Backless Bodysuits

Looking for a backless bodysuit to wear with your sublime dress with a plunging neckline in the back or this magnificent jumpsuit with an open back crossed with thin straps ? Our backless bodysuits combine the essential qualities of effective invisible underwear: excellent bust support, sheathing the silhouette , maximum comfort and absolute discretion, even under tight clothing. Simple or elaborate, minimalist or in lace sexy, always glamorous, the perfect backless bodysuit for you, signed Les Petits Imprimés , must be found here.

Bare back bodysuit: for maximum sensuality

What could be more sensual than a bare back, shoulders devoid of any straps or even a vertiginous fall of the kidneys? No longer choose between wearing a halter top and wearing lingerie. Do both! The invisible backless bodysuit is designed to enhance your sensuality and voluptuousness by eliminating unsightly straps, without compromising on support and sheathing.

Treat yourself by wearing outfits with an open back and bare shoulders, such as a bardot neck top, a halterneck top, a dress with thin straps or even a jumpsuit with a thin lacing in the back.

Sculpt your goddess silhouette with the "flat stomach" effect of the sheathing halterneck bodysuit whose technical knit slims your hips. This sculpting invisible underwear is therefore ideal under a fitted, close-fitting or even tight-fitting sexy dress.

For maximum sensuality, adorn your bare back with a pretty, very refined back necklace.

Bare back bodysuit: optimal comfort and total invisibility

The open back bodysuit is completely invisible under your tightest and most open-cut clothes. total discretion is ensured on the one hand, by a backless plunging to the kidneys, whose curved U shape ensures perfect comfort. On the other hand, the cut thong avoids the mark of panties, tanga or shorty under the dress or tight pants.

Thin spaced straps enlarge the neckline, front and back. Opaque or transparent, the non-slip straps ensure optimal support for the bodysuit and chest. As a bonus, these removable straps can be removed to completely free up the shoulders.

The bare back bodysuit with underwire, push up or natural, ensures perfect support for your breasts, while the cups produce a subtle curve. Even if you're jumping for joy, running barefoot through the grass under the moonlight, or dancing at a party until dawn, your backless bodysuit won't budge.

Wedding open back bodysuit: pure elegance

Does your splendid backless wedding dress also have a deep neckline and a marked waist? Save yourself the headache of finding pretty bridal underwear that's refined, invisible and comfortable to wear all day, from the ceremony to the t2>tiered cake and even beyond (we're not drawing you a picture, little rascals). Les Petits Imprimés have thought of you to make your life easier on the happiest day of your life.

Our white or beige backless bodysuits are comfortable, effective for shaping and supporting your breasts, but also for sheathing your waist and smoothing your hips. All 100% invisible and without underwear marks, whether by color or seams.

Important point: the backless bodysuit has a very practical opening in the crotch to go to the bathroom without having to take off your beautiful wedding dress and ruin your make-up (it would be rather annoying, No ?!). Guaranteed good times with your witnesses when they hold your wedding dress...

You don't have the same clothing size at the top and bottom? Do you have a generous chest and a small pelvis or, on the contrary, wide hips and a small chest? Don't worry, there is another solution when it comes to wedding lingerie backless-invisible: backless bra. Les Petits Imprimés have thought of everything so that we can fully enjoy the day of your union.