The Necklace, an essential fashion jewelry accessory for women. Mismatched effect for everyday life or ornament assorted for a special occasion (baptism, wedding, party, evening), fancy necklaces add a classy touch to your outfit, even (especially) if your look is casual. Worthy of a brand jewelry, the necklace and bracelet models of Les Petits Imprimers are original, unique and ultra-worked for an undeniable wow effect.

A chic necklace for every body type

We can no longer count the diversity of fancy necklaces for women: from the choker to the multi-row necklace, through the thin chain with pendant or medallion, the necklace enhances your face, illuminates your complexion and illuminates your neckline.

A few tips for choosing it well: avoid short necklaces if you are petite and/or round. Instead, favor single-row necklaces to draw a vertical line that will slim your silhouette. Are you tall and thin? Bring volume to your upper body with a bib necklace or a large medallion. If your chest is generous, avoid multi-row necklaces which will widen you.

A fancy necklace for any occasion

Would you rather wear a necklace every day or decorate your neck with a necklace for a special occasion? The chic women's necklace is an elegant fashion accessory, a jewel that balances your outfit and your figure. Wearing a necklace indicates that you pay attention to detail, especially if it goes with your look of the day.

Pearl necklace, pendant, long necklace, or multi-row necklace, necklaces know the subtle art of marrying each of your styles to better personalize them. A layering of necklaces immediately gives a bohemian chic look.

To celebrate a wedding, a baptism or an engagement, there's nothing like a superb chic necklace, not to mention the rings trendy to enhance your pretty hands.