About Us?

The World of Les Petits Imprimés

Les Petits Imprimés is a young ready-to-wear shop that has at heart to offer you:

  • Trendy, comfortable and quality clothes
  • A sparkling universe, full of little details that make all the difference.

Each piece is rigorously selected by material, trend & favourites. Our team is dedicated to offer you the best, to care about the rendering of each material, cut, color and morphology.

Why did we create Les Petits Imprimés?

Having always admired brands such as Sézane, DPH, Princess Tam Tam, my dream was to wear their creations on a daily basis, but these brands have always remained difficult to access because it didn't fit my budget.

I dreamed of finding a small brand with a similar universe. An artistic, soft and poetic universe that could suit my budget. It is to meet this need that  Les Petits Imprimés was created.


Who are the people behind Les Petits Imprimés?

Our team is made up of 6 young women and a young man (well one!) dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer service ever.

As a brand that is close to its customers, we place great importance on human values, communication, and the creation of a relationship of trust and proximity.


Who founded Les Petits Imprimés and how did it start?

The founder of Les Petits Imprimés is called Julie. She grew up in the small but famous city of Verdun. After finishing her business studies between Metz and Nancy in 2016, the idea of entering the working world terrified her.

Her studies having just ended with an enriching experience: a university exchange in China. She decided to start learning Chinese and lived not without fear in the heart of the Middle Kingdom for four years.

This women's fashion project was already on her mind, but it was when she started to master the Chinese language and met people in the field of fashion, entrepreneurship and export, that the courage to launch is manifested. 

A year and a half later, after several trips between France and China, the first pieces were selected and the brand Les Petits Imprimés was born.

"The shop was finally online... I was very happy and at the same time terrified that no one would ever be interested in my project"

But the dream came true...

"That magical moment occurred when a client named Magalie placed the first order on the store. Our very first customer... my heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe it. Then I exploded with happiness, I felt an indescribable joy... A mixture of surprise, pride and euphoria.

Magalie, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will remember this moment all my life because of you."

While the  Les Petits Imprimés adventure began between France and China, Julie has now moved to Estonia to follow her life companion. The rest of the team remained in France.

What is the goal of Les Petits Imprimés?

Our dearest wish : to make you experience a heavenly euphoria every morning, when you meet your gaze in the mirror or when you walk through the threshold of your door. Pumped up in self-confidence, you know that whatever happens today, the world is yours .


Choosing your outfit is not something trivial. Beyond simple appearances, "looking good" is not only for others, looking beautiful is above all, and first and foremost, for yourself.

Why ? Because it has a real positive effect on our whole personality. When you feel beautiful, you have more self-confidence, you are more spontaneous, more radiant, more sparkling. It is like being surrounded  by a shield of positivity! Our external environment, the look of the others (that we often have difficulty to ignore) becomes  less intimidating. 

Having self-confidence also acts on the way we hold ourselves, the ease with which we speak. Feeling beautiful and well dressed contributes to feeling good about yourself and in tune with yourself. When you love yourself, pleasing others becomes obvious.

At Les Petits Imprimés , we really believe that taking the time to choose your outfit is a little treasure to be cherished from within. And because this is important to us, our goal is to help you choose your clothes, to make you proud and confident in your daily life.


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