Backless Body: Invisible Under Your Backless Dress

How to wear a low-cut halter dress and maintain your breasts without showing the straps of the bra? Forget the bra in favor of the bare back bodysuit with a low front and back. This invisible underwear is ideal for wearing your open back summer dresses and your plunging neckline evening dresses, without forgetting your backless wedding dress. Sexy, practical, comfortable and shaping or push up, the pretty invisible backless bodysuit sublimates your outfit and your body type. To try it is to adopt it ! Which backless bodysuit model will you love?

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1. Wedding Halter Bodysuit

Which wedding underwear should you wear under your backless wedding dress? When it comes to bridal fashion, the open-back dress is one of the collections. And for good reason, this sensual back and this sublime lower back are part of the magic of this exceptional dress to wear on the most beautiful day of your life.

If you like to be supported everywhere, opt for the underwired backless wedding bodysuit, sheathing, white or beige to be totally invisible, even under a slightly transparent dress. In addition, you will feel dressed, even under an airy and vaporous bohemian wedding dress.

Body dos-nu invisible blanc Lilian - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop body dos nu woman

Lilian white invisible backless bodysuit (also available in beige and black) - Les Petits Imprimés

The adjustable and removable transparent straps adapt to the shape of your halter tops (straight or crossed) or can be removed for a strapless dress or a Bardot neckline. This body for open back dress allows you to wear a dress with both a deep neckline in the back and a plunging neckline in front thanks to its sheathing, slimming material and the underwiring of the bra part which, open in its center, reveals the top of your belly.

The crotch opening allows you to go to the bathroom without having to take off your beautiful wedding dress and ruin your makeup and hairstyle. Guaranteed giggles with your best man or bridesmaids when they hold your dress, especially if you have a bulky petticoat.

Completed with white hold-ups or a white suspender belt and attached stockings, this bare back thong bodysuit with an opening at the crotch follows you to the end of the wedding night to captivate your soul mate once the gorgeous dress falls off.

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2. Backless lace bodysuit

Which bridal lingerie to choose to both wear a backless wedding dress, have good bust support, be invisible under your dress and at the same time sexy for your night wedding ?

A lace backless bodysuit, of course! Seduction assured. This sexy backless bodysuit combines the same assets as the previous one, except for the lace yoke that covers the entire bodysuit, from the cups to the crotch, and reveals your skin by transparency at the back under the lace with floral pattern. Rest assured: the flat stomach effect and sheathed is still there thanks to its sculpting technical knit with reinforced support, as is the support of the chest by the underwires of the support part bra and removable straps.

Cathy lace backless bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop backless bodysuit

Cathy white lace backless bodysuit (available in nude and black) - Les Petits Imprimés

This backless bodysuit with floral lace is also available in a black or flesh-colored backless bodysuit to be both sexy and completely invisible under an evening dress or a little summer dress very sensual.

3. Backless push up bodysuit

Do you want to create a push-up neckline while wearing a dress or halter top? It's possible with the backless push up bodysuit which shapes your small breasts. This black or beige underwired bodysuit is designed with spandex and nylon to create a quality tight, sculpting and elastic material, durable and comfortable to wear that hugs your every curve while being perfectly invisible under your outfit. A real second skin effect.

Ethan push up backless bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop backless bodysuit

Ethan backless push up bodysuit (also available in beige) - Les Petits Imprimés

The very spaced thin straps of this open back bodysuit allow you to wear low-cut halter tops, very low-cut up to the level of the small of the back for a divinely spectacular effect. Especially with that glamorous teardrop opening that boosts your sensuality. Especially since this backless thong bodysuit perfectly enhances your buttocks!

The crotch opening is handy for a quick bathroom break that doesn't require removing your dress. In summary, this pretty open back bodysuit is designed to offer you optimal comfort in this invisible underwear worn all day, whether you have a small chest or a large chest .

Bare back bodysuit: ideal underwear solution

Fully smooth or in lace, with transparent or opaque straps, the backless bodysuit can be transformed to match your desires, your needs and the shape of your backless outfits.

Be irresistible, seductive and sensual in your backless dress or your backless wedding dress with this magnificent piece of lingerie, with the assurance of comfort optimal and total invisibility of your pretty underwear. Without forgetting to be sexy!

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