Bags and Wallets

Have you fallen for a gorgeous dress and you don't (yet) have a handbag or accessories to show it off? Quick quick, let's go les Petits Imprimés to find what you're looking for in bags and fashion accessories. Classic and timeless or fully in line with the fashion trend of the moment, handbags, tote bags, messenger bags and accessories such as gloves, belts, scarves, scarves or tie squares allow t2>vary the styles according to our desires of the day.

Poetry bags of tricks

Of course, the handbag is an absolute must-have for every woman. This safe houses all your life: your papers of course, but also your sunglasses, your keys, the necessary for a make-up touch-up, a mirror, etc. Your handbag must therefore be well thought out: plenty of pockets, practical to carry with a large shoulder strap or handles for a comfortable shoulder carry.

Beyond the essentials, the style of your handbag will structure your look, or on the contrary, relax it. So are you more of a sophisticated minaudière in hand with a evening dress with a view to d a cocktail or lace tote bag matched with a light skirt for an outing chic with friends? Shoulder bag for the adventurer in shorts who takes advantage of her holidays or messenger bag in smooth, easy-care material for the busy student?