How to Wear a Dress in Winter? The Tip To Know

Wearing a dress in winter without turning into a walking ice cube is a challenge! It is mistakenly thought that freezing temperatures reduce the possibilities of your wardrobe. However, displaying your clothing style and your femininity dressed in warm, thick and comfortable materials without appearing 10 kilos heavier, is possible and even fun. The proof: between pretty knitted winter dress and tips for wearing a summer dress in winter, layering and cozy accessories essentials, discover how to wear a dress in winter with pleasure and lightness.

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Oversized jumper dress / wide dress

When it comes to winter dresses, the sweater dress is a must. The queen of the cold season is worn oversize, assuming the thick and warm, generous and cocooning knit.

comment porter une robe en hiver - les petits imprimés  - chic women's fashion eshop

Here you are dressed in 4 pieces: oversized jumper dress, tights, thigh high boots and handbag (Image: Pinterest)

The oversized sweater dress is your slimming ally: you'll look slimmer, especially with slightly puffy sleeves tightened at the wrists, a plain dress or vertical patterns. In terms of materials, choose wool to preserve your body heat: standard wool, merino wool or cashmere wool, wool is a breathable material that is easy to maintain.

If you're still worried about having something loose underneath your winter dress, wear a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath or even a thin, close-fitting sweater.

Straight winter dress

The straight dress in fine knit is ideal for lengthening your figure while keeping you warm. Elegant and refined, the fine knit guarantees comfort and fluidity of movement with a perfect fit. A simple, effective, cocooning look even at the office.

Robe pull plissée Morgane - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's chic sweater dress

Morgane pleated sweater dress - les petits imprimés

Long winter dress

The long winter dress is a great way to keep your legs warm. Long knit dress, tube dress or long fluid dress, its cut lengthens the silhouette and makes you look bigger. Plain or with printed patterns, the long dress can be worn with sneakers to break up the dressed side of the dress in a streetwear spirit. Or, with boots or boots, whether riding or thigh high, to play the layering card (which works admirably by the way).

how to wear a summer dress in winter - les petits imprimés  - elegant women's winter fashion eshop

A long dress with a spring pattern in the middle of winter is a 100% successful look with high boots and a long thick wool coat (Photo: Pinterest)

Short dress look in winter

Do you love this superb little short dress that shows you off superbly, but alas, your legs are freezing? Don't panic, we have the solution!

Navy blue Bardot collar dress Mila - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic and original dress

Navy blue Bardot dress Mila - les petits imprimés

Chic and sexy stockings, chic and warm fleece tights in wool and cashmere for those who live in the north - because everyone knows that the north starts above Avignon ;) (and sometimes before according to the temperatures, I say southern!):

Winter Fleece Tights - les petits imprimés

Or super stylish floral lace tights

Delicate pattern lace tights (available in 5 colors) - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's lace tights

Delicate pattern lace tights (available in 5 colors) - les petits imprimés

Or ultra-comfortable and devilishly sexy hold-ups with their floral-patterned lace suspenders.

Hold-up stockings with lace suspender (available in 3 colors) - les petits imprimés  - eshop sexy lace stockings for women

Hold-up stockings with lace suspender (available in 3 colors) - les petits imprimés

Without forgetting the high woolen socks, also very stylish:

Mid-thigh wool socks (available in 7 colors) - les petits imprimés

Wearing a summer dress in winter

Your little summer dress is making eyes at you, begging you to wear it, but the thermometer is close to negative? Don't worry: you'll be able to take it out of your dressing room and wear it proudly without shivering all day

Layering allows you to put on a summer dress in winter. What is layering? It is the art and the way of superimposing the layers of clothing while remaining stylish and faithful to one's clothing style.

Dresses with straps, sleeveless dresses and even short-sleeved dresses can go outside in the winter season thanks to three other items of clothing: cardigans, jackets and sweaters.

Wear a dress with a sweater

The layering of dresses and sweaters works wonderfully because it creates a contrast of materials between the knit of the sweater or the jersey of the sweatshirt in the streetwear version and the summer dress, which is often thin and airy, plain or with a floral pattern. The dress therefore lightens the visually heavier sweater, and therefore the silhouette since the most fluid material covers the thighs (short dress) or the legs (long dress).

wearing a summer dress in winter with a sweater - les petits imprimés  - chic woman fashion eshop

When the bottom of the summer dress plays on the contrasts with the thick knit sweater (Photo: how to wear a pencil skirt?

Wear a winter dress with a long cardigan

In the same spirit as the layering of dresses and short sweaters, the knit cardigan worn over a summer dress or a winter dress in fine knit plays with controlled layering. Bonus: the vest can open up, also revealing the top of your dress without exposing your arms to cold drafts. Note that the knit cardigan embellished with embroidery is 100% trendy this winter and will remain so throughout 2021.

Embroidered Vest - les petits imprimés

Owen belted cardigan - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's wool cardigan

Owen belted cardigan - les petits imprimés

What jacket to wear with a dress in winter?

The jacket is also this year's big trend. But not just any jacket! The suit-style jacket still structures the silhouette with marked shoulders but is longer than in previous years, thus covering the hips (ideal for morpho A!). We love the little trendy details like the printed sleeve cuffs and the golden buttons that modernize this timeless piece of women's dressing.

comment porter une robe en hiver - avec un manteau long en laine - les petits imprimes - eshop mode femme chic

The long natural-coloured wool coat is still popular this year (Photo: marymarkevich)

But color blocking is still relevant, with the 80s making a strong comeback this year, so don't deprive yourself of more flashy colors like raspberry, electric blue or even mustard yellow.

wearing a coat over a summer dress - les petits imprimés  - chic and original women's fashion eshop

Peep in the heart of winter with the long colorful coat (Photo: marymarkevich)

What to wear with a dress in winter? Have fun with layering!

Oversized sweater dress or summer dress worn under a sweater, long bohemian-style dress or sexy short dress, winter dresses are worn layered for a trendy, modern and successful look.

For successful layering, layer at least three pieces:

  • dress + waistcoat + suit jacket long woolen coat worn open;
  • dress + jumper + perfecto + long coat;
  • dress + jumper + blazer + long coat;
And of course, we don't forget tights, stockings, high socks and riding boots and waders!

Pretty dresses are yours, winter better watch out!