Jackets & Cardigan s

The little blazer jacket, the very soft Cardigan or the belted cardigan boost your clothing style thanks to the layering effect. To highlight your shoulders and your neckline, to forget your narrow or wide hips, or simply to keep your body heat, jackets and Cardigan s are your best friends to structure your figure in style in all seasons.

Long straight blazer jacket: the must have of the moment

When women's fashion takes over and feminizes the timeless men's suit jacket, it creates looks to die for. Structuring the silhouette with straight lines, lengthening the bust with its long cut, the long blazer jacket enhances all body types.

V body types will simply avoid shoulder pads that accentuate their already wide build, while A women will prefer them to balance the width of their hips.

Whether to enhance a floral dress or contrast with a casual look, the long suit jacket with small feminine details is the absolute must have of the moment.

The Cardigan : fine knit or cocooning, but always elegant

In fine knit for a summer evening or in warm, thick knit to brave the frosts of autumn and the rigors of winter, the Cardigan is an ally in all seasons. A resolutely comfy and cocooning garment, opt for simple cuts and fleece materials, of infinite softness that let your skin breathe, such as wool, mohair or even cashmere.

Timeless like a sailor Cardigan or modernized vintage trend with embroidery, cables or small pompoms, play on the contrasts of Cardigan  loose on a short skirt or put together a 100% coherent look cottagecore.

Jackets & Cardigan s: Assert your style with layering

How to gain style very easily? Easy: adopt the layering. Whatever the season, layer Cardigan s and jackets between your tops, shirts or dresses and your coat to play on the effects of depth. your silhouette as you wish under contrasting materials, colors and shapes. It's the best way to draw attention to your strengths and make you forget your little complexes. All the art of layering is there!