What better jewelry than a ring to enhance your fingers? Simple metal ring or original fancy ring, the ring has a very strong symbolism like the eternal love of two lovers for their engagement or their wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of occasions to wear a ring, every day or occasionally. The ring as a pleasure jewel is an unbeatable timeless that lives with the times. By the way, do you know about this trend in wearing a ring from ancient Egypt: the knuckle ring? Or this trend across the Atlantic consisting of cumulating rings, bracelets and even necklaces in a very elaborate ultra-fashionable style?

The fancy ring for women: according to your desires

Wood, glass, fabric, metals of all kinds, the fancy ring plays with the diversity of materials to constantly reinvent itself. Colorful or classic, huge or discreet, the fancy ring easily rubs shoulders with rings from great jewelers. Preserving harmony to show off elegant hands is an important female concern. Especially when it comes to grabbing your handbag or gently put your scarf in place.

To do this, adjust the colors and shapes together, with your other jewellery (such as earrings), your overall outfit and style. Also think about this return of the knuckle ring or “knuckle ring”. This way of wearing the ring comes from ancient Egypt. Today, it is THE trendy ring of the moment. Ultra fine, it is of the best effect to refine your fingers and modernize your feminine look like never before.

stacking: ultra-trendy accumulation

stacking (literally "stacking") is the subtle art of wearing several rings at the same time on the same finger. This very fashionable trend for a few years also concerns the layering of colliers and bracelets. Warning: the goal is not to overbid jewelry.

On the contrary, each one is chosen with care for a trendy, ultra-fashionable and highly stylish result. To obtain a harmonious effect, favor the accumulation of fine rings to avoid the extravagant aspect and of the same style (same metal or same color, etc.).