What Style of Dress for a 30-Year-Old Woman?

Thirty is looming or has already begun and you are still looking for your 30-year-old woman's dress style? We understand you: between fast fashion, one-season fashions and the mix & match between vintage and modernity, it's difficult to invest in the right clothes to build a lasting wardrobe that embodies your personality and enhances your morphology . After multiple tests according to passing fashions , you aspire to balance , harmony , freshness and originality with chic and elegance because you are now an accomplished woman . Discover three clothing styles to wear at 30 , three worlds of femininity , three long-lasting and proven fashion trends.

Chic and timeless 30-year-old woman look

The basics of the feminine wardrobe ensure you a chic look in all circumstances. If in addition, they display a bit of originality, you are all good. Opt for the cuts, materials and colors that have proven themselves: well-defined lines, no frills, fitted cuts and noble materials such as linen, cotton, etc. or non-creases so as not to ruin your outfit because of an unfortunate forgetting to iron (one tip among others to be elegant on a daily basis with ease ).

1. Tank top and pleated pants for a casual look

Pretty pearly buttons, a bow that emphasizes the waist, extremely thin straps and a delicate and timeless pattern: here is the secret of a chic and original tank top that instantly improves a simple look.

Tank top with thin straps buttoned to tie in front - Les Petits Printed - timeless chic women's fashion eshop - what style of clothing for a 30-year-old woman

White tank top with thin straps buttoned to tie - Les Petits Printed (also available in azure blue and mustard yellow)

2. Plaid Blazer Playsuit

The blazer-style jumpsuit printed with a timeless pattern (the check) is an absolute must-have in the women's wardrobe. To wear in all circumstances, it particularly enhances you if you are small . We say that, we say nothing ;)

Short jumpsuit with small black and white checks with blazer collar - Les Petits Printed - eshop look for women 30 years old

Playsuit with small black and white checks Margaux blazer collar - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Fluid sailor cardigan

To change from the traditional sailor sweater, opt for its fluid and elegant buttoned cardigan version with a V-neck that enhances all bust shapes. And to know everything about this must-have piece, it's here...

Calypso Sailor Vest - Les Petits Imprimers

4. Floral Wrap Dress

An absolute must in spring and summer fashion, the floral dress brings a welcome wind of lightness. The wrap-around shape highlights your figure with the V-neckline and marked waist. If by chance you want to prolong the pleasure of wearing it in the cold season, here are the good tips to know to continue wearing your beautiful summer dresses out of season.

Red wrap dress with Anemone flowers - Les Petits Imprimers

5. The twisted casual chic dress

Sober and fluid, this little short-sleeved dress displays a touch of originality in the twist of the material at the belly. This knit dress is ideal for all occasions!.

Mid-length gray summer dress Sara - Les Petits Imprimers - eshop clothing style for women over 30

Mid-length gray summer dress Sara (also available with long sleeves) - Les Petits Imprimers

6. Sleek Polka Dot Backless Jumpsuit

Sleek and sexy, feminine and relaxed, it's possible with this polka dot halterneck jumpsuit that combines the sensuality of bare shoulders and a halterneck with an elegant cut and a timeless pattern. An ideal 30-something outfit for going to work, enjoying the holidays or even staying at home.

Navy blue jumpsuit with polka dots Lola - Les Petits Printed - eshop jumpsuit women look 30 years

Navy blue jumpsuit with polka dots Lola - Les Petits Imprimers

7. Chic Bodycon Short Dress

An event or a party requires a chic, sober and elegant look? Don't hesitate any longer: this short tight dress is perfect! Feminine, chic and bang on trend with its square collar (trendy and timeless!), this mini-dress highlights your bare shoulders and hips while emphasizing your waist.

Short tight-fitting dress Annie - Les Petits Printed - eshop elegant dress for women over 30

Chic short dress Annie - Les Petits Printed (also available in white and gray)

8. Two-piece swimsuit with small gingham checks

What beach look for a 30-year-old woman with a chic and timeless style? A one-piece swimsuit with a timeless pattern such as checks, houndstooth or even (flattering) stripes in neutral and flattering tones. Do you agree with this choice?

Lily high-waisted two-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop swimwear for women over 30

High- waisted two-piece swimsuit Lily - Les Petits Imprimers

9. Lace body: charm and delicacy

At 30, your body no longer holds any secrets for you. You know how to charm, play on your seductive assets and raise the temperature. The transparency of the lace combined with small sexy details borrowed from fine lingerie and a seductive cut as possible ensure you capsize the person of your choice.

Opéra lace bodysuit - Les Petits Printed (also available in black)

Bohemian chic style at 30

The bohemian trend persists and signs this year again with its airy materials, its relaxed cuts and its ultra-feminine allure. The ideal clothing style for a free, creative and dreamy spirit, the bohemian look at 30 is worn lightly, with originality and sensuality.

1. Wispy White Bohemian Dress

The white mid-length dress is of course a must-have piece. Especially with a jaw-dropping halter top... So why deprive yourself of it?

Mid-length white dress Lila - Les Petits Printed - white bohemian dress for women over 30

Mid-length white dress Lila - Les Petits Imprimers

2. Trendy Bamboo Handbag

In the boho trend, the handbag in natural materials is the essential must-have accessory. The current shape is the ultra-original half-moon. Wood, bamboo, wool, cotton, macramé, weaving... indulge yourself with bohemian accessories.

