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The Colorimetry Guide for Women

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Which Couleurs Suit You Best?

At Les Petits Imprimés, this question obsesses us.

Many of you don't know how to answer it and are looking to be guided in choosing your clothes and accessories.

After observing thousands of women, we have decided to accompany you in the world of colorimetry for women.

No blabla, but a real concentration of experience and practice which will make you an expert on yourself.

What you need to know

Have you ever observed the color of your eyes, of your hair and your skin?

Have you REALLY looked at them in detail?

Because by defining your exact colors, you will be able to define your color palette which resonates most with them.

Today, like the majority of women, you perhaps choose your clothes, jewelry and accessories according to the trends.

Following your favorite in store, you get tired of wearing this piece after a few weeks, or don't know how to combine it for you

t15>reinvent and wear it more often.

Result: it ends up in the closet, like many pieces before it. You feel frustrated.

Worse: you lose money.

Imagine for a moment mastering colorimetry, you could:

Match all your outfits according to the color of your eyes, your hair and your skin for a harmonious and elegant.

Define a color palette that is unique to you and who you are.

Boost your confidence in yourself and shine on all occasions.

Save time in store because you will know which colors of clothing and accessories to choose.

Save money by only buying pieces that suit you and make you look good.

Like many customers, you too can obtain these results today thanks to our reference guide on colorimetry.

In this book, you will discover:

Everything about colorimetry: from the origins to its use by the biggest brands, from its principles to its advantages in your daily life.

Our personalized test: to determine the ideal colors for you and define your personal palette.

ideas for harmonious and elegant outfits according to your colorimetry.

Advice for investing intelligently in quality pieces that enhance you and accessorizing them with taste, so you never get tired of it.

And a nice surprise.



I completely recognized myself in the introduction to the guide 😂 I'm not a big basic spender but now I know exactly what colors to buy and it's true that it changes everything.

Avis de Helena sur le Guide de Colorimétrie Les Petits Imprimés

Hats off to this beautiful book which, among other things, helped me sort out my wardrobe!

Avis de Marion sur le Guide de Colorimétrie Les Petits Imprimés

I'm very happy with the information I found in this guide. I feel more comfortable choosing my clothes. And if necessary I reread certain passages. Thank you for this work!

Avis d'Agathe sur le Guide de Colorimétrie Les Petits Imprimés


Simply to guide you in your shopping sessions. We have put all our heart and knowledge into providing a concrete solution to our customers' recurring questions. Through our guide, we respond in detail to the problems of women in terms of color choice.

After confirming your order, you will immediately receive an e-mail containing your guide to download in PDF format. You can then consult it on your phone or computer and take advantage of our advice.

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