Valentine's Day Lace Bodysuit: 4 Hot Models

Seduction, attraction, light or passionate kiss, desire. On February 14, Love will be celebrated in all its forms: from flirt to close relationship, including idyll, the romance and the fervor of feelings of love, Cupid has his special love potion in store for you. Prepare your most beautiful evening outfit for an original outing, a romantic one-on-one dinner, red roses, chocolates,. in short, all the stuff a bit corny but we love it so much! Fortunately, the evening does not end there. If you wish to bring to life and embody Aphrodite, the sensual and desirable Goddess of Love, who arouses a burning, passionate and fiery momentum in your beloved , how about wearing a special Valentine's Day bodysuit? Refined, daring, naughty and erotic, the lace bodysuit is a discreet or indiscreet piece of lingerie that reveals itself in your look or remains hidden until the last minute. Up to you.

Why wear a lace bodysuit on Valentine's Day?

The lace bodysuit is THE ideal choice of lingerie for Valentine's Day. Both clothing and lingerie (depending on the model), the lace bodysuit lends itself to seen/not seen transparency games to enhance your curves.

It's up to you to show off this seductive asset in your outfit to tickle your lover's curiosity. Very transparent, with lace or nylon yokes, or opaque with small discreet lace additions, the bodysuit plays the chameleon to better surprise these gentlemen who, you can be sure, will be asking for more ;)

    Now, if we move on to the selection of four hot lace bodysuit models to wear in public and/or in private on the occasion of Valentine's Day?

    1. Opéra, slimming open-back lace bodysuit

    Do you want to catch the eye of your lover at first glance? Bewitch and subjugate him in front of so much sensuality? Then you won't be disappointed with this Opera lace bodysuit. Available in white and black, it combines seduction and sophistication through charming details such as floral lace and transparent openwork fabric with a delicate English embroidery pattern. Without forgetting the small elastic bands on the upper thighs which subtly recall the garter belt.

    Romantic atmosphere guaranteed with this slimming lace bodysuit whose elasticity instantly smoothes love handles for a slender, dynamic and visibly slimmed silhouette.

    The view from the back is breathtaking with this butterfly closure that emphasizes the chest and creates a plunging V of lace along the spine, an undisguised appeal to caress.

    opera lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop lace bodysuit

    Black lace bodysuit fine waist Opera - les petits imprimés

    On the chest side, the lace bodysuit is not to be outdone with this sublime plunging neckline. But the slightly too curious gaze is stopped by a few crossed straps reminiscent of the corset (another very very sexy piece of lingerie).

    The central line and the two Vs of flowery lace further elongate your silhouette to draw your loved one's gaze to an area of ​​your body that they are impatiently waiting to discover.

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    2. Lace bodysuit for Valentine's Day: neckline to die for!

    Another lace bodysuit, another style but still just as sexy! A little less transparent, this lace bodysuit is easier to wear during the day (or a romantic evening). Available in passion red or glamorous black lace bodysuit, it enhances your chest and elongates your silhouette thanks to its vertical lines.

    sexy scarlet red valentine lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop sexy fine lingerie

    Aliah passion red lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés

    The special feature of this lace bodysuit is mainly in the cut-out. Its very high-cut panties will perfectly highlight your endless legs, to the delight of your darling.

    Discover more glamorous red bodysuits or from sexy lingerie sets

    3. Bold double neckline lace bodysuit

    Warning, ultra-sexy daring lace bodysuit in sight. If you like to cover your tracks, send mysterious hints and above all, attract all eyes, this lace bodysuit is made for you!

    Beneath its deceptively wise airs with its T-shirt cut and short sleeves, this lace bodysuit displays a rebellious, provocative and promising sensuality with its dizzying neckline (even down to the lower abdomen, all the same!).

    Nina backless sheathing black lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés  - eshop backless lace bodysuit

    Nina backless sheathing black lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés

    And what about the absolutely sublime back?!

    Of course, you have to dare to wear this lace bodysuit. This is why we advise against wearing it in public beyond the age of 30. You would really risk being too offbeat. But in privacy, you do what you want.

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    4. Special Valentine's Day Lace Bodysuit: slimming and transparent

    This lace bodysuit, sexier than the previous one, is seductive and charming!

    Shaping, slimming, push-up. this Mermaid lace body instantly erases small belly defects and love handles for an immediate slim waist effect, a dynamic look and a slender silhouette.

    Body dentelle Push Up - Mermaid

    Sexy Mermaid Black Lace Bodysuit - les petits imprimés

    As for the back, we love this sexy teardrop opening that reveals your infinitely soft skin. Your lover will not be mistaken about his deceptively wise airs: everything is there to seduce him. The advantage of this sexy lace bodysuit: the alluring but not vulgar neckline.

    Which lace body will you choose for your Valentine's Day?

    Choosing to wear a lingerie bodysuit certainly reveals a lot of taste in terms of sexy lingerie. In addition, you display an undeniable desire to surprise your partner with a sophisticated but not stuffy piece. Modernized, alluring, the lace bodysuit reveals your personality and your desires without having to say a single word. Sure of yourself, confident, you might even lead the dance (or something else. hmm, you see, don't you!).