How to dress for an interview ? 7 Looks for Success

Congratulations ! You have landed a job interview , an oral entrance exam or a face-to-face meeting for an internship and now THE inevitable question arises: how am I going to dress for this interview? A non-strict professional outfit , which reveals your personality without eccentricity, supports the credibility of your speech and your skills , while showing your reliability for the position in this company of which you dream so much? Apply in a chic business outfit with complete peace of mind thanks to professional clothing and looks by Les Petits Printed.

1. Professional outfit: the knit wrap dress

The wrap dress is an unconditional job interview. And for good reason: chic and sober, feminine and elegant, it enhances all body types by creating the famous hourglass that balances your look. The recruiter sees you as someone stable, balanced, "well in his shoes", in short, reliable.

Oriane fitted jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

The wrap dress available in a sober color like gray is made more feminine by the slight neckline, the marked waist and the skater skirt which gives movement, evoking your dynamism for this coveted position and avoiding the stuck BCBG side. Knit sweater dress or light summer dress, the wrap dress is a must have for all your important interviews.

What colors suit you best? Discover your colorimetry and highlight yourself during the interview

2. White blazer dress: chic and pro

Chic and trendy, the blazer dress is updated in the form of a short dress with a pointed lapel collar and flared sleeves, inspired by the kimono. Four decorative white buttons adorn the cuffs for maximum refinement.

Alma white blazer dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Fully lined with a satin fabric guaranteeing opacity, this professional dress with a wrap cut, belted with a tie to mark the waist, ensures you look elegant and professional on all occasions.

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3. How to dress for an interview? The feminine woolen dress

Classic and feminine, the wool sweater dress, with a round neck, fitted cut and knee length is also a timeless item that immediately marks the recruiter with its elegance and minimalism. The outfit supports your speech, without imposing, to leave plenty of room for your arguments and your personality.

Noéline wool sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - women's sexy knit dress eshop

Noéline wool sweater dress (also available in taupe, cream and black) - Les Petits Imprimers

In wool for the winter, linen, cotton or light textile for the summer, you are sure to never go wrong in a dress like this for your job interview. To mark the spirit of your interlocutor, opt for a bright color like red here.

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4. Professional look: the chic jacket

To energize your outfit or balance your figure, the chic jacket is a must, especially for office positions, high-responsibility positions or to integrate large schools. This black and white tweed suit jacket model is truly timeless. Enhanced with golden buttons that modernize it, it is the best ally of your credibility.

How to dress for an interview - Hilem gray tweed jacket - Les Petits Printed - chic women's jacket eshop

Hilem tweed jacket - Small Prints

Match the rest of your outfit, as in the photo, in black and white for a perfect look that is very successful. A few golden jewels, a touch of lipstick and a matching handbag complete this very successful businesswoman's outfit.

Morpho advice: A morphologies with small shoulders will take advantage of this to widen their build with shoulder pads, while V women will abstain.

5. Chic and casual: the denim dress to apply

If you're applying for a slightly more casual interview, you can afford to wear a gorgeous denim dress. Refining, it lengthens your silhouette while its rolled up sleeves bring modernity

Bonnie denim dress - Les Petits Printed - women's denim dresses eshop

Bonnie Denim Dress - Small Prints

Chic and relaxed, this shirt dress is perfectly in line with the current trend of the dynamic, chic and trendy young working woman whose outfit must accompany her in her multiple lives: work, shopping, evening, all on the same day!

6. Originality and refinement to apply: the printed top

Just like the wrap dress, the wrap top is ideal for highlighting your femininity and your silhouette without eccentricity. If in addition, it sports a delicate spring print, it will undoubtedly mark the recruiter with its originality full of finesse which contrasts with the parade of identical monochrome outfits.

Adeline floral wrap top - Les Petits Imprimers

This floral print wrap top with long sleeves crossed on the chest illuminates your face with its light and fresh colors. Completed with a skirt or tailored or cigarette pants, it creates a young and dynamic look that is sure to please during the interview, especially if you like flowers and are looking to work in this environment.

7. Professional outfit for a job interview: bet on timeless

A strong, chic and timeless piece par excellence, the black and white checked tweed suit jacket is a must have in any woman's wardrobe. Worn for a job interview, it makes you score points as soon as you enter the room, especially in the world of fashion, marketing or digital where image is king.

Black and white tweed blazer - small prints - eshop checkered tweed blazer jacket

Black and white tweed blazer (also available in grey) - Les Petits Imprimers

Modernized by subtle details, this long jacket with a straight cut, slightly fitted, is adorned with fringe finishes on the edges, two flat pockets on the sides highlighted with a camel braid and large buttons. Fully lined, it is warm and windproof, perfect for winter.

Make a lasting impression with your good taste and your mastery of fashion, adopt this jacket urgently!

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8. Chic and casual dress: in your image

An alternative to the first wrap dress in this selection, the pretty long twisted dress with a V-neck gives you a chic and relaxed look. Its light and fluid knit containing cotton, textured vertically elongates your silhouette, energized by the neckline, the central knot and the slit that opens at your knees.

Sara long-sleeved dress - Les Petits Printed - casual chic women's dress eshop

Sara long-sleeved dress - Little Prints

Similarly, the mottled gray color is suitable for a relatively relaxed interview or interview, in the digital start-up spirit for example. This dress particularly highlights women with a balanced figure, I or 8 who have a relatively flat stomach.

7. Be memorable: wear color

To stand out from other candidates, there's nothing like the pep color of a carefully chosen piece. Wearing a jacket widens the build, you take up more space with serenity, which gives you self-confidence.

Aela long red blazer - Les Petits Printed - eshop long blazer jacket

Long red blazer Aela - Les Petits Imprimers

Crease-resistant, this long, straight red jacket is a timeless piece, impeccable in all circumstances. Slightly oversized, it has quality finishes, a fairly wide tailored collar, piped pockets, satin lining and trendy buttons that indisputably make it the highlight of your outfit, high-end level. One thing is certain: we will take you seriously with this businesswoman blazer jacket, for sure.

Complement your outfit with chic and original jewelry , not to mention the essential accessories

How to dress for an interview ? 7 Business Outfit Ideas

Dressing for a job interview, an oral contest or a professional interview with your boss is not easy. We hope that this selection of professional outfits has shown you the skilful balance between elegance and personality, timelessness and originality that a professional outfit must have in order to both reveal your good taste in clothing and your reliability, while disappearing for support your arguments and skills.

So, are you more of a wrap dress or suit jacket and pants? Plain shirt or printed crossover top?

Good luck with your interview!