Lace Bodysuit: 3 Chic Models for a Very Sexy Autumn

Long live sexy lingerie to warm up for fall and winter! Feeling sexy in a lace bodysuit is not a myth. Push-up neckline, dizzying high cut, openwork back, mysterious transparency, straps hugging your curves and voluptuous balconettes. This piece of fine lingerie has the surreal power to make you soar with sensuality and radiate irresistible charm. Woman charming, romantic, sexy, sophisticated or downright femme fatale, find your lace bodysuit ideal for reaching paroxysms in intimacy.

1. Black push-up lace bodysuit

Are you looking for a wow effect at first sight, a breathtaking lace bodysuit? The Mermaid lace bodysuit highlights your assets thanks to totally irresistible fine lingerie details.

In an ultra-intense deep black, it arouses the desire to discover this plunging neckline shaped by push-up effect balconettes covered with sophisticated lace with a 1920s Art Deco style palmette plant motif (as in The Great Gatsby with the famous Leonardo Dicaprio).

Your belly plays the game of transparency by covering itself falsely with very chic geometric floral patterns. A black satin ribbon is delicately placed on your waist to better refine your silhouette. Finally, the marked cut highlights your hips and elongates your legs.

This black lace lingerie bodysuit really has it all.

2. Underwired lace bodysuit

a. Passion in view in red lace underwired bodysuit

Has your quest for a red underwired lace bodysuit brought you here? Then you won't be disappointed with the divine Aliah Scarlet Lace Bodysuit.

body dentelle rouge lingerie femme sexy - les petits imprimés  - women's sexy lingerie eshop

Lace bodysuit Aliah in its passion red version - les petits imprimés

What a marvel of fine lingerie for a woman of taste. This naughty red lace bodysuit highlights your superb bust, supported by a firm underwire and highlighted with delicate floral lace on the cups. Under a slight push-up effect, your neckline becomes as puffed as you want, an effect reinforced by the two straps overhanging your chest and joining between your breasts with a delicate little knot.

Under your superbly enhanced chest, the passion red lace bodysuit still arouses the senses and above all the desire to discover more of your mermaid body with its various V-shaped yokes. Successive arrows directed towards promises of infinite voluptuousness.

With this red lace bodysuit, your hips and the top of your buttocks appear by transparency under a poetic and airy floral lace, stretching your legs for an incomparable sensuality.

So much promise with this magnificent red lace bodysuit.

Multiplied wow effect accompanied by black silk kimono and lace Symphony or this satin dressing gown

Short black silk and lace kimono Symphonie - les petits imprimés  - eshop lingerie lace chic woman

Symphonie black silk and lace kimono - les petits imprimés

b. Femme fatale in black underwired lace bodysuit

In an intense black version, the Giulia lace bodysuit evokes even more mystery, sophistication and glamour.

black lace bodysuit Giulia sexy lingerie chic woman - les petits imprimés  - eshop black bodysuit woman

Aliah black lace bodysuit in its bewitching version - les petits imprimés

A promise of hot moments and the rediscovery of your body with a highly sophisticated piece of lingerie, the Giulia black lace bodysuit highlights your magnificent chest and bust while hiding your little belly.

In this black lace bodysuit, you'll be a real femme fatale, a man-eater who takes matters into her own hands and leads the dance as she pleases. Your partner just has to get carried away by so much grace and above all, an absolutely magnificent view.

3. Transparent lace body without underwire

a. Sensual in white lace bodysuit

Symbol of innocence, freshness and poetry, white lace lingerie is nevertheless a superb asset to sublimate your body while surprising yourself and your partner.

Opéra is a white lace bodysuit that combines purity with poetry with floral motifs that highlight your neckline, belly and hips in a 3-V shape, perfect for lengthening your figure.

slimming white lace bodysuit - eshop les petits imprimés

Body Opéra transparent white lace - les petits imprimés

However, this white lace bodysuit is not for ingenuous young girls. Almost 100% transparent, it reveals almost your entire body under its delicate embroidery with openwork floral motifs. Not to mention the crossed laces evoking the corset between the breasts and the garter belt above the thighs.

It's not over! This superb transparent white lace Opéra bodysuit has an additional precious asset: a superb two-part back neckline, whose thin belt closes like a butterfly in the middle of the back and which creates an absolutely divine drop in the back.

This sexy lace bodysuit can even be worn during the day, under your clothes, more or less visible, if you have small breasts that don't require underwiring or full cups.

b. Mysterious in transparent black lace bodysuit

In its black version, the Opéra sheer lace bodysuit is reserved for femme fatales who are so spunky that they show almost everything at their partner's first glance at their body.

slimming black lace bodysuit - eshop les petits imprimés

Opera transparent black lace bodysuit - les petits imprimés

Do you like being watched? Do you love to feel eyes detailing the slightest curve of your body with envy? Then this superb transparent black lace bodysuit is definitely made for you.

More confident than ever, you'll have no doubts about your sex appeal as soon as you put it on. Refining, sophisticated and structuring, it shapes and lengthens your figure. Wow effect guaranteed!

Under a shirt, a t-shirt or even under a closed blazer revealing the floral embroidery, this sexy lace bodysuit can be worn during the day. Especially if you have a small bust that doesn't require underwiring or full cups.

And for quieter nights?

Original pineapple pattern pajamas

Do you like warm colors, peppy patterns and vitamin mornings? Then these bright yellow pajama shorts with pineapple patterns will suit you perfectly.

women's printed satin pajamas - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's satin pajamas

Satin pajama set - les petits imprimés

At home, for an evening with friends or family, these 100% cotton pajama shorts are comfortable, funny, practical and ultra soft. Lined with a cotton crepe finish, these pajamas ensure maximum comfort for a truly restorative night. And a sunny awakening with your friends!

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You will have understood: back to school is not synonymous with gloom, especially from the point of view of chic underwear, fine lingerie, lace bodysuits and even baby dolls and pajamas. In Respondent, you are finally the woman you dream of being: charming, romantic, deceptively ingenuous, or downright femme fatale.

Your lingerie sets the tone. Your intentions are clear. Impress you, you are confident, full of self-confidence. You have things well in hand and you love it. Your partner cannot resist it. He just has to succumb to it.

We wish you beautiful passionate evenings and sweet nights.