How to Dress When You Have Belly? The Art of Illusion

How to show off while hiding your belly? Whether your belly is small or very plump, you have the impression that you only see it in your loose or tight outfits . Of course, you carefully avoid horizontal stripes and, even if you like black in small doses, fashion is more fun than a total black look! You come back angry and frustrated from your shopping sprees when, empty-handed, you realize that once again, your curves and your complexes prevent you from wearing that beautiful dress or those pretty pants that caught your eye. It's from the past ! Today, we are talking about 8 clothes and accessories to adopt to give the impression of a flat stomach . Yes Yes, it's possible ! Discover the art of illusion to dress with modernity, elegance and femininity while camouflaging that little belly.

1. The fine and fluid sweater: the essential

Your best ally in all clothes is undeniably the BLOUSE! Flowing blouse, blouse top, light shirt... all these options are open to you as long as the material is airy, vaporous and does not stick to the skin (and love handles).

Super feminine, full of elegance, the flowing blouse is worn with an oversized jacket or cardigan and close-fitting stockings (to balance and not fall into the ball effect).

Look ideas

For a touch of modernity, tuck a section of the shirt or blouse (or the front of the top) into your pants and loosen everything else on the sides and behind. It's especially effective if you don't feel like showing off your waistline.

It will be just as effective with a skirt (straight, flared to make you forget your hips or pencil to play the sexy attitude) and pretty camel or black boots. The shorts easily replace the skirt too, especially if they are in the color of the blouse, which gives the illusion of a longer bust.

dress when you have a belly - apolline ruffled shirt - small prints - eshop veil shirt light blouse spring 2021 chic woman

A fine example, the Apolline ruffled shirt, slightly loose at the belly, tucked into high-waisted shorts for a modern touch - Les Petits Imprimers

Small particular case hyper trendy of the moment: the striped shirt. Its major asset: lengthen the bust with its verticals. You can tie the two sections together on the belly (which will disappear under the volume of the knot) or one section tucked into pants for more modernity.

The extra trick

On the color side, choose the shade that best highlights your complexion according to your colorimetry. Also think of floral and animal prints that are right on trend.

As for the accessories, a pretty necklace to illuminate your neckline, a carelessly tied scarf around the neck, beautiful earrings, etc.

And your belly in all this? Neither seen nor known ! Successful bet !

Highlighted asset

Your legs (bare in a skirt or shorts or shaped by beautiful tight pants) and your cleavage.

2. The dress

Oh, the dress! This must-have key piece of women's dressing is the charm par excellence. But what dress to wear when you have a belly? You will be surprised, but there is a choice! To camouflage a small belly that is too plump, opt for:

1. The skater dress

Simple and fluid, the skater dress flares out from the navel to fall in harmonious pleats on the thighs. The gaze is thus diverted from your belly and your somewhat wide hips. Rather clever, the skater dress!

2. An empire dress

Its beautiful neckline flares out under the chest in a soft and light material that falls straight or flared and thus hides your little belly and your love handles with elegance.

3. The trapeze dress

Flared from the hips, ideal for sheltering the belly, wide hips and somewhat strong thighs.

red lolita dress for women - Les Petits Imprimers - Women's fashion

Double advantage for this trapeze red dress: a wrap-over bust and a flared petticoat - Les Petits Imprimers

4. A shift dress

Super chic and ultra trendy, the straight dress is ideal for H body types, but also for all other women who like comfortable outfits! Mark the waist with a belt if yours is marked.

how to dress when you have a belly - Morgane straight sweater dress - small prints - chic women's straight sweater dress eshop

With the Morgane straight jumper dress, the little belly is forgotten in style - Les Petits Imprimers

5. The long dress

Lengthening, the long dress significantly refines your silhouette while hiding your small flaws. Fitted with a thin drawstring to mark the waist or a slightly thicker belt on the hips, the dress with a floral pattern is ideal, combined with pretty spring-trend jewellery.

midi dress with buttons to hide the rounded belly - small prints - eshop chic black dress for women

The light midi dress is ideal to combine femininity and a hidden belly - Les Petits Imprimers

The dress is therefore a precious ally for small too conspicuous cans, provided you choose the right cut and material so as not to mold the bidou and the beads.

Highlighted asset

Draw attention to your strengths: elegant head wear with beautiful earrings, sensual neck highlighted with a necklace, open neckline whose shape suits your morphology, goddess legs...

3. The empire or wrap cut

How to wear it to forget your belly?

We just touched on this idea with the empire dress: creating fullness around the chest will camouflage your little plump belly. Like the fluid blouse, tuck in the front of your top and loosen the rest of the garment around your waist to be right in the modern-chic-feminine trend.

what dress to wear when you have belly? loose-fitting empire dress - women's fashion small prints

This magnificent empire dress makes forget your little belly with a lot of elegance (Image:, Pinterest)

Look ideas

For example, how about a folk inspiration with an empire top with an ethnic pattern embroidered black on white, combined with tight black pants and black pumps? All combined with a faux leather jacket or a perfecto to structure the bust and bring a contemporary graphic touch.

Second example: the wrap dress (also called a wrap dress) which is suitable for all body types (except the H who will follow their natural tendency with a straight dress). With boots, you get a look to die for!

The extra trick

A little underwear tip: the empire cut accentuates large breasts. To counter this slight inconvenience (if you wish of course), choose a minimizer bra, designed to flatten the chest a little.

Highlighted asset

Your chest and legs (if the dress is short).

4. The long flowing jacket

How to wear it to give the illusion of a flat stomach?