Bamboo half-moon bag - Les Petits Printed - eshop bamboo trend handbag

Bamboo half-moon bag - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Multi row boho necklace

The golden multi-row necklace is the bohemian chic jewel par excellence. Supporting one pendant per chain or several motifs on the same row, it allows you to play with accumulation with elegance. And if it can highlight your superb neckline with a vertical chain, this multi-row necklace is absolutely perfect!

Multi-row gold three-chain necklace - Les Petits Printed - eshop bohemian chic multi-row necklace several chains woman 30 years old

Gold multi-row necklace with three chains - Les Petits Imprimers

4. Original bohemian chic floral jumpsuit

The bohemian chic look also knows how to play with spring, summer and autumn colors. Special mention for this sleeveless and very light jumpsuit (therefore pleasant to wear even on a heat wave). Absolutely delicious tie back halter top and gorgeous floral pattern, wearable even out of season.

Bohemian floral jumpsuit with yellow bow in the back - Les Petits Printed - eshop chic jumpsuit for women 30 years old

Floral jumpsuit with yellow bow in the back - Les Petits Imprimers

5. Original graphic print long halter dress

Are you looking for an original long dress? Original, feminine and elegant that will earn you a shower of compliments? There's nothing like a printed maxi dress with a dizzying back neckline and an absolutely divine Belle-Époque graphic pattern. What do you think ?

Original long dress with open back slit - Les Petits Imprimers

6. Floral Jumpsuit

Vegetal, flowery, verdant... here is the refreshing version of the summer jumpsuit. Always ample and airy, pleasant to wear in case of heat, this jumpsuit with floral print assures you of elegance and grace in all simplicity and originality.

Floral jumpsuit Maya - Les Petits Printed - eshop floral jumpsuit for women 30 years old

Maya floral jumpsuit - Little Prints

7. Fluid graphic pattern long dress

Another flared maxi dress in bohemian style: the graphic print dress with small palmettes and square neck, very trendy softened by small feminine ruffles. With a marked waist, this dress with straps elevates your silhouette while preserving your total freedom of movement.

Long flowing dress Kalyssa - Les Petits Imprimers

8. Sophisticated Naiad One-Piece Swimsuit

Embody the bohemian chic style even on the beach, it's possible with an absolutely sublime swimsuit with a lacing game that emphasizes your bust. Complete your look with the 100% handmade cotton tote bag , a beach dress or the lace kimono with pompoms.

Chic and sophisticated yellow swimsuit with laces Lyanna - Les Petits Printed - chic one-piece women's swimsuit 30 years old

Chic and sophisticated yellow swimsuit with laces Lyanna - Les Petits Imprimers

Femme fatale: the self-confident 30-something

At 30, we have already tested and tried quite a bit. We looked for each other and we may have made a mistake to finally find our own style of dress. Thirty is the age when you become fully aware of your beauty, your sensuality, your potential for seduction, your voluptuousness and your femininity. Here is a hot little selection to showcase her blooming thirtysomething body.

1. Sexy Bodycon Maxi Dress

When you have generous curves, you might as well show them off in a beautiful sexy tight-fitting dress. Whether you are single or in a couple, for an outing with friends, a cocktail party or a romantic dinner, the tight dress sublimates your morphology. For maximum glamour, opt for sheathing, invisible and comfortable underwear .

Long Tight Slit Dress - Les Petits Printed (also available in green and black)

2. Striped sheath dress for elegant working girl

At the office, the sheath dress reveals your sensuality. But the stripes calm things down and show your desire to combine femininity and professionalism. All in pleasure...

Hannah mid-length sheath dress - Les Petits Printed - eshop striped pencil dress for chic women 30 years old work office

Mid-length sheath dress Hannah - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Invisible and glamorous underwear

Invisible underwear is the key to successful looks: vertiginous bare backs, deep necklines, tight-fitting dresses... To be absolutely avoided: the line of the panties (or thong) or a bra strap that is too visible. Opt for invisible underwear adapted to the cuts, materials and colors of your clothes and treat yourself: they have never been so elegant and sexy. Proof...

Alicia invisible push-up backless bra and lace panties - Les Petits Printed - women's invisible and sexy underwear eshop

Alicia invisible push-up backless bra and lace panties - Les Petits Printed (also available in white and beige)

4. Underwired lace bodysuit: maximum seduction

What would a femme fatale be without the fine lingerie of a goddess to die for. To simply have fun, increase your self-confidence during the day under your clothes or captivate the person of your desire, explore your potential as an accomplished woman with our collection of lace lingerie bodysuits combining charm, seduction and voluptuousness. Sheathing, with or without underwiring, push up... there is a body lingerie for each female morphology to fully reveal your sensuality.

Glamorous underwired lace bodysuit - Les Petits Printed (also available in white)

The entire collection of lace bodysuits and fine lingerie

Conclusion: what style of dress for a 30-year-old woman?

So, what style of dress will our young thirty-something opt for? Chic and timeless, elegant bohemian or downright femme fatale? Summer dresses, lightweight cardigans, beachwear, must-have pieces and, of course, sexy lingerie... Wear your style in all circumstances.

Of course, the list of easy-to-wear 30s looks isn't exhaustive, and the selections aren't fixed. We only hope to have given you some ideas for designing your ideal dressing room, ideas for how to dress at 30 and thus illuminate the beautiful woman that you are.

Ultimate advice: have fun with fashion!