Original earrings

Symbol of femininity par excellence, earrings are very special fashion jewelry . Close to your face and the very sensual area of ​​the neck, their mission is to illuminate your face to highlight your natural or made-up beauty . Metallic or colored, these fancy jewels help to brighten your complexion to maximize its freshness and your dynamism. But also to keep the gaze away from small imperfections that you would like to camouflage. Stud earrings , studs , sleepers , rings or dangling earrings , you have a wide choice for yourself or as a gift idea for a woman of taste.

Which earrings to choose according to the shape of your face?

The round face is elongated with thin and elongated earrings, while the square face is softened by the effect of round earrings, drops or rounded pendant earrings (creole type). For a heart-shaped face, the ideal earrings form a triangle in one or more parts, but always narrow at the top and wider at the bottom to widen the chin. The oval face is very lucky: all the fancy earrings suit it! Finally, the narrow and elongated face should rather favor short and wide earrings: small rings, chandelier earrings, sleepers, drops or square earrings look great on you.

Wearing earrings: some additional tips

The height of your neck and the length of your hair is also important in the perception of your face by an outside gaze. Avoid packing your small neck with very large earrings. On the other hand, this model will go perfectly on a slender neck. Second tip: you have to choose between large earrings (long and/or voluminous) and the necklace. On the other hand, the stud earrings and thin necklace duo are magnificent. Finally, choose the metal of your chic earrings according to your skin tone : light skin and silver and golden skin and gold!

PS: don't forget to add one or more bracelets and rings to complete your look!