Black Dress: 10 Sublime & Timeless Looks

The little black dress is a timeless piece, but above all an essential part of the women's wardrobe. This iconic garment is a charming asset for all women, whatever your skin tone, hair color, body type and size. Plain or printed, tight or fluid, short or long, the chic black dress guarantees elegance and refinement in all circumstances. Black blazer dress, long black dress or evening dress: if your wardrobe longs for a pretty black dress or because you never have enough of them, here is a small selection of dresses black to adorn you with grace and distinction.

1. Bodycon short black dress

Fancy a short, tight black evening dress to show off your beautiful curves? Look no further - this little black bodycon dress is ideal! With its bang on-trend square neckline, this black mini-dress with wide straps marks your waist with its tone-on-tone belt and accompanies your hips to mid-thigh. A timeless black dress to accessorize with pretty original jewelry.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/robe-courte-chic-robe-courte-col-carre-dress-working-robe-travail-robe-office_4_480x480. jpg?v=1626965915" alt="Annie fluid short black dress - les petits imprimés - eshop chic black dress for women" style="float: none;">

Dress black short fluid Annie - les petits imprimés

2. Black Cashmere Sweater Dress

The black 100% cashmere turtleneck sweater dress is the perfect outfit for work, telecommuting or going out in winter. Chic and elegant, this long black sweater dress refines your silhouette while preserving your body heat. Its mesh in natural and breathable material keeps you warm with infinite softness. A touch of color like lipstick, colorful pumps or a punchy handbag will add the finishing touch to your look.

Aby cashmere turtleneck black sweater dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's long black sweater dress

Aby black cashmere turtleneck sweater dress - les petits imprimés

3. Black bohemian dress

Is your clothing style more bohemian chic, boho elegant, flowing and ethereal? This beautiful black dress transmits two simultaneous messages: its solid color and square neckline bring elegance and sobriety, while the light and vaporous petticoat gives fullness to your movements. This black dress is either the centerpiece of your look to accessorize with pretty fine jewelry. Or on the contrary, the backdrop of your outfit, to accessorize with vests and jackets, boots, voluminous and colorful jewelry, etc. In short, a bohemian chic and discreet or extroverted look?

Short flared dress Charlotte - les petits imprimés  - eshop fluid black dress women

Short flared dress Charlotte - les petits imprimés

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4. Black Cashmere Midi Sweater Dress

Here, the black sweater dress combines minimalism and elegance. The elegance of a sober fitted cut with the richness of a natural material such as cashmere that wraps you in softness. Its rounded neckline highlights your neck adorned with a pretty pendant. While its warm and thick knit protects you from the frosts of autumn and the bite of winter. A pure marvel to wear at work or out, but also in the evening or at a cocktail party.

Noéline black cashmere round neck sweater dress - les petits imprimés  - chic women's sweater dress eshop

Noéline black cashmere round neck sweater dress (available in 4 colors)- les petits imprimés

5. Black pencil dress

The black sheath dress is THE elegant dress par excellence! Knee-length, it emphasizes the curves of your silhouette without being tight. Charming with its wide straps and its neckline reproducing the curve of the chest, it discreetly marks the waist with its timeless cut. An absolute must have for any female wardrobe.

Victoria mid-length black pencil dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop black bodycon dress women

Mid-length black pencil dress Victoria - les petits imprimés

6. Long black turtleneck sweater dress

Are you looking for a black turtleneck, non-tight, midi-length sweater dress? Congratulations, you just found it! Crafted in thick and warm knit, this marvelous sweater dress is ideal as a winter outfit. Mid-calf length, it is split on the side to bring a touch of lightness to your figure. Silhouette which, itself, is elongated by the ribbed knit forming vertical lines. A pretty original necklace, a colorful bag and ankle boots will enhance your winter look.

Célénia black turtleneck sweater dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's black sweater dress

Célénia black turtleneck sweater dress - les petits imprimés

7. Black Pinstripe Sheath Dress

A working girl dress par excellence, the black pencil dress with fine white stripes embodies the absolute elegance of a businesswoman. This sleeveless black dress elongates your silhouette with all its verticalities, only interspersed with horizontals of the round neck and the belt marking your waist. Elegant, straight and professional, this business dress gives you allure, presence and refinement: all the qualities to masterfully lead negotiations!

Hannah midi sheath dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop black striped pencil dress women

Hannah midi sheath dress - les petits imprimés

8. Flowing Black Dress

Fluid and light, this black dress printed with white daisies with a yellow center perfectly embodies the perfect little summer dress. Pleasant to wear even in the heat of the day, the floral dress plays the card of elegance, charm and originality. However, this wrap dress also likes to come out in matching mid-season of a vest or a jacket and even in winter with tights suitable for cold season and a layering that flatters the silhouette.

Daisy black and white floral mid-length dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's black wrap dress

Daisy black and white floral mid-length dress - les petits imprimés

9. Sexy black dress

The long black dress with slit is the prerogative of a confident, assured woman who knows she is beautiful and assumes her femininity. Glamour ! In short, every woman should own her sexy black dress split to mid-thigh, if only to please herself above all else. What do you say?

Alba long tight dress - les petits imprimés  - eshop long black dress for women

Long dress tight Alba - les petits imprimés

10. Black print open back dress

Original, unexpected, astonishing: the long black dress with a colorful plant print splits into a sculptural open back whose laces guide the gaze down to your sublime lower back. Long and fluid, this dressy black dress will earn you a shower of compliments in the evening, at a cocktail party or on the occasion of a wedding. A rare piece not to be missed.

Inès laced backless long slit dress - les petits imprimés

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Chic black dress: which one looks like you?

Long gone are the days of the plain, straight little black dress! Constantly reinvented in its shapes, materials and prints, the chic black dress nevertheless remains faithful to its initial principle: to reveal the masterful femininity of the wearer!

The black dress can be worn in the intimacy of your home, with friends, at university, on outings, in the evening and even in the most chic cocktail and wedding ceremonies. A real fashion staple, the black dress is really your best ally when you don't know what to wear. It remains to find the accessories that will confirm its natural tendency (sober, boho, sexy, original) or on the contrary, to bring contrast, dialogue and astonishment. You decide.