Summer essentials, sexy as can be and practical for sunbathing, the bikini or two-piece swimsuit is reinvented this season with sexy cuts and original textures and trendy prints. Sulphurous in its origins, the bikini is today the star of the beach, whether it's for basking in the sun or revealing its sensuality at beach volleyball. Elegant and sophisticated, the pretty 2-piece swimsuit is both comfortable and glamorous. Enough to panic the whole beach (including the beautiful lifeguards)!

The bikini of your dreams is here

Above all, the bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that shows the navel between a triangle top and a more or less high-cut bikini bottoms. Now that the codes are in place, let's add a bit of fantasy and a bit of originality to get the bikinis designed by Les Petits Imprimés .

Are you more of a backless triangle top tied at the neck, thin straps crossed at the back or pretty sensual lacing? Do you prefer your breasts to be enhanced by an original texture, a knot to tie at the front or at the back or even cross bands that emphasize it, reminiscent of the wrap-over effect?

Push up bikini or natural shape, with or without underwiring, with or without pads, it's as you like: your chest is enhanced no matter what with our sexy bikinis. And still without compromising on comfort thanks to the adjustable straps.

Printed or plain bikini?

The trendy and original print makes you a fashionista in town, but also at the water's edge with the printed bikini. Thus, the timeless houndstooth patterns and the black and white gingham check are invited on all or part of the pretty bikini, making it easier to mix and match between tops and 2-piece bikini bottoms to vary the looks and pleasures on vacation.

Of course, the immaculate white bikini remains the pinnacle of chic for a sensational naiad. Stand out with a fully lined white triangle two-piece swimsuit (our models are all lined for guaranteed opacity) with pretty little golden rings to enhance your chest and hips, in addition to ties to tie on the upper thighs.

Because yes, originality also extends to bikini bottoms or panties, which are also fully lined. Classic briefs, high-cut, or Brazilian briefs with or without bows and matching or not the bikini top, the bikini bottom also guarantees the originality of your swimsuit.

Finally, the technical knit ensures quick drying, for quick dressing. You can also accessorize your bikini with a beach bag and a beach kimono. Finally, our bikinis are resistant to chlorine, sea salt and the sun's ultraviolet rays to keep their colors and their resistance for several seasons.

The bikini in your city or evening outfit

A handsome lifeguard with smoldering eyes offers you an evening after the beach and you don't have time to go back to your hotel to get changed? Don't worry, you just have to plan a little in advance.

Be stylish in bikini top / mini crop top with shorts, a skirt plain or printed with the same black and white pattern, jeans or loose pants. Finally, accessorize your bikini worn as a sexy street outfit with pretty fine jewelry for the evening, a pretty handbag and comfortable shoes, sandals or wedges. So all you have to do is slip the rest of your outfit into your beach bag before going to enjoy the seaside.

For a dressier and more sophisticated look, you can also wear the top of your bikini under an oversized shirt instead of your bra or directly under a jacket . com/collections/blazer-woman"> blazer or a rock perfecto for the most daring. Complete the beef effect with a body necklace, and it's your beautiful rescuer who will need to be revived by mouth-to-mouth!