Chic Evening Dress: 7 Incredible Looks

How did you choose your evening dress ? Chic, elegant, a cut that highlights your silhouette and a pleasant material? Sure ! But beyond these essentials, what does it reveal about you, your personality and your clothing tastes in terms of women's fashion ? Because all occasions are good to treat yourself to a new evening dress , to wear during an event or to twist on a daily basis , here are 7 chic evening dresses that will inevitably attract you showers of compliments (not to mention the admiring glances !).

1. The little black dress with a sweetheart neckline

If there is one essential chic evening dress, it is the famous little black dress. But not just any ! A magnificent sheath dress with a rounded neckline full of softness, delicacy and suggestion. A classic evening dress that plays the card of glamor and refinement.

Mid-length black pencil dress Victoria - Les Petits Imprimers - chic women's evening dress eshop

Mid-length black pencil dress Victoria - Les Petits Imprimers

The slender silhouette, slim waist and elongated legs are yours. For maximum pace, make sure you have a flat stomach. Or to wear sublime sexy sheathing lingerie such as the Opéra slimming lace bodysuit . This chic black evening dress is ideal for H and X morphologies because it marks the waist well. On the other hand, the morphologies in A should find their happiness in the rest of the selection to better balance the volume of the hips.

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2. The chic and original evening dress

Are you looking for a chic and original evening dress? That you could even wear during the day in an elegant outfit? An original but not extravagant dress? This blue sheath dress with puffed sleeves allows you to stand out, all in elegance and refinement.

Mila navy blue Bardot collar dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Mila navy blue Bardot collar dress - Les Petits Imprimers

The contrast between the airy fabric puff sleeves and the structured fabric molded body gives you a sophisticated one-piece look. But what a room!

Voluminous semi-sheer puff sleeves, one of the key fashion trends of the moment, tighten at the wrist, like a shirt in a graphic play of pleats.

You can wear the sleeves on the shoulders or make them fall casually over the upper arms, in a wide Bardot collar. Your shoulders and your neckline will only be more sensual.

To keep a flat stomach in all circumstances, consider shaping lingerie, such as one of our ultra-chic lace bodysuits.

This dress superbly highlights the X, H and A morphologies because it marks the waist and balances the shoulders with the hips. If you have broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis (morphology V), you may like the following.

3. The chic and trendy black dress

Another possibility for the chic little black dress: long sleeves. For winter, mid-season or cool summer evenings, this chic black long buttoned dress lengthens your silhouette in all sobriety.

Long black dress with Eva buttons - Les Petits Imprimers

Its deep V neckline lengthens your head to reveal your neck full of sensuality, especially if you wear your hair up. Simple, tight, sober, this chic long black dress is ideal to guarantee the fluidity of your movements. Its midi length is one of the trendiest at the moment, if you are of medium or tall height (otherwise, it may "pack" you). Its vertical line of buttons even allows you to create a more or less open leg neckline...

4. Split Red Evening Dress

A sulphurous red evening dress, a sheath cut split on the thigh, a square neckline framed by wide straps... Here is definitely a woman sure of herself, of her femininity and aware of her power of attraction. ! This is what everyone whose head you turn will say (and there will be many!).

Long red tight dress with slit Alba - Les Petits Imprimers

5. Working girl style pencil dress

Your working day at the office leads to a business dinner and you don't have time for yourself? Unless you sometimes like to play the sexy BCBG style! This pencil dress is made by you!

Hannah mid-length pencil dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Both sexy with its tight cut, lined with vertical stripes that hug your slightest curves, and very professional (no neckline, no slit on the thigh), this chic dress lengthens the silhouette.

The vertical striped print highlights both slim and luscious silhouettes, which it refines. The graphic pattern, simple and classic, is brought up to date in all sobriety with this very feminine elegant dress. The waist is marked by a tone-on-tone textile belt, a nod to the collar.

Attention: flat stomach required! Because the stripes reveal ALL your curves, even those that you would like to camouflage. Do not panic: head for our collection of chic sheathing seamless or flat seam lingerie .

6. Chic Romantic Evening Dress

Do you like the bohemian chic style, the cottagecore country chic fashion trend and are you looking for a new dress for an evening? Evening with friends, Valentine's Day... This Lolita dress with passion red pleated petticoat is made for you.

Red dress with wrap-over neckline and ruffles Lolita - Les Petits Printed - eshop romantic red evening dress

Red dress with wrapover neckline and ruffles Lolita - Les Petits Imprimers

In addition to its puffy pleated petticoat, this superb Lolita dress has a wrap-over neckline that enhances both small and generous breasts. The icing on the cake: a pretty bow offers a nice surprise in the back.

The trapeze cut of this dress is ideal for women whose morphology is in V (wide shoulders and narrow hips), in X or in 8 where the waist is marked but also H morphos because the petticoat marks the waist and widens a little hips. On the other hand, if your shoulders are narrow and your hips wide, it is better to favor a dress with volume on the upper body.

7. The black star dress

Are you overflowing with self-confidence? Or is this the image you want to return? The ideal evening dress must reveal the femme fatale that you are, the woman sure of herself, who knows it and who is proud of it.

To embody this state of mind, the ideal dress must be structured, designed in a stretch material with a simple but effective cut. Like the long slit dress Alba, a black version that is both fatal and mysterious.

Long black tight dress with slit Alba - Les Petits Imprimers

Its square neckline highlights small breasts, the wide straps draw the eye towards the shoulders, which inevitably descends towards the very sexy thigh which is revealed with each step.

Chic evening dress: which one is made for you?

Sheath dress or petticoat dress, V neckline or square neckline, tight or fluid cut, what will be your next chic evening dress? What message do you want to convey? Which dress will manage to embody your state of mind and illuminate your body? We hope to have inspired you with this selection of 7 chic and original evening dresses to help you surprise, amaze and above all make an impression;)