Shapewear Bodysuits

If you're looking to sculpt your figure and boost your confidence, you might have considered trying shaping bodysuits. Also known as "slimming bodysuits", these garments are designed to flatter your curves, create a slimming effect and give you a neater appearance.

Refine and sculpt your curves with shapewear Les Petits Imprimés

Slim and sculpt your curves with shapewear Les Petits Imprimés

Designed to smooth your figure and make you feel confident and good about yourself, our women's shapewear and shaping underwear are designed to highlight specific areas of your figure.

Looking to hide a small belly or enhance your chest? We've got you covered with invisible shaping bodysuits that will help you feel great in whatever you wear!

The best shapewear to go with all your outfits

Not all shapewear for women is suitable for all occasions, and you might be overwhelmed with the choices available to you: bodysuit, high waisted panties, slimming bodysuit .

Which is the best choice for your needs? We offer a wide variety of fits, compression levels and special features to help you find a slimming garment that suits your body type, needs and preferences.

Choose your firmness level

When shopping for slimming bodysuits you also need to think about firmness levels. You may prefer extra tight or firm control if you're wearing a tight outfit or it's a special occasion. For a more relaxed style and all-day comfort, moderate or super comfortable compression will be your best bet.

Advantages of shapewear

Avantages des body gainants
Shaping bodysuits are women's go-to clothes and help you look and feel your best. Wearing a body shaper has many advantages:

Improves the maintenance of abdominal muscles and posture - A body shaper for women plays an essential role in improving your posture and the contraction of the abdominal muscles. It is intended to offer a perfect silhouette instantly.

Lose Inches Instantly - Shapewear bodysuits are made from technical materials. Flat stomach underwear can thus play a role in your self-esteem and self-confidence - Their slimming and smoothing effect gives you a toned figure. In addition, the possibility of adapting to any outfit means that you can't take them off quickly!

Discreet and comfortable - Shapewear bodysuits are like your second skin. This quality makes them discreet and they go unnoticed under any dress or outfit. Modern bodysuits are made from breathable, skin-friendly fabric to provide supreme comfort.

Show off your style - First impressions count. Shapewear plays a great role in creating an unforgettable first impression almost effortlessly. People will remember you for your perfect hourglass figure.

Whether you're looking to slim down, slim down your figure, or simply boost your self-confidence, shapewear can help you achieve your goals. With their ability to target specific areas, support the back, and improve posture, these underwear offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond simply creating a neater look.

If you're thinking of trying a body shaper, don't hesitate, it may be what you need to release all the confidence you can have in yourself. And if you're looking for something more targeted for the stomach and hips, the shaping panties may be what you are looking for!