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• Tear, hole, pulled thread, unstitched
• Incomplete (e.g. return of a bra without the straps)
• Intimate stains and other dirt or odors because the garment has been worn.

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We invite you to return your items in perfect condition for resale as indicated in our return conditions.

Attention we enter the category: Thorny subject! 😅

"In Asia! We have received, to our great regret, several criticisms on this subject."

The goal of the brand being to offer our stylistic universe at affordable prices, we have chosen to supply ourselves in South Asia (China, India and Vietnam).

We know that coming from Asia can put some people off because many have the image of “dehumanized mega-factories” and poor quality products. We know that this can harm us (especially from people who haven't read these lines), but it is absolutely NOT the model we are on.

Our partners can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand, and we have forged a real relationship of friendship and trust with them. The quality of the selected models is guaranteed there, and a member of our team has even moved to Asia to personally take charge of this mission.

We know that sourcing from France would, among other things, reduce criticisms and prejudices in terms of manufacturing quality. Unfortunately, this would also cause prices to explode in stores. Having created the brand for women like us, we have done our best to best reconcile our personal ethical desires, our capacities but also the reality on the ground.

Yes it is possible, because it is completely legal for different manufacturers to reproduce a garment from the same photo. However, even if each workshop can reuse the same photo to sell its article; the quality, the materials used for manufacturing are different.

Have you ever fallen for a beautiful dress (pictured) online and received a "chiffon"?

That's it we're talking about! Different manufacturers = different qualities, even if they use the same photo on their website. It is therefore not uncommon on some "doubtful" sites to end up with an article whose quality is far from what we imagined.

On the other hand, we control the quality of the clothes we sell very rigorously.

This is due to the agreement we have with our partner workshops. These workshops help brands to manufacture their articles, but also manufacture their own parts which we sell on Les Petits Imprimés . Thus their own marks and labels are affixed to it.

In order to affix our own labels, we should:
- Either: "Patent" the models we sell. But to be honest with you, this represents a very high cost per model, and our margins being already low, we are unable to opt for individual "patenting".

- Either: Manufacture in large quantities for each model, each color and each size.

As our brand is still young and the number of our orders still low, this represents a big risk for us in terms of unsold items; because you never know in advance which article will please you more or less.

If we manufacture/stock too early and sales do not follow, we would be forced to "force" the sale, just to dispose of our excess stocks... C is what many ready-to-wear brands are doing with flash promotions and discounts of -50% or even more to sell off their stocks, and which naturally leads to overconsumption, whereas the origin of the problem is actually overproduction.

It is for all these reasons that we favor reduced collections and small quantities per model; even if it means remanufacturing and resupplying several times, and not having an inside label with our name.

If we had to summarize the current Petits Imprimers model, we would say that the priority has been:

1- a minimalist model: Petite team and reduced (but qualitative) selection of the parts we sell.

2- minimizing the final cost for the customer (manufacturing in Asia, margins low and free shipping )

3- while minimizing our environmental impact (small quantities therefore no waste and reduction of transport intermediaries, recycled packaging and reusable)

We knew that by building our model on these 3 pillars, we would run into longer manufacturing and delivery times, low margins and possible criticism and biases about our Asian workshops, but it is the choice that we have made to be able to give birth to the Petits Imprimers.

We know that producing in France would, among other things, reduce criticism and prejudices in terms of manufacturing quality. Unfortunately, this would also cause prices to explode in stores. Having created the brand for women like us, we have done our best to best reconcile our personal ethical desires, our capacities but also the reality on the ground.

We are still a small shop trying to get started in the middle of fashion giants who can offer new products every week at knockdown prices, while making significant margins... not easy to compete.

But we are confident for the future because we are constantly on the lookout for improvement and have noticed a real desire on the part of our customers to understand and build a relationship of trust with our brand.

We know that our model is not perfect, but it is with an open heart that we share it with you, andimprove it day by day.

We hope this has shed some light on who the people behind Les Petits Imprimés are.


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