Bohemian Dresses

Timeless and timeless, stemming from the hippy Flower Power movement of the 1970s, the bohemian dress has evolved into a modern garment, trend and essential. Loose, fluid and vaporous, promoting freedom of movement, the bohemian dress can be worn on all occasions, enhancing your look and your silhouette. At the beach or in the evening, at the office or at a wedding, the boho chic dress dresses you in all circumstances with an elegant cut and an original pattern. Very feminine and airy, let's find out how to wear this iconic dress, in town or for your bohemian wedding, and how to accessorize it to show off your best.

How to wear a bohemian chic dress?

The bohemian chic dress comes in natural colors. The white bohemian dress is of course a must. But the bohemian style also includes ocher, mustard yellow, green, terracotta and their shades. As well as brighter colors, provided that the pretty boho dress is fluid and vaporous.

Airy, light, flowing, with a softly marked waist: these are the main characteristics of the bohemian chic dress. Unsurprisingly, the long bohemian dress is the central element of the boho style by the femininity it embodies and its comfortable and vaporous aspects, very sought after in spring and summer. . However, short bohemian dresses are also very elegant and sensual, as long as they retain the lightness specific to this style of clothing.

Prints are welcome on this type of dress dresses. The floral bohemian dress is emblematic of this natural style, but this feminine garment is adorned with ethnic motifs, polka dots or more original, hearts. Fluid and minimalist, the original bohemian dress likes to be embellished with fashionable details such as ruffles, a vaporous petticoat or even a stunning open back: fully open or delicate lacing.

Accessorize the boho dress

In the spirit of the pretty bohemian dress teamed with comfortable and trendy flat shoes. Wear flat sandals for the summer, or even lace-up ones to emphasize the finesse of the ankle. Or rather sneakers for a streetwear look. The black rock boots are also a possibility to create a contrasting look, at the meeting between two styles of clothing. In winter, opt for sober boots in natural colors, flat or with heels.

As for jewelry, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are worn as thin as possible and a bit original, whether classic or ethnic. Ideal for accessorizing a bohemian dress: wear your fine jewelry in accumulation, whether gold or silver depending on your colorimetry and your tastes.

Bohemian Wedding

The bohemian dress is an excellent choice as a wedding dress, especially if you are going for a country wedding. Whether your bohemian wedding dress is white, ecru or off-white, or colorful, show it off with a crown of fresh flowers, fine and delicate jewelry and pretty comfortable sandals.

In the spirit of a rustic wedding, your bohemian wedding dress should be easy to wear for a festive day outdoors. Light, airy and fluid, it can be adorned with white lace, a few ruffles or a sublime open back adorned with a back necklace. For a 100% successful and spectacular backless effect, opt for an invisible backless bra or an invisible and sheathing backless bodysuit.

Your bohemian wedding dress will be particularly highlighted (and you with it, of course) in a place of character such as a barn in raw wood or an authentic stone building with character. The place of fresh flowers should of course be preponderant, in your outfit, your jewelry as well as in the decoration of the various places of ceremony and festivities.