How to Wear the Pleated Skirt? Stylish Summer and Winter

Difficult to wear the pleated skirt? Boring, classic, preppy. The pleated skirt is, however, easier to wear than it seems. provided you know how to modernize this timeless piecewhich regularly comes in and out of the feminine wardrobe. This winter, the pleated skirt trend is taking hold. And it’s here to stay! Do you want to know the secret to a successful look with a flowing midi pleated skirt with fine pleats? Think of it like jeans. You will modernize it faaaciiiile! In what season to wear this flagship piece, for what morphology and withwhat to accessorize it with? You will know everything, everything, everything about how to wear the pleated skirt after reading this article ;)

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comment porter la jupe femme plissée dorée longue - les petits imprimés - eshop mode femme chic

Ultra chic, the long golden pleated skirt (Image Ludemelane - Pinterest)

On the program:

  • How to wear the pleated skirt in fall/winter?
  • Look ideas for wearing a pleated skirt in the evening
  • The pleated midi skirt in spring and summer
  • How to wash the pleated skirt to keep the folds marked?

How to wear the pleated skirt in fall/winter?

To modernize the pleated skirt in fall/winter, it's simple: play with the contrast of materials. It is fine, airy, fluid and sometimes satiny/shiny? Pair it with a close-fitting fine knit sweater or an oversized sweater in very thick wool. For more elegance, choose a crew-neck or turtleneck wool sweater to refine the way you carry your head. 

As for the thick, oversized, loose and voluminous sweater, it will be more complicated to wear it in the skirt without giving the impression of having swallowed a raclette, a tartiflette and a fondue. So the large knit is worn outside the skirt with an effect of fullness maximized to the extreme. It's ideal for hiding curves, but also for giving volume to narrow busts, such as A-line shapes.

As for shoes, opt for large leather boots lined with thick tights. If you are tall and thin, you can afford ankle boots that go up to your ankles (but “flatten” your figure if you are short). 

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Look ideas for wearing a pleated skirt in the evening

In the evening, the pleated midi skirt in fluid material combines with other fluid, satin and shiny materials for a 100% sophisticated outfit. Her best friend: the camisole, a fine lace tank top. But also noble materials like muslin, silk or satin. 

caraco satin motif jungle tropical - les petits imprimés - eshop mode débardeur caraco chic femme

Tropical pattern tank top - Les Petits Imprimés

Worn tucked into the skirt, lightly bloused, this type of top gives a chic and falsely casual look. In addition, the slightly loose effect allows you to hide a small belly (and to devour the buffet neither seen nor known).

If you are thin, you can even afford the sexy lace crop top. Or, the lingerie style lace bodysuit to contrast with a blazer that covers the hips (so there, you are “sexiness” incarnate!).

comment porter la jupe plissée en soirée

Flashy image on Pinterest

As for shoes, bet on heeled sandals or pumps for dizzying legs. Liven up your outfit with a fringed clutch (very trendy at the moment), a felt hat or a beret.

The pleated midi skirt in spring and summer

Spring: materials become lighter

In mid-season, the Cardigan in fine knit, the casual sneakers and the light-colored shoulder bag accompany the pleated midi skirt in their vibrant colors. 

Another possibility: the original thin sweater. Its finesse protects you from the cold while remaining elegant, even with pretty embroidery. The waves highlight your bust, while adding a sexy look. 

In spring, the sweatshirt is an interesting alternative to knitwear. Lighter than the sweater, it is less warm. Elasticated at the waist, it does not hang, marks the waist and exudes a breath of youth and dynamism.

In summer: dynamism and creativity

In the summer, the materials become lighter to flirt with transparent embroidery, couture lace, short sleeves and necklines. The sexy, elegant and feminine couture lace top amazes, surprises and attracts all the compliments. 

Haut dentelle col haut sans manches - Les Petits Imprimés

Sleeveless high neck lace top - Les Petits Imprimés

Think of the cross-body shoulder bag for an urban look.

The thin basic short-sleeved sweater is another essential: white round-neck t-shirt or thin V-neck sweater for generous busts, aim for the refined, minimalist to mix the casual of the top with the sophistication of the pleated midi skirt.

pull fin noir manches courtes femme - les petits imprimés - eshop pull fin manches courtes femme chic

Victory black short-sleeved sweater in ecological fiber - Les Petits Imprimés

You can also play with the gradient between the top and the skirt or the marked contrasts for a pop color block outfit. 

The printed t-shirt is of course a must-have for adding a twist to the pleated skirt. Its basic cut is energizing while the flocked message or artistic graphics display your personality. This more “fashionable” style allows you to express the most creative imagination.

Summer outfits are accompanied by white or colorful sneakers and a dare basket to exude the "summervibes".

100% cotton handmade lace tote - Les Petits Imprimés

For an evening, add a denim jacket or a perfecto. If you're more into casual, sporty streetwear, aim for the bomber jacket. Step up in style with a chic long black blazer.

Veste droite manches à carreaux Eliot - Les Petits Imprimés - eshop veste blazer chic femme

Elliot straight jacket with checkered sleeves - Les Petits Imprimés

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The pleated skirt: for which body type?

  • You are small and thin: opt for a short pleated skirt above the knee to lengthen your legs, especially if you accompany them with a pair of heels. That’s good: the tennis player style white pleated skirt trend is right on trend
  • You are tall with a few curves: the very long pleated skirt down to the ankles will lengthen your silhouette with its vertical lines to refine your stomach and your hips. However, avoid iridescent, satin and metallic shades which attract light to each curve.
  • You are tall and thin: you can afford any length. But the pleated midi skirt is the most trendy at the moment.
  • You are small and round: avoid pleated skirts which add volume to the hips and legs and compact the silhouette.

How to wash the pleated skirt to keep the folds marked?

Current pleated skirts have laser-marked pleats. However, they may fade after several washes. To properly maintain your pleated skirt (and if your skirt can be machine washed):

  1. lay your skirt out on a flat surface;
  2. grab one end of the belt and the end of the skirt on the same side;
  3. roll it;
  4. slip it into a protective net or nylon tights. 

Otherwise, no choice: hand wash.

Did you like this article?

The pleated skirt is the trend of the moment! Midi length, long or short, it can be worn with a sweater or a t-shirt during the day, with a satin camisole or a lace crop top in the evening. Without forgetting a pretty denim or leather jacket or a velvet blazer.

This trend will last at least until next summer. Are you afraid of not wearing it again? It will give you a graphic and stylized look in all formal events: weddings, ceremonies, chic evening outings.

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