Sweater Dress: 4 Warm and Elegant Knitted Dresses

Dressing in a single garment that keeps you warm all day with elegance and refinement, is it possible? The long-sleeved wool sweater dress becomes your best ally as soon as winter approaches and then sets in. Don't worry: a sweater dress doesn't rhyme with chunky knits and a heavy silhouette. On the contrary: here you will only find elegant and slimming sweater dresses that enhance your figure on all occasions. Long or short sweater dress , turtleneck or wrap- over dress, the sweater dress is above all soft , warm and pleasant to wear . Be chic outdoors and indoors, at the office and in the evening with this selection of 4 magnificent sweater dresses by Les Petits Printed.

1. Cashmere Sweater Dress

Refining and lengthening, this long sweater dress close to the body but not tight-fitting highlights your figure in apparent simplicity. Only apparent because its cashmere rib knit is the most luxurious of all wools.

Noéline white cashmere sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - women's sweater dress eshop

Noéline white cashmere sweater dress (available in 4 colors) - Les Petits Imprimers

Indeed, cashmere is an ultra soft wool, thermoregulating (keeps you warm without sweating) and hypoallergenic, it does not scratch and can therefore be worn directly on the skin without risk of skin reaction.

The round neckline of the sweater dress highlights the way you wear your head and the top of your bust adorned with a pretty necklace . The ribbed knit creates vertical lines that visually refine your silhouette, an impression reinforced by the long sleeves that even cover the wrists and refine your arms. Finally, this knee-length sweater dress keeps your warmth in with elegance and femininity.

2. Turtleneck sweater dress in cashmere

Is the winter weather forecast to be harsh today? Neither one nor two, put on this magnificent sweater dress with a high neck and a fitted but not tight fit. Its cashmere material of infinite softness is a pure joy to wear, without any risk of allergy. You will stay warm all day long, your neck well protected from malicious drafts, in all femininity.

Mid-length black sweater dress in cashmere with turtleneck Aby - Les Petits Imprimers - women's turtleneck sweater dress eshop

Mid-length black sweater dress in cashmere with turtleneck Aby (available in 6 colors) - Les Petits Imprimers

Indeed, this mid-length knit dress refines your morphology with its ribbed knit which forms discreet vertical lines. Do not hesitate to mark your waist with a belt if you wish, or without for maximum comfort and freedom. Matched with warm tights , ankle boots or riding boots and a very warm trench coat , you are chic outdoors and indoors.

3. Turtleneck Long Sweater Dress

Designed in a slightly finer material and in a cut closer to the body than the two previous dresses, this midi-length turtleneck sweater dress (mid-calf) refines your silhouette with its ribbed knit. A slit goes up from mid-calf to mid-thigh to bring movement to the bottom of the dress when you walk. Here is a long dress in fine knit that perfectly masters the codes of femininity and elegance, with a little sexy detail: everything we love!

Célénia burgundy turtleneck women's long sweater dress with slits - Les Petits Imprimers - eshop women's sweater dresses

Long slit jumper dress with burgundy turtleneck Célénia (also available in black and beige) - Les Petits Imprimers

4. Gray Wrap Sweater Dress

Change up your style with this knit wrap dress with long sleeves and pleated skirt. Lined for maximum softness and warmth, this winter dress immediately gives you a sophisticated look thanks to its fitted cut, particularly recommended for women with an X and V morphology (but precisely, its X cut is suitable for all women) .

Sybille fitted wrap-over gray sweater dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Its wrap top nicely highlights your neckline, its long sleeves refine your arms, your waist marked with a tone-on-tone belt to tie seems slimmer compared to the fluid skirt flared on the hips, skater style whose pleats create vertical lines that visually slim your legs. In short, this little crossover sweater dress has it all. At the office, in the city or in the evening, this knit dress is a timeless must have in your wardrobe!

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Sweater dress: the must-have winter look

Are you more of a long sweater dress or a short sweater dress? Sweater dress with scoop neckline or turtleneck sweater dress? Heat-regulating cashmere or lined knit? One thing is certain, the choice is not lacking in charm and elegance in this collection of winter dresses that are as warm as they are feminine in this fall/winter season. To complete your look, consider winter accessories such as tactile gloves, woolen scarves and woolen hat .