Printed Swimwear: The Latest Trends Tailored to Your Body Shape

Summer is coming and when you say summer, you often say beach... but how do you choose the printed swimsuit that will show you off? Stand out by focusing on original patterns! Depending on your morphology, here are some tips that may be able to enlighten you for the summer season!

Printed swimsuit for small breasts

Forget your complexes if you have any, a wide range of swimwear is available to you. In order not to flatten your chest and on the contrary gain in volume, favor swimsuits with fringes, those with multiple ruffles or even large prints! Creating a real illusion around your chest, it will sublimate your bust even more if you are thin.

When it comes to shape, anything (or almost) goes: just avoid the racerback style. The traditional triangles and headbands will look much better on you!

If volume is what matters most to you, push-ups will be your friends.

Some ideas:

Ruffles and polka dots spaced out to give volume

Bikini pin up taille haute à pois

60s pin-up bikini with polka dots

Or the timeless floral print triangle top

Bali Flowers Bikini

A ruffled bandeau top

Bikini Cherry cerises

Cherry bandeau bikini

Or the famous push-up

Bikini ananas

Pineapple Bustier Bikini

Printed pattern swimwear for women with large breasts

If you want to be sexy, black triangle tops will look great on you...but we can't guarantee that a wave won't wash it away!

Woman with large breasts, it is best to opt for a top that will not let you down and for that, underwires are highly recommended. Bringing you comfort and security, it will enhance your shapes.

If two-pieces aren't your favorite, remember that there are cute one-pieces waiting for you! With a bow in the back, ruffles, … on Les Petits Imprimés , we offer a whole range.

Our top recommendation for larger breasts:

Cute Bow swimsuit, wide straps, decorated with a bow in the back

Maillot de bain cute bow noir noeud dos

Cute Bow black one-piece swimsuit

Also available in pink enhanced with floral motifs

Pink Cute Bow One-Piece Swimsuit

Other recommendations:

This one-piece swimsuit with an embellished back

Maillot de bain dos nu California

Ruffled Open Back California Swimsuit

Also available in Baby Blue

Maillot de bain dos nu California

Ruffled Open Back California Swimsuit

Tip: prefer prints with small patterns that reduce volumes; rather than very large prints.

What printed swimsuits for little women with slender hips?

Lucky you can afford it all! Slender hips offer a lot of possibilities in swimsuit bottoms and it all depends on what you like.

To highlight the finesse of your hips, you can simply show them off proudly with very beautiful swimsuits open on the sides. Successful feeling! You can still bet on a stocking with ruffles, braids on the side and of course colors that will catch the eye! It's summer, the weather is nice: enjoy it. For example:

The Infinity swimsuit, with lace and open on the sides:

Maillot de bain en dentelle

Infinity Swimsuit

This colorful polka dot bikini, enhanced with ribbons on the hips.

Bikini rouge à pois blancs

Bandeau bikini with polka dots and ribbons

Which printed swimsuit for generous hips?

In town and at the beach, a high-waisted bottom will be your best asset for enjoying the ocean while showing off your best. Prefer Les Petits Imprimés to not add more volume.

Erasing your curves, flattening your belly and elongating your legs: it's the perfect asset to hide what you don't like. To follow the latest trends, nothing prevents you from opting for a swimsuit with a nice belt, which will bring a little sophistication to the whole!

Avoid prints that are too large (especially weighty ones) which will accentuate your hips in favor of colors and shapes that are more classic but just as classy, ​​such as the very fashionable navy blue.

Our recommendations:

The Flower Lake swimsuit that enhances any type of bust and refines the hips

Bikini Flower Lake turquoise camaieu bleu fleurs

Flower Lake swimsuit

Or the navy blue Tommy bikini for perfect support and a smooth silhouette

Bikini Tommy

Tommy Bikini

With these tips, nothing stands in your way of finding the perfect swimsuit that will accompany you on the beaches!

There you go girls, we hope our little tips were of great help to you when choosing your future swimsuit :)

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