Strapless Bras

There's nothing like a strapless bra to show off your chest and shoulders. A well-chosen bustier bra is the guarantee of feeling fabulous and glamorous. But you still have to know how to choose it! Because as anyone who's ever worn them knows, strapless bras can also be a bit of a pain. They tend to slip down, sometimes mark the skin... So don't be mistaken. And to choose it well, you have to know what to look for.

The strapless bra: an ally for all seasons.

Do you want to wear a strapless dress or a top with bare shoulders, but you don't know how to hide your bra for more discretion? Go strapless. It will allow you to wear any outfit that is loose at the shoulders and chest. Ideal for highlighting your neckline, strapless bras Les Petits Imprimés know how to be discreet while ensuring flawless support.

How to choose your strapless bra?

The most important thing is to find a strapless bra with good support. If the material is too thick or too heavy, it may slip. Bet on resistant but light materials such as polyamide for optimal support. The shells should be thinner so that they are not visible under your clothes, but the base of the cups should be reinforced and underwired to provide better support. The strapless push-up bra is often very popular for the shape it brings to the chest. They can be available as a half-cup bra or a balconette bra depending on your desires and desired necklines.

The bra must also be non-slip, ideally with bands non-slip or adhesive silicone on the sides as additional protection for a perfect fit. To go even further in perfection, bet on models with discreet seams like those offered on our shop.

When to wear a non-slip strapless bra?

A strapless dress or top can be incredibly elegant and flattering depending on your body type. Bustier dresses, bardot tops and off-the-shoulder tops are very trendy pieces in spring and summer. For lack of anything better, many of us wear them without a bra or give up wearing them. But this is over! At Les Petits Imprimés , we help you find the right lingerie for all your outfits, without forgetting the seduction aspect with pretty sexy lace.

When to wear a bandeau bra?

If you have small breasts, you can also opt for the bandeau bra without underwiring or a model with removable straps. These women's underwear generally have built-in cups and are available in many colors such as nude, purple... However, it is not suitable for all breasts. For larger breasts, we recommend a underwired bra.

At Les Petits Imprimés , we have been very specific about the choice of bras to offer you to ensure that they do not slip, are very comfortable and with cuts that really highlight your neckline and your femininity. Discover our wide range of bras open back, push-up , without reinforcement and many others.