Babydolls and Pajamas

What a pleasure to slip into your nightgown or pajamas after a hard day's work. You still have to succeed in choosing your model from the wide variety of existing nightwear. The ideal being to combine comfort and pleasure in order to best express your femininity.

To begin with, the season should be your first criterion: in spring and summer prefer the lightness of a short nightie and in autumn or winter favor the comfort and warmth of fleece pajamas.

The babydoll in summer

The women's nightie is designed as a delicate and refined nightwear. Similar to a nightgown or a nightgown, the babydoll becomes shorter, fitted with straps and a neckline. It is thin, usually satiny, light and very pleasant to the touch, which is why it is ideal for summer.

It comes in several models depending on the color, length or material, such as the velvet nightie or the cotton nightie, which is easy to take care of and provides a lot of softness.

To add spice to your nights and raise your level of seduction with a sexy babydoll, opt for a babydoll lace in black or red. This bright color is sure to make you stand out with an irresistible cut. Some models are made with games of transparency, fine embroidery and very sexy and seductive ruffles.

The babydoll stands out as the sensual outfit for romantic dates. After all, what could be more attractive than a scantily clad woman in see-through nightwear?

Babydolls are now often considered general lingerie rather than just sleepwear. You can pair it with a bathrobe or a kimono to create an elegant ensemble.

Pajamas in winter

When the cold sets in during the winter months, one obsession: to stay warm. And what better place than to be snuggled up in your pajama jumpsuit.

Comfort and warmth remain the watchwords in winter. To reconcile the two, choose a fleece or fleece homewear set. A jacket and matching pants are able to retain your body heat while giving you the freedom of movement necessary for a good night's sleep. Just slip under the duvet before falling into Morpheus's arms.

Formerly only reserved for sleepwear, your women's pajama set can be worn during a day of cocooning with the family. Women's winter pajamas are so comfortable that it becomes difficult to take them off.

Discover trendy pajama models with checks, prints or polka dots. To keep your head warm, for example, opt for loose, hooded pajamas.

For stylish nights

Whether it's summer or winter, our new collection offers you women's nightgowns and pajamas to spend the nights in the best conditions and enjoy a well-deserved sleep while having style! Let yourself be seduced by our range of nighties and pajamas for women for a touch of sensuality and glamour.