Trench, coat, jacket or cardigan (thin or thick for the oversized side) worn open, this key piece of your outfit counterbalances the light materials worn as a top (blouse, cotton shirt, transparent play, lace).

Idea for a flat stomach look with an open flowing long jacket (Image: Pinterest)

Prefer loosely belted and loosely fitted jackets to better elongate your silhouette with vertical lines. The belt is tied in the back (if there is a belt). Do you have belly and hips? She is your ideal ally.

A very long, knee-length jacket is the most flattering. Otherwise, suit-type double-breasted jackets whose length falls on the hips are also very becoming. Above all, no short jacket (cropped, blazer or bomber) that falls precisely on the little belly that we strive to hide.

Look ideas

First suggestion: a beige coat or trench open over a flowing white top worn over a straight black skirt and camel or beige boots (to lengthen the leg), with small fancy accessories (scarf, jewellery, etc.).

Another style: a simple white t-shirt over well-cut jeans and white trainers for a casual look or pumps for a sophisticated silhouette.

The extra trick

Here is THE formula that works every time: open jacket + fluid top = double flat stomach effect!

Your strengths highlighted

Your elongated silhouette, the graphic and structured or flexible top depending on the cut and color of your jacket.

5. High-waisted jeans/skirt/shorts

What model of jeans, skirt or high waisted shorts to wear when you have a belly?

Jeans are one of the key pieces of the female wardrobe, a real timeless item, just like the skirt and more recently the shorts. High-waisted "bottoms" are particularly indicated to help hide a plump belly.

The high-waisted jeans paired with the tucked-in top, and presto! the flat stomach illusion is perfect - Les Petits Imprimers

Thanks to their sheathing effect, they flatten the belly which hides even better under the fluid top. This flattening effect lengthens your silhouette provided you tuck the front of the top into jeans, shorts or a high-waisted skirt, especially if you have a slim, marked waist. Otherwise, wear the top outside, in a flexible and fluid way.

These pretty lightweight high-waisted linen-effect shorts lengthen your silhouette with class and femininity - Les Petits Imprimers

Choose jeans that you feel comfortable in, including when sitting. It should not be too tight in the stomach, at the risk of cutting digestion. If you're not comfortable with the high waist, stick to normal-rise jeans.

Highlighted asset

Your legs sheathed in slim jeans or elongated with bootcut jeans that balance the generous hips.

6. A pretty neckline or bare shoulders

The fundamental idea in fashion is to divert attention from our flaws to help the eye focus on our strengths. In your case, you want to divert attention from your belly with a nice neckline, for example.

Navy blue Bardot top Yilin - Les Petits Printed - chic woman fashion eshop

Yilin Bardot neck top , a charming neckline that diverts attention from small curves - Les Petits Printed

The V neckline is a must to clear the neck and the upper part of the bust, highlight the posture of the head and create a vertical lengthening the upper body. Be careful not to fall into the plunging neckline at work at the risk of losing credibility.

A very feminine alternative that is not highlighted enough is to bare the shoulders, especially with a Bardot collar. This stand-up collar or "oops, my suspenders fell off" effect creates a horizontal line on the upper body (ideal for widening narrow shoulders) and elongates the neck.

Opt for a flowing top, with a V-neckline, off the shoulders or a Bardot neckline to draw the eye to your natural assets.

Highlighted assets

The chest, the top of the neckline and the sensual neck.

And at the beach? Discover our selection of the most beautiful one-piece swimsuits adapted to your morphology . Sheathing, slimming or sculpting, you will inevitably find what you are looking for to shine this summer.

7. High heels

Who says lengthen his silhouette, necessarily says high heels. But rest assured: there is something for everyone. You're probably wondering how will heels help you camouflage your belly?

round woman high heel shoes to lengthen her figure

High heels, a strong asset to structure the silhouette, shape your legs and help us tuck in our stomachs (Image: Pinterest)

High heels have no equal in rebalancing a silhouette, starting with the spine. Consequently, this small magic effect modifies the carriage of the head which asserts itself, the chest emerges, the belly returns and the buttocks are curved.

Always respecting your proportions, choose thick heels if your curves are generous. Conversely, orient yourself more towards pumps, or even stilettos if you are thin.

8. The sculpting bodysuit

To finish with our last flat stomach ally, the sculpting bodysuit, the slimming sheath, the slip or the flat stomach high briefs are essential to flatten the plump stomach.

The Mermaid sheathing and push-up black lace bodysuit : pretty sexy, isn't it? - Small Prints

Of course, all of these pieces require a bit of practice to get comfortable with. But you should really test their shaping effect in the evening, from time to time, to go out with friends, go for a drink in town. You will quickly notice that this little tight dress on which you fell in love without ever being able to wear it, or this little top that curves your chest, have their little effect...

Forget about granny's horrible sheath. Today, slimming bodysuits and sculpting girdles are alluring underwear that is adorned with lace, dotted Swiss and plays on the effects of transparency in a sexy pin-up spirit to keep until the end of the night (or not! ).

Highlighted asset

I'll let you answer ;)

How to dress when you have a belly? The summary

Now you have mastered the ultimate art of illusion. This magic tool that allows you to accentuate your natural strengths and make you forget your small flaws and complexes thanks to a careful choice of the pieces of your wardrobe.

So you have several "flat stomach illusion" outfit ideas, 5 dresses to adopt as soon as possible, tops, bottoms, necklines, shoes and even sexy underwear to camouflage your curves, your love handles and your little bumps.

Who is going to heat up the credit card? :D