All our Tips for Wearing Prints Well

The trend of prints has been in the spotlight lately, always more choice and creativity that continue to seduce us. This is why a fundamental question arises:

How to wear prints while avoiding fashion faux pas ?

From the Aztec pattern to the floral print , passing through the flashy stripes or even the safari or graphic prints ... it's not always easy to find your way around. Fortunately, with the few rules and advice that we have concocted for you, you will be able to take out your printed matter in peace!

Rule #1: Find a balance

Your printed piece will be the star piece of your outfit . For the rest of your body, bet on sobriety to remain elegant. The stronger the print, the more sober the cut must remain . Avoid ruffles, frills and overly complicated details at the risk of weighing down your silhouette and your style. We love our prints so much that sometimes we want to wear them all on the same day...and then it becomes the Dunkirk carnival! Unfortunately, you will have to be patient girls. Choose between top and bottom .

For example, accompany your floral patterned skirt with a solid color top

pink skirt with floral motifs and silver rivets
Photo by Pete Bellis
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or your tropical print top with a solid color high waisted skirt.

woman wearing tropical patterned top and pale pink skirt
Photo by Drew Coffman
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Also remember:

1/ Tropical prints

Palm trees, foliage, pineapples, ice cream, parrots are very "heavy" so go really in small touches (up or down). If you choose a dress, prefer one with flowing material.

2/ If you like big patterns

Prefer them on clothes with clean lines or light like a kimono or a summer shirt . Again, it's all about balance!

pink and blue floral kimono
Photo by Timothy Paul Smith
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3/ Colors that go well

An easy-to-remember tip to match your outfit is to:

Use a color present in your print.
skirt with colorful prints and top with fringes
Photo by Camila Cordeiro
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Also, consider stripes a neutral pattern because it goes great with any print (animal, floral, tropical.. anything!)

striped t-shirt and black hat
Photo by Demetrius Washington
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Otherwise, gray, black, white, cream, camel or nude are your best allies! Remember to always have some in your wardrobe ;)

Rule n°2: Choose a print adapted to your morphology

The 5 morpho tips to remember:

1/ Skinny people can do just about anything, but watch out for vertical stripes!

If you are tall and thin , the vertical stripes can make you look too skinny or too slender, at the risk of completely erasing the pretty curves of your body and making you look masculine. So prefer horizontal lines to restore volume to your silhouette.
Conversely, if you are round or short , it is better to avoid horizontal stripes (especially wide ones) because they pack the silhouette . (That said, a delicate sailor top is still very pretty)

2/ Small and close prints reduce volumes

For those who have rather round morphologies, small checks, polka dots, small flowers, delicate tropical prints will suit you perfectly! And no color restrictions ! (When you're round, you don't just wear black!)

3/ Large and/or spaced out prints give volume

If you are not comfortable with the curves of a part of your body, avoid XL prints in this area such as large Aztec patterns, large watermelon and lemon prints because they tend to expand by the effect of optics . For "slender" morphologies, XL prints can conversely give volume (chest, shoulders, bust, buttocks) so go for it!

4/ Animal motifs go to everyone and are not necessarily vulgar!

Whether you're curvy or skinny, animal prints work great. Due to their rather “heavy” aspect, we suggest it on the upper body for round people , and the lower body for thin people . For curvy women, with a slightly V-neck to highlight the chest and lengthen the silhouette, and for slim ones on the lower body to give a plump effect to your buttocks and highlight your legs.
As an accessory, it is also perfect for enhancing an outfit. It goes very well with tropical patterns!

5/ The kimono is suitable for all body types.

Many benefits to the kimono. It feminizes all body types and outfits , it is elegant, it keeps you warm and will save you the day if you haven't had time to think about your outfit for the day! ;) To counterbalance its loose cut and its patterns, wear slim pants or skirts and a sober outfit. For round people or with an unmarked waist, wear it open with a long necklace to slender your silhouette .

Rule n°3: Choose the material of your clothes, the right reflex to adopt!

Mastering the rules of printed matter is not everything! The choice of your materials is also essential . For the rounder ones, bet on fluid materials, in jersey, and/or with a vertical fall for the top and your dresses in general. For the bottom, you can very well choose more tight-fitting materials made of elastane in order to sculpt your shapes . Avoid materials that are too stretchy and favor high-waisted, solid-colored pants to harmonize hips and love handles (again, don't be afraid of colors!)

Below is a perfect example: fluid top with close prints + a more rigid bottom to smooth out the shapes while highlighting them :)

For thin ones, bet on textured fabrics or shine to create volume and thus feminize your silhouette . You can also wear materials with ruffles, fringe , thicker, looser materials (velvet, satin, wool, XXL knits).

shirt with fringe and printed patterns
Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho
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navy blue chunky long skirt
Photo by Nastya Polyakova
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There you go girls, with these few tips, you'll have no trouble venturing into the wonderful world of prints!

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