Having Style: 15 Brilliant Clothing Tips

"You could be the most stylish person in a t-shirt and jeans if you know how to do it.Karl Lagerfeld gives you some golden advice: having style can be learned and worked on every day. Every designer and every fashionista will tell you this. Style is hidden in the choice of clothing and accessories of course, but also - and above all - in the smallest details of your outfit. And then, there is that little extra spark. But let's start with the essential basics before tackling the ultimate details of the chic woman. So here are 15 brilliant clothing tips to have style with each of your outfits.

1.Minimal Shopping

Promotions, reductions, sales, clearance, end of series. the temptations to buy clothes and accessories are so numerous that your wardrobe is overwhelmed with never-before-worn fast fashion pieces. Or abandoned because they became deformed or faded after the first wash.

dressing minimaliste - les petits imprimés - eshop mode femme

Minimalist and efficient dressing room (Photo: Freepik)

Buy the essentials. Calmly consider each coin before taking out your change. Is it for a special occasion (in other words, you'll only wear it once before you forget it) or can you wear it often by twisting it into different styles?

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2. Stylish with the must-haves

True fashionistas all have one thing in common, an insider secret that adapts to all fleeting fashion trends. This secret that they willingly share (but often not taken seriously) is that their wardrobe contains 28 to 37 timeless classic items of clothing.

stylée avec les pièces indispensables - les petits imprimés - mode femme en ligne

Style with the essential pieces (Photo: senivpetro)

Trench, denim jacket, good quality t-shirt, fitted and oversized shirt, jeans, pencil skirt. No risk of fashion faux pas with these women's fashion essentials chosen in noble materials. See these purchases as a clothing investment that you will be proud of every day. Indeed, all your looks will be elegant and refined with ease.

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3.Always impeccable

Having style cannot be invented: you must carefully observe the condition of your clothes before wearing them EVERY DAY. Some stains do not come out with a machine wash at 30 or 40 degrees. This is, for example, the case of lipstick stains or deodorant stains which discolor black clothes and turn white clothes yellow.

Never put on stained clothing first thing in the morning and hope that no one notices it because it's a mini rikiki. That would really be in bad taste.

Track for stains when folding your laundry. If necessary, clean again with warm water and mild soap, paying particular attention to the stain. She resists? Turn to detergents adapted to the color and material.

4. Anticipate small accidents

A jostle that causes your coffee to fly onto your white blouse, a misplaced elbow at the restaurant right when you're drinking your glass of wine, splashes on your new suede shoes. Wearing stained clothing all day is a most unpleasant experience. Loss of credibility, sneering from colleagues, etc.

tache vêtements - les petits imprimés - eshop mode femme

Photo: Freepik

To avoid these embarrassing moments, bring a complete change of outfit to the office: white blouse, straight pants and classic heels will go perfectly with the rest of your outfit for the day. And remember to replace the spare item of clothing the next day.

5. Surf the trends at low prices

Following fashion trends season after season requires a substantial budget. Unless you are a smart fashionista who varies accessories to be fashionable, even with timeless classics.

Bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, gloves, hair accessories. Here's how to adopt the trend of the moment without breaking the bank.

accessoires de mode femme - les petits imprimés - eshop accessoires femme

Always right on trend thanks to fashion accessories (Photo: cookie_studio)

Of course, you can splurge on a designer handbag on sale or gold and diamond jewelry. But to show that you're interested in fashion and get lots of compliments every month, there's nothing like new items at low prices.

Insider tip: Before investing in a designer bag, buy three inexpensive ones: a small, a medium and a large. Which one do you prefer based on your lifestyle? A mini for the evenings or a big tote bag to take you from school to shopping and to the beach in one day?

You will then know what type of model to invest in.

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7. THE favorite piece

Do you have an item of clothing or an accessory that you LOVE. A one-of-a-kind piece that earns you compliments the moment you wear it. It stands out from the ordinary, catches the eye and fits you like a glove.

Whether it's a pair of vintage leopard shoes, a flashy jacket, an amazing print. you really should have this kind of piece in your wardrobe!

8.Pay attention to the small details

There are details that ruin your style! Like the color difference between the different metals in your outfit: does the color of the zipper on your shoes match that of your belt buckle, the hooks on the strap of your bag and your necklace?

petits détails - les petits imprimés - avoir du style

Small details make all the difference in style (Photo: rawpixel)

Style is hidden in the smallest details of your outfit. And no fashion designer worth her salt mixes silver and gold in one and the same outfit.

9.Handpicked colors

Do you use the color wheel in fashion to find the best color combinations between your top, bottom, shoes and bag?

You can use it in two ways:

  • develop your gradient style around a color of your colorimetry
  • play bold with complementary colors

Santiago short colorblock kimono - Les Petits Imprimés

Warning: some colors produce a visual effect that may be unwanted:

  • warm colors like orange, yellow and brown are overwhelming. They make you look smaller. Which can be annoying if you are already small.
  • blue, purple and green are soothing colors that exude serenity
  • black, white and gray are neutral colors, ideal in all circumstances.

Attention: to have style, do not exceed three colors per outfit.

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10. Smart underwear

Have you ever seen a woman with a stunning look. with the lines of her panties under her ultra tight skinny jeans? Or the lace of the bra clearly visible under a very thin t-shirt?

Every body type has its own underwear (Photo: master1305)

To avoid unwanted details marring your outfit (especially if you're wearing shorts that add horizontal lines and make you look wider), consider these tips when purchasing:

  • choose shapes that slim you down
  • favor invisible underwear such as seamless bras and shorties or even thongs
  • Try on your future bra with a thin t-shirt to see if it shows through

Finally, final advice: check in the mirror to see if your underwear is visible before going out, whether to go to the office or in the evening.

11. Motives and structures: pitfalls to avoid

Having style means becoming aware of your morphology, your strengths and points to work on thanks to cuts, textures, patterns and colors.

Having style means choosing clothes and accessories that will make you stand out. It would therefore be a shame to ruin your efforts by choosing a beautiful cut but a bad pattern (and vice versa).

Patterns are your allies in brightening up an outfit, giving it character and personality. It absolutely must reflect your personality and style.

12.Add style to a shirt and t-shirt

Do you wear your t-shirt over your jeans, shorts or dress? Know that just one small gesture will show the world how fashion savvy you are. In addition, changing a very small detail will make you stand out more and make your look more dynamic.

The classic white shirt becomes modern (Photo: svetlanasokolova)

The first idea that comes to mind is to tuck your shirt, blouse or t-shirt into your bottom to transform your look.

But to add even more spice to your style, vary the styles: t-shirt half-tucked in front, with a bow, bloused over the pants. The choice is vast!

13. Yes to vertical stripes!

It's a known fact: horizontal stripes are unflattering on most body types. Only super-thin model-size morphologies can afford horizontal lines without giving the illusion of being two sizes larger.

Rather favor vertical stripes which make you taller and refine your body shape.

14.Undress subtly

Plunging neckline and mini skirt don't go well together in the same outfit if you want to show that you have style. Show only one part of the body at a time: cleavage and a midi skirt, ripped jeans with a sweater, a short skirt and a round-neck t-shirt.

Sara long gray twisted dress - Les Petits Imprimés

15. The jeans that make you feel good

Jeans are a must have in women's wardrobe: durable, practical and fashionable, they can be worn on all occasions. Casual, chic, casual. the other pieces will give it the tone to adopt to achieve your style.

choisir le bon jean - les petits imprimés - mode femme

Take the time to choose the right jeans to highlight your figure (Photo: nensuria)

But choosing the right jeans for your body type is not an easy thing. Little tip to overcome this challenge: choose a size smaller than your usual size and wash your jeans twice before wearing them. This is because denim has the superpower of stretching. Ditto if it is too short at the ankles: it will gain a few centimeters without worry.

To have style, know that the jeans must sit on the top of your shoes. So if it is too long, pull it up with a thin cuff. This 7/8th cut refines the ankle and we particularly recommend it with high, thin heels.

Do you dare to be stylish?

Did you like this article and gave you some fashion ideas? So much the better, that was the goal. If you liked it, share it with a friend.

To end in style, here is Jane Birkin's opinion on our topic of the day: “It's impossible to have style without having self-confidence.” The famous little extra spark.