Imprimés

Morphology H or Rectangle

Your proportions are balanced between the chest and the hips, and your waist is little or not at all marked. The H body type is often considered the most athletic of female body types. However, finding clothes that flatter you is relatively simple. Because the important thing for you is to mark your size.

Combinaison fleurie avec noeud dans le dos  Lullaby - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie H femme

Lullaby floral jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprimés

To highlight this H-shaped body shape, it is recommended to choose clothes that create an illusion of curves. Look to fitted tops and skirts that add volume to the hips.A good way to highlight your figure is to wear a fitted dress, cinched at the waist, in a solid color and slightly loose around the hips and thighs.

Robe blanche courte Linna - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie H femme

Linna short white dress - Les Petits Imprimés

V Morphology or Inverted Pyramid

Women with a V body shape have shoulders wider than their hips and a shallow waist. You should choose clothes that visually reduce the volume of your shoulders and accentuate that of your hips.

Combinaison bleu marine Elena - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie V femme

Elena navy blue jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprimés

To balance this sporty body shape, draw attention to your waist with a belt. Choose tops and dresses that are fitted at the top and flare slightly at the bottom to give you an hourglass figure. Wearing high-waisted pants can also help create this silhouette.

Manon fluid red jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprimés (also available in black)

X or Hourglass Morphology

Women with an X body shape have a figure with similar sized shoulders and hips. They have a marked waist and a chest proportional to their hips. Your figure is perfectly balanced. Moreover, the X silhouette is considered the most feminine.The challenge of your shopping sessions is to preserve this harmony with fitted pieces, neither tight nor loose and which do not add volume to the shoulders and hips.

Caraco dentelle blanc Livia - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie X femme

Livia white lace camisole - Les Petits Imprimés

To highlight your slim waist, you should wear trapeze dresses, pencil skirts or high-waisted pants and of course, belts to accentuate the hourglass effect of your figure.Also opt for simple tops, like silk blouses or fitted t-shirts, and straight skirts or pants.

Robe fluide mi-longue fleurie Clara - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop tenue invitée de mariage femme

Clara floral mid-length dress - Les Petits Imprimés

O or Round morphology

Women with an O body shape tend to carry weight around their stomach, but often have thin legs. They have a generous chest and a slight waist. Their silhouette is often considered the most voluptuous.

robe mi-longue bleue à pois femme - les petits imprimés - morphologie O femme

Blue polka dot mid-length dress - Marina - Les Petits Imprimés

To highlight your O body shape, wear fitted clothes designed in flowing materials, necklines to lighten your silhouette and heeled shoes to make it slim, as well as colors in well-chosen places and vertical patterns such as fine scratches.

Robe noire midi à dentelle Celine - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie O femme

Celine black slit skater dress - Les Petits Imprimés

Morphology I or Right

Women with body shape I have a straight silhouette, with shoulders and hips of similar size. They often have a small to medium sized chest and a slightly pronounced waist (a little more than the H body type). The goal for this body shape is to create curves and highlight the silhouette.

Robe courte évasée blanche Charlotte - Les Petits Imprimés - morphologie I femme

Charlotte short white flared dress - Les Petits Imprimés

If you have an I body shape, you can visually create curves by wearing clothes that accentuate your waist, such as wrap or A-line dresses, flared high-waisted pants and skirts, and fitted tops.

Morphology 8

The 8 shape is a generous hourglass X shape, characterized by a well-defined waist, aligned round shoulders and hips and a generous chest. To highlight this body shape, it is recommended to wear clothes that emphasize the waist and highlight feminine curves.

Ensemble jupe crop top imprimé Calisse - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop ensemble femme chic

Calisse printed crop top skirt set - Les Petits Imprimés

To highlight yourself, opt for fitted clothes that highlight the glamor of your luscious figure. V-necklines, sleeveless tops and strapless dresses are yours. On the bottom, you should wear a flared silhouette such as an A-line skirt or dress or flare pants.Always mark your waist with a belt or wear high-waisted pants or skirts.

maillot de bain une pièce noir doré - les petits imprimés - eshop maillot de bain 1 pièce sexy

Nora black and gold swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimés

Know your Morphology: Now that you know.

Of course, knowing your body shape is important to look your best with the clothes and fashion accessories that suit you best according to the natural shape of your body. But don't forget that it is even more important to feel good in your clothes and in your skin, whatever your body type. Your self-confidence is your best asset to enhance your figure.

To go further, combine your body shape with your colorimetry by wearing clothing and fashion accessories that are perfect for your figure and your natural hair, complexion and eye colors. Take the colorimetry teste and leave with personalized advice.

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