Women's Touch Gloves: The Must-Have Accessory Against the Cold

Women's Touchscreen Gloves are perfect for enjoying winter outdoor activities, from a simple walk in the park to the ski resort. Plus, they allow you to use your smartphone without freezing your hands. The variety of colors and the refined style of our warm tactile gloves combine the work of wool and the warmth of faux fur to bring you style, efficiency and comfort in all circumstances. Discover our 3 models of tactile gloves for women - including a mixed model - to enjoy winter and your phone without getting cold hands.

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1. Fleece Lined Wool Knit Touchscreen Gloves

These women's tactile gloves are designed to keep your hands and wrists warm and comfortable in cold weather. The natural wool fabric provides excellent thermal insulation while the fleece lining ensures wind and water impermeability. Together, they keep you warm and comfortable down to -15°C. Finally, the cotton thread embroidery on the tips of the thumbs and index fingers ensures tactile sensitivity that allows you to use your phone without having to remove your gloves.

These tactile gloves, designed to last for years, guarantee elegance and refinement right down to your fingertips in the dead of winter. You can even wear them for outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding without having to worry about losing your dexterity due to bulky gloves!

Light gray knitted tactile gloves with fleece lining - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's tactile gloves

Light gray knitted tactile gloves with fleece lining - Les Petits Imprimés (available in 7 colors)

So if you want to treat yourself or someone special this winter, why not try a pair of our women's touchscreen gloves? They make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in the colder months!

2. Fleece Lined Wool Tactile Gloves

In addition to the practical aspect of being able to use your phone while wearing them thanks to two small, discreet openings at the fingertips, these women's tactile gloves are also a magnificent fashion accessory, a real essential for the winter. The sleek wool-blend material gives them durability and a chic feel that will enhance your hands and any outfit. Plus, their wrist-length length allows for versatility in how you wear them. Whatever the winter weather, these women's tactile gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable all day long!

Women's tactile gloves in plain beige wool blend - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's tactile gloves

Women's tactile gloves in plain beige wool blend - Les Petits Imprimés

Long rib knit tactile gloves available in 8 colors - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop women's warm tactile gloves

Long rib knit tactile gloves available in 8 shades - Les Petits Imprimés

3. Novelty Pattern Fleece Tactile Gloves for Women and Men

These windproof and waterproof winter touchscreen gloves are perfect for your winter walks and outdoor activities in the snow. The original patterned wool shell keeps you warm and dry, while the warm fleece lining adds an extra layer of thermal insulation against freezing temperatures. The ribbed knit wrist band adapts to the width of your wrist for comfortable wear all day long. Plus, the cotton thread on the thumb and index finger lets you stay in touch with friends and family via your smartphone without having to take off your gloves! As a bonus, this mixed model adapts to the hands of women and men. Whether you're running errands or just want to stay connected while staying warm, these touchscreen gloves have you covered.

Warm wool and fleece tactile gloves with a fancy pattern for women and men - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop tactile gloves

Warm tactile wool and fleece gloves with a fancy pattern for women and men - Les Petits Imprimés (available in 3 colors)

Touchscreen gloves for women: the winter must-have

Our models of women's touchscreen gloves are ideal for answering a call, taking a photo or sending a message while doing winter activities such as walking, running, cycling, winter sports, etc. The wool, a breathable and insulating natural material, allows you to keep your hands warm in cold weather while the fleece lining adds extra comfort and warmth. They also provide excellent protection from the elements, no matter what weather you encounter! In addition, thanks to their elegant design and colors, these tactile gloves are a fashion accessory that will allow you to keep chic hands and a consistent look. Now all you have to do is enjoy winter in style